Senior General Min Aung Hlaing visits multi-purpose agriculture and livestock breeding project of MEC and factories and workshops in Indaing Station, and studies functions of the factory of WALCO PREMIUM DAIRY PRODUCTS

Nay Pyi Taw january 10

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompan-ied by Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army) and the commander of Yangon Command, inspected multi-purpose agriculture and livestock breeding project of Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) and factories and workshops in Indaing Station and visited the factory of WALCO PREMIUM DAIRY PRODUCTS today.

The Senior General and party arrived at rubber plantation project of MEC on Yangon-Nay Pyi Taw Expressway in the afternoon. At the briefing hall, project in-charge U Win Ko Ko, U Thant Swe of MEC, Quartermaster-General Lt-Gen Nyo Saw and Director of Directorate of Supply and Transport Maj-Gen Zaw Lwin Oo explained the implementation of the rubber plantation project and functions of dairy cow (Bago).

In response, the Senior General spoke of the need to strive for the success of the plantation through the designation of nursery plots for the availability of rubber raw material for Tatmadaw factories and import substitution. He said zones should be set up at the plantation to raise chicken, pig, goat and cattle and grow edible crops in addition to rubber farming as way to fulfill the food demand of about seven million residents of Yangon Region. The main source of nutrition comes from fish and meat including chicken, pork, mutton, beef and chicken eggs. It will be difficult to eat nutritious food due to high commodity prices. So, this multi-purpose agriculture and livestock farm is producing meat and eggs for the public welfare without considering profit. Normally, a person needs 2,400 calories that require meat and fish and about 10-15 ticals of milk in protein daily. Athletes need more nutritious food. In the project, 1,000 meat cattle, 1,000 pigs and 100,000 chickens will be raised. Land must be used beneficially with the use of modern technology. It is necessary to make sure that people consume nutritious and safe food. In the project area also, measures must be taken for electricity and water supply, easy communication and disaster prevention. As such, all businesses must be run in a correct manner and in accord with the law, the Senior General said.

Next, the Senior General and party inspected growing of rubber and the site chosen for dairy cow farm (Bago) in the project area. This morning, the Senior General and party went to the local main workshop under the Directorate of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in Indaing Station. At the meeting hall, Director Brig-Gen Aung Min reported on background of the main workshop, reform and capacity building for development of military technology and major repair work and an official from the workshop on brief history of the workshop, general staff, adjutant and quartermaster tasks and functions of the of the workshop.


The Senior General stressed the need for the betterment of a single part as well as all parts of machinery in their repair tasks. He stressed the need to have skills of inspecting and repairing the machinery in the workshop. It needs to train new generations to become skillful human resources. The Senior General urged them to correctly carry out unity in the military unit and establishment tasks.

The Senior General and party inspected repairing of overage vehicles and parts used by the Tatmadaw in successive eras and innovation in assembling a mobile operation theatre being used by the Tatmadaw medical corps. Officials conducted the Senior General and party round there. The Senior General gave necessary instructions.

In the afternoon, the Senior General and party viewed progress in construction of Basic Education High School (Branch) (Shangon) as a model BEHS in Hmawby Station and left necessary instructions. They visited WALCO PREMIUM DAIRY PRODUCTS factory of WIN AGRO-LIVESTOCK CO., LTD. in Mingaladon Township. At the meeting hall, Dr. Khin Hlaing reported on the brief history of the factory, production process of hygienic milk and dairy products for consumption of any people with the use of modern techniques, and gathering of raw materials. After hearing the report, the Senior General thanked him for clarification about work process. He said the Tatmadaw is carrying out livestock breeding tasks. He encouraged import-substitute livestock tasks as Myanmar imports dairy products worth about US$-100 million yearly. It needs to consume beef, egg and milk to have nutrition and asked for further information.

The Senior General and party viewed production process of milk and dairy products in the factory and waste water drainage system of the factory.


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