New Year greetings for 2023 of Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Thatoe Maha Thray Sithu Thatoe Thiri Thudhamma Min Aung Hlaing

On the occasion of New Year 2023 which falls today, I extend greetings with praying for all ethnic national brethren to enjoy physical and mental well-being with free from dangers and sufferings.

Our ethnic national brethren have tried to our best in overcoming various difficulties and challenges in 2022 in unity, patience, tolerance and generosity. We all have held the ceremony to take pride in marking the Diamond Jubilee Union Day on a grand scale in 2022 through the united strength.

Our country would have regained the independence for 75 years. During the period, our brethren have not fully enjoyed the essence of independence yet. We made utmost efforts as much as possible to cease the armed conflicts which emerged together with the independence.

I myself extended invitation to all for holding the peace talks. So, we have gained the agreements with good potentials from the peace talks held together with the ethnic armed organizations. In this regard, it is important for serving the interests of our region as well as our ethnics with the actual goodwill and correct compassion. If we solve the armed conflicts, we can give greater opportunities to ethnics and ethnic regions.

Hence, we are striving for holding the elections in all parts of the nation without any vacant areas including ethnic regions not to lose democratic rights of ethnic national brethren. Now, efforts are being made for ensuring peace of the nation as usual.

The year 2023 turns 75 years, which is diamond jubilee anniversary for our country to regain the independence. So also, such a year will be an initial step for the whole nation to enjoy the fruitful results of development and peace. As it is a year for ethnic national people to grasp a good chance in order to create a good historic event in a political turning point of Myanmar, I expect all the ethnic people would have to secure such a chance. We all have to go forward with a greater unity so as to strengthen the genuine, disciplined democratic system we all aspire to walk along together and to build the Union based on democratic and federal systems. To do so, the State Administration Council welcomes all with opening the doors in all aspects.

We have to review some international issues which happened in the world in 2022. All our national brethren have to take a greater care and conscience in 2023. So, we have to overcome these challenges through the united strength in accord with the motto: “the strength of the nation lies within”.

If we have to leave ideas and undertakings which did not benefit the State and the national within past 75 years and to carry out the constructive acts beneficial to the State in unison with forging the Myanmar spirit, it is sure that we would reach the “goal” we aspire to. We all have to build the better socio-economic life for new generation youths by focusing on the interests of the State and the ethnic national people. I’d like to urge all responsible persons in unison to efficiently utilize valuable human resources of new generation youths for the State.

I wish may all ethnic national people brethren be the persons capable of creating various advantages not only for individuals but for the State with physical and mental well-being from today’s New Year occasion to forthcoming years with peace of mind.

Thank you all.

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