The message sent by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing to the opening ceremony of Golden Jubilee Myanmar Health Research Congress Mingalabar everybody, Dear distinguished guests attending the Golden Jubilee Myanmar Health Research Congress, I wish you all health and happiness and auspiciousness. This year’s event is the Diamond Jubilee of the congress that is held annually with the goal of enabling country’s health research undertakings to reach international level. The first congress was held in 1965. But, it could not be held in certain years, so this year’s event has become the Golden Jubilee congress. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 global pandemic, the departments under the Minis-try of Health formed the work committee and subcommittees and systematically shared the duties for the successful holding of the congress in the form of Virtual Conference. Evidence based research findings will surely be helpful in adopting appropriate health policies, ensuring effectiveness of health undertakings and achieving Universal Health Coverage in the country. Myanmar’s life expectancy is just 67.42 years, which is much lower than regional countries. We must find out the causes behind this low life expectancy to adopt national level health policies that meet the age and prevailing conditions. The ministry must continuo-usly identify the disadvantages and advantages of healthcare undertakings and realize a better health system through supportive programs. It should also hold more health research congresses and research paper reading sessions and promote publicizing programs. The Senior General stressed the need to cooperate with international community inconducting the research on infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and non-infectious chronic diseases such as diabetes, hy-pertension and cancer. Especially, it is necessary to disseminate findings of applied health research to the people in various ways and means for having a basic health conditions and healthy longevity. Those from medical and related universities under the Ministry of Health, hospitals,disease control projects and basic health staff are to join hands in conductingthe health research works in cooperation with relevant ministries, UN agencies and NGOs and INGOs if necessary. Especially, emphasis must be placed on beefing up the research capacity of those from medical and related universities. They need to cooperate with veteran traditional medicine practitioners and those from Traditional Medicine Department to secure firm research results in order to benefit the people through applied traditional medicines and to penetrate Myanmar’s traditional medical science and tradtional medicines into the international community. The Senior General said he knew progress in research works to take preventive and treatment measures against COVID-19 with the use of tra-ditional medicines. If the firm-and exact data come out from the research works, treatment using traditional medicines can be given to the COVID-19 patients, bringing mush benefit to the people.Researchers who drawing the evidence-based policy making and health projects depending onthe firm and correct results of research need to comprehensively understand the importance of the re-search results and strictly abide by the research ethics.Hence, they have to continuously study the research ethics. They have to turn out the youths and scholars wishing to do research works or carry out the tasks based on reseach results in the country. Efforts were made by the Medical Research Department to study the whole genetic programme of COVID-19 virus since its arrival in Myanmar on 23 March 2020. So, their mission has already accomplished.Moreover, they could continuously monitor and put records on different steps of genetically progress of COVID-19 virus. Now, experts are striving for exposing the more data related to Omicron variant, the latest virus of COVID-19. As a gesture of golden jubilee term, the Myanmar Health Re-search Registry online website was established, and more than 10,000 items of health research works were recorded. As part of results of the efforts of health researchers from the Ministry of Health based on cooperation with the international community, the Department of Medical Research was recognized as the WHO Collaborating Centre of the World Health Organization in 2003. The Medical Research Department cooperated with Korea in producing a hepatitis B vaccine domestically. After technology had been transferred to the Ministry of Industry, the ministry started producing the vaccine in 1996. Research on producing a quality antivenom medicine has also been going on in collaboration with the international community. The theme of the Golden Jubilee of Myanmar Health Research Congress is “Response to COVID-19 in Myanmar: Reflections after the Third Wave”. It is learnt that the theme is aimed at highlighting the importance of energetic cooperation of in-dividuals in preventive measures based on the experience in which successful results emerged from the cooperation between the State and the people in the third wave of COVID-19. In conclusion, research culture must be nurtured among the youth by holding such research congresses. I would like to call for doing health research work with short and longterm goals in the interests of the State and the people. Please try to promote the health research standard of the State by keeping systematic records of re-search results and publishing internationallyrecognized journals and publications. Likewise, I want to call for the promotion of practical research on treatment and hospi-tal management in order that the people can receive care and treatment peacefully and conveniently. As research usually yields good outcome, all people in the health field should have the conviction that they are serving their own country for the promotion of the national health standard. So, I would like to urge you all to cooperate. Since research and development are related, our government will encourage research. I will conclude by wishing for the success in the emergence of sound foundations from this congress and health research works for our country to see increased life expectancy, for the people to receive better and affordable healthcare and for our country to promote its national health standard. Thank you all.

The message sent by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing to the opening ceremony of Golden Jubilee Myanmar

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