Tiddim (Zomi) group of Chin State confers Gal Hang Pah Tawi Na Award on Senior General Min Aung Hlaing

Nay Pyi Taw, December 4

Rev. Fr Joseph Thang Nen Zo Mung and party of Tiddim (Zomi) group called on Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the Parlour of Bayintnaung Villa here this afternoon, and conferred the Gal Hang Pah Tawi Na Award on him.

Also present on the occasion together with the Senior General were Lt-Gen Tun Tun Naung and senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army). Rev. Fr Joseph Thang Nen Zo Mung was accompanied by Rev. Fr. Thang Muan Lian, parsons and officials.

First, Rev. Fr Joseph Thang Nen Zo Mung extended Christmas greetings. U Kat Kin Paung read out the honorary document in connection with the presentation of Gal Hang Pah Tawi Na Award, and then conferred the award on the Senior General. U Lian Khat Twang read out about the Chin hero and U Hkam Swin Mon presented the commemorative sword to the Senior General. Members of the team presented Chin traditional gifts to the Senior General.

The Senior General spoke words of thanks and said he was proud of Chin people that they and their leaders together with other ethnic people fought back colonialists with bravery and courage when Myanmar was under colonial rule. And he was proud and glad that he was acknowledged as a leader and he appreciated that. As Myanmar is a multi-ethnic nation where different ethnic groups spread across the country, it is important that they live in harmony with brotherly spirit without racism and regionalism. Regional stability is important and the region will develop only when there is stability.

Chin State has been a white area without armed confl ict, said the Senior General, adding that he therefore does not want the state to be stained. Due to poor transportation in the state, Tatmadaw is helping with providing health care services for locals in remote areas, and is also taking its fair share for development of Chin State, he said. And there is a need to provide the younger generations with better access to education because knowledge, formal education and expertise are necessary to implement regional development works.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Thang Nen Zo Mung said he was very glad that Gal Hang Pah Twai Na Award could be conferred on the Senior General. Today opens a new chapter in the history of Chin people, he said. While playing its role in national development efforts, the Tatmadaw that defended its motherland has also endeavoured for the people to be on the successful path to democracy they have aspired. And it is a landmark feat of the Tatmadaw. Ethnic Chin will always stand by the Tatmadaw.

Next, Rev. Cin Sian Pau said prayers for the State, Tatmadaw and people. The Senior General presented souvenirs to Rev. Fr. Joseph Thang Nen Zo Mung and delegation members and posed for a group photo.

Gal Hang Pah Tawi Na Award is the highest medal for gallantry and the Chin gallantry sword is made as same as those carried by Chin heroes. The reasons why Gal Hang Pah Tawi Na Award was presented to the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services are (a) the Tatmadaw standing by the country’s political reforms (b) the Tatmadaw standing by and defending its own country and (c) the courageous person being able to defend the State and people at risk of his life.

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