As strength of the nation lies within, encouraging local manufacturing is contributing to booming local economy: Senior General

NAY PYI TAW September 29

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min

Aung Hlaing met with MSME businesspeople from Mandalay Industrial Zone at Yadanabon Hall this morning and talked about development of MSME businesses.

Also present at the meeting were Union level officials, senior military officers, the chief minister of Mandalay Region, the commander of Central Command, officials, members of Mandalay Region government, businesspersons from factories of Mandalay Industrial Zone, the chairman of Mandalay Region Chambers of Commerce and Industry, executives and entrepreneurs, businesspersons from associates of MRCCI and those from MSME in Mandalay Region.

Discussions on requirement for improvement of MSME and sustainable development of industrial zone First, MRCCI Chairman U Win Htay, secretary of Mandalay Industrial Zone U Maung Maung Oo, Patron of Myanmar Cotton Entrepreneurs Association U Aung Than, secretary U Aung Myint Bo of Stone Sculptor Association on behalf of small scale industries association Chairman of Live Intangible Gold Foil Association U Zaw Min Aung and businesspersons reported on brief history of the industrial zone, operation of MSME in the zone, seeking market shares for products, needs for seeking technology and capitals, requirements for sustainable development of the industry in the future, availability of quality cotton strains and seeking market shares, urging the State to disburse loans as capital to cotton growers at soft interest, raising the term for loans, needs of land plots and machinery for operating the stone sculpture, development of gold soil production, operating the works through wage instead of tender, upgrading of weaving industries, disbursement of loans as capital by the State, establishment of the library and research centre in the industrial zone, supply of electricity for industries, need of generating electricity through solar power for industries, difficulties of local finished good producers due to direct import of finished goods, levying suitable tax over import of finished goods, reducing tax over imported raw materials to contribute to local finished goods production, holding exhibitions for products to create new markets and arrangement for new tax system for producers, and allotment of land plots for opening of offices for MRCCI and associates.

Responses to relevant sectors With regard to the reports, Union ministers U Tin Htut Oo, U Hla Moe and Dr Charlie Than and Chief Minister of the region U Maung Ko explained emphasis of relevant ministries and businesspersons for seeking quality strains of cottons, plans of the State to issue capitals for seeking necessary inputs for cotton cultivation, scrutiny for distribution of quality strains of cotton and inputs to local farmers, implementation of cooperative systems for development of small scale industries, development of rural regions and earning incomes for rural people, formation of cooperative societies to successfully operate agriculture sector in connection with contract farming system to be able to fulfill the needs of farmers, arrangements for seeking mechanical techniques, formation of the central work committee to ensure smooth flow of trade and goods in Mandalay Region, and offer of the committee to solve the difficulties.

Measures are being taken for prosperity of the country and abundance supply of food, water and basic needs as a national objective Then, the Senior General responded to reports of entrepreneurs on development of MSMEs, saying the meeting was arranged for the development of MSMEs in Mandalay Region.

Measures must be taken for prosperity and abundant supply of food, water and basic needs as a national objective. Prosperity of the country means enabling members of the public who are working for a living to live and work in safety and security.

Abundance of food, water and consumer products means not only food and water but also basic needs including personal goods. People who are residing in the country have to work for the prosperity of the country and abundant supply of food, water and basic needs, for creation of job opportunities and for domestic economic growth. It is important to possess sufficient raw materials, inputs, capital investment and human resources. Sufficient supply of electricity which is important for development To produce sufficient goods domestically, it is important to possess enough raw materials, inputs, capital investment and human resources. It is necessary to produce sufficient raw materials domestically and locally. It is vital to provide enough inputs such as water and fertilizers for agriculture, animal fodder for livestock and electricity for industries, which also need energy and capacity. Electricity, coal and gas are used in industries that require heat. Hydropower has been utilized for generation of electricity for a long time. Such projects have to be implemented phase by phase as they require enormous amounts of investment.

During the visit to the Russia Federation, discussions were held on generation of electricity from hydropower and nuclear energy. Our country boasts a large number of water resources where electricity can be generated. Despite its requiring a large sum of investment, hydropower generation is beneficial in the long run. Generation of electricity from nuclear energy is also of great benefit.

Efforts are being exerted to use nuclear energy peacefully in electricity generations, agriculture, education and health.

In connection with fuel oil and gas, our country has to import about US$-2 billion worth of them annually. Our country possesses a large number of inland reserves to exploit crude oil and a large number of offshore gas reserves have been explored. To reduce the imports of diesel, it is necessary to replace existing machinery with those that can be operated being taken to supply sufficient electricity to Mandalay, to upgrade electricity lines and to implement solar power generation projects.

Efforts must be exerted for development of industries based on local agriculture and livestock products It is necessary to set up industries that have abundant supply of raw material in the country as it is more beneficial to manufacture products whose raw materials are available locally. A large volume of raw materials for agriculture, livestock and industries are manufactured in Mandalay and the government is ready to provide necessary assistance to fill the needs. Efforts must be made by groups as much as possible for the availability of quality seeds and uniformity of seeds in respective areas.

Long and short staple cottons are grown in our country. The government is exerting efforts for the availability of quality cotton seeds and producing cotton that meets standards. If cotton yields can be boosted in the country, it will contribute a lot to supplying clothing to the public. As cotton is cultivated on a large scale in Mandalay Region, I would like to urge all to take measures to set up industries based on cotton and the government is ready to provide assistance.

Mandalay Region has a lot of livestock breeding businesses, some of which are still running conventionally. Systematic raising will help produce biofertilizers from animal waste that will contribute much towards agricultural undertakings.

Through poultry, cattle, goat, pig and fish farming, foodstuffs can be produced. Production of quality livestock products can ensure exports, local jobs and socio-economic progress.

Domestic production encourages domestic economy Raw mineral and forest products are necessary for raw industrial products. Products need to be in quality and put in commercial advertisements to acquire market. For that, modern machinery, technologies, human resources and investments are required. Trade fairs for products must held. It is necessary to produce goods as import-substitutes as well as goods for export purposes.

Encouragement of domestic productivity means encouraging local economy. Locally produced raw materials must be turned into value-added goods.

With local economy encouragement, imports must be replaced.

So rather than imports, emphasis must be placed on local manufacturing.

We must try ourselves in our own interests. All responsible people are to work together to acquire market.

Agricultural loans were given in the past and there are some that have yet to be settled. The settlement period of the COVID-19 loans will be extended.

MSME involves production, trade, service and others. In our country, services and trade exceed production, causing imbalance between demand and supply and high commodity prices. It is also necessary to reduce production cost. We need to encourage local economy, local productivity and local investment. The strength of a nation lies within. Regional productivity will create more job opportunities and reduce overseas jobs. This is why Mandalay Region should encourage manufacturing businesses.


Next, the Senior General cordially greeted the MSME entrepreneurs.

He then interestingly viewed each and every display of foodstuffs, consumer goods, industrial goods, other products such as traditional medicines and agricultural machinery. He asked about market availability and officials concerned explained.

Later, the Senior General and party visited the Fifth Buddhist Synod Maha Lawka Marazein Kuthodaw Pagoda in the evening, and offered flowers, water and oil lights to the Buddha image.

After going round the pagoda clockwise, the Senior General viewed progress in construction of the chambers of stone inscriptions and a new replica, platform flooring, incoming stairways and laying of heatresistant tiles around the Pyathad hall, and left necessary instructions.

Then, the Senior General signed in the visitors’ book of the pagoda and made all-round cash donations for the pagoda.

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