Strive in accord with the motto “Engineering power, the strength of the Tatmadaw” to become outstanding engineers reliable for the country 

Nay Pyi Taw December 12

In conducting human resources development, the prescribed education level of the persons who enlist in the Tatmadaw has been raised and the education promotion of the Tatmadaw members has been carried out. Moreover, technicians are being continuously produced. Thus, in building a modern Tatmadaw, efforts must be made in accordance with the motto “Engineering power, the strength of the Tatmadaw” to become outstanding engineers reliable for the country, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing at the Passing out Parade of the 20th Intake of Defence Services Technological Academy-DSTA held at the parade ground of DSTA in PyinOoLwin.

Also present at the ceremony were wife of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, Union Minister for Defence Lt-Gen Zeya Kyawhtin Sein Win and wife, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Zeya Kyawhtin Tin Aung San and wife, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Zeya Kyawhtin Maung Maung Kyaw and wife, senior military officers and their wives, military command commanders, the commandant of DSTA, senior military officers of PyinOoLwin Station, invited guests and parents and relatives of the cadets.

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing took the salute of the cadet battalions and inspected the battalions of the graduate cadets. Then, the cadet battalions saluted the Senior General through slow-march past and quick-march past.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing presented Best Cadet Award to Cadet No 7376 Cadet Thaw Lwin Oo, Excellent in Training Award to Cadet No 7353 Cadet Yan Naing Phyo and Excellent Award in Studies to Cadet No 7364 Cadet Hlaing Myo Thet from the 20th intake of the DSTA.

In his address, the Senior General said the national defence duty involves all the tasks of warding off and rooting out all dangers against the security and existence of the state and the citizens, perpetuation of sovereignty, and national interest and progress apart from conducting necessary defence programs in anticipation of all kinds of dangers against the territory and sovereignty of the nation, the people and the state and the interest of the nation. In shouldering the national defence duty, the Tatmadaw is always safeguarding Our Three Main National Causes – non-disintegration of the Union; non-disintegration of national solidarity and perpetuation of sovereignty – which is an essential need of the country, as the national task. In carrying out the national task as the historic duty, the Tatmadaw has been taking part in the political leadership role to prevent the loss of multi-party democracy aspired by the people resulting from the political stream that flowed throughout the successive periods, the stand of armed groups that have existed since the country regained independence and the rule of law and peace and stability that have not been fully restored. The Tatmadaw has been safeguarding the nation with the Union Spirit, which is true patriotism, while establishing a mighty defence force having the three capabilities to partake in the political leadership role.

Objectively looking at the Tatmadaw’s role, the Tatmadaw has been actively participating in the fields of State socio-economic development, international relations, perpetuation of national sovereignty, elimination of internal insurgency, security and rule of law and building of a modern Tatmadaw. Meantime, internal and external opposition elements and some organizations are resorting to various ways to reduce the Tatmadaw’s role. They are even attempting to break up the Tatmadaw, and this must be aware of. Reviewing the incidents that happened in the international community, the military breakup always leads to political, economic and social failures, thereby contributing to insecurities in public lives and property as well as national sovereignty and territorial integrity. According to the country’s geographical conditions, current wars and prospects of future wars, the Tatmadaw has set an aim to become a modern one capable of preventing internal and external dangers that may befall the country, and efforts are being made to make the Tatmadaw a standard army. In this context, emphasis is on development of human resources because capable and qualified soldiers are required. Training plays a major role in building a standard army, while it is also necessary for the Tatmadaw to be armed with modern weapons and equipment to catch up with the international community. The soldiers armed with such modern weapons must have high capability, confidence and good morality. Thus, efforts are being exerted to build a standard army as human resource is crucial for building a modern and efficient Tatmadaw.

Today, the world has seen a rapid flow of information and technology. A modern state cannot be built with technology alone but we must accept that technology plays an essential role in building a modern country. Moreover, globalization has led to revolution in military affairs-RMA, and military strength based on conventional ways is not enough for national security. So, the Tatmadaw must develop the aim to be able to catch up with international armed forces by making best use of modern technologies. Therefore, graduate officers are urged to have technological initiative and continued study and use them in practical field. With advancing international military science and technology, the form of modern wars has become multidimensional warfare based on political, economic and social affairs, conception, propaganda and military and diplomatic means. In multidimensional warfare, much reliance has been placed on technology to acquire full information, ensure security and protection, wipe out enemies and wage decisive wars in a short time. To keep with those technological advances, they must continuously learn developing international military science and technology and make best use of them for the good of their own country. According to the motto of DSTA “Follow the ethics, make innovations and become powerful,” military engineers need to upgrade their skills in order to work in innovative ways and use their innovative results based on good morale and morality for the benefits of human society.
He urged them to learn continuously to be able to practise successful engineering profession in the workplace. For the first stage, the alma mater has trained them to be imbued with necessary qualifications as a graduate. In the second stage, they have to build on their expertise at the training sessions conducted by concerned battalions. They will also work under the supervision of senior engineers at the workplace. In the final stage, they have to continuously make their expertise in their chosen profession in line with code of conduct. He urged them to always think about how they can apply their profession for the benefit of the society according to the engineering philosophy while following the engineering code of ethics, and to try to turn themselves to be good military engineer officials by following the moral and professional code of ethics throughout their whole life. Being the junior military engineer officials of the Tatmadaw, it is important that they provide right leadership to their subordinates. Being youth leaders, they have to think and act like leaders, which means they have to inculcate themselves with 16 attributes of the leadership. Leadership is pivotal for every country and race. The key to provide true leadership to their teams is to have parental spirit, and they are to win the respect and reliance of their subordinates by giving true leadership with impartiality to the subordinates. Therefore, they are urged to work hard to become good engineering officials on which Tatmadaw can rely by effectively and fairly managing the subordinates as a good leader while dutifully accomplishing the orders given by the upper echelons as a good follower.

It is important that we are fit both physically and mentally in order to successfully accomplish three main duties, State defence, training, and public service. Only then, will they be able to accomplish the assigned duties of the Tatmadaw. For physical fitness, besides the standard physical exercises, 15 kinds of self-confidence tests, and 8 types of physical fitness assessment, they have to train to meet the stamina and endurance standards of Tatmadaw that every soldier must be able to run for five miles, and walk 10 miles without taking a rest, and able to travel 30 miles in a single day. The Senior General also urged them not to use tobacco, betel quid, liquor and psychotropic substances. For mental health, they have to read fiction and non-fiction books, and apply the knowledge from the books in real world. Reading can broaden one’s horizons and help instill high morals and good conscience. Therefore it is important to read. It is important to study so that they will have considerable knowledge about administrative, organizational and logistical procedures to improve their governance capacity. They are to give serious attention to give fair and balanced leadership to the troops under their control, and have to avoid any action that can undermine the unity within the military. They have to focus on welfare of the troops they command, and their discipline and morale will improve as their living conditions get better. There are many examples in the world’s history that a disciplined army with high morale can do anything in unity and achieve victory. We have to strictly abide by the military laws and by-laws as well as civil laws and regulations to be able to effectively and successfully perform the State defence and security duties, which are the main responsibilities of the Tatmadaw. It is important that we are equipped with military, administrative and organizational skills in performing State defence duties. As mobilizing support amounts to building strength, there is a need to unite the officials and all the other ranks in the battalions to which they are assigned. As the decline in organization skills will result in weakening of administrative skills and military skills, there is a need to foster the ties within the battalion. In so doing, they have to exert good leadership with impartiality and right attitude, responsibility and accountability, good level of expertise proportionate to their ranks, and comradeship for the welfare of their subordinates. For mobilizing public support outside the cantonment, they have to follow the code of ethics for military personnel, engage in regional development works, and provide real-time assistance in case of disasters, and provide active assistance in education, health and social welfare services, and give a hand in improving the social well-being of the people with goodwill.
Then, the Senior General took the salute of the cadets and left the parade ground.
After the parade, he met the three graduates who won outstanding cadet awards and their parents at the parlor of the DSTA.

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