It needs to be Kind, True, Honest, Hardworking, Content and Realizing the Nature of Beings in good leader life

Nay Pyi Taw, December 7

The comrades need to overcome the respective fields practically by utilizing theory and practise in virtue of the vast range of leadership community and accomplish the mission with the organizing groups. In doing so, Respect, Trustworthiness, and Professional Integrity are essential to attain. The leadership not being the innate propensity, you must learn, practise and strive yourselves.And I would like to urge you to be Kind, True, Honest, Hardworking,Content and Realizing the Nature of Beings in good leader life, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing at the graduation parade of the 60th Intake of Defence Services Academy held at the parade grounds of DSA in PyinOoLwin this morning.

Also present at the ceremony were wife of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, Union Minister for Home Affairs Lt-Gen Thiri Pyanchi Kyaw Swe and wife, Union Minister for Border Affairs Lt-Gen Thiri Pyanchi Ye Aung and wife, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Zeya Kyawhtin Tin Aung San and wife, Commander-in-Chief (Air)General Zeya Kyawhtin Maung Maung Kyaw and wife, senior military officers and their wives,military command commanders, the commandant of the DSA and senior military officers from PyinOoLwin Station, military attachés, invited guests, parents and relatives of the graduate cadets.

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing took the salute of the cadet battalions and inspected the battalion of the graduate cadets.Then, the cadet battalions saluted the Senior General through slowmarch past and quick-march past.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing presented Best Cadet Award to Cadet No 32405 Cadet Aung Khant Min, Excellent Award in Training to Cadet No 31670 Cadet Kaung Htet, Excellent Award in Studies(Arts) Cadet No 31793 Cadet Soe Yan Naing, Excellent Award in Studies (Science) Cadet No 31909 Cadet Nyi Nyi Naing and Excellent Award in Studies (Computer) Cadet No 32315 Cadet Thet Khaing Htoo of the 60th intake of the DSA respectively.

In his address, the Senior General said comrades who are to serve at the Tatmadaw as junior leaders should know the past noble history of our Tatmadaw and preserve its good deeds as the entrusted heritage. Our Tatmadaw, referred to as Burma Independence Army (BIA) was established in Bangkok, Thailand on the 27th December, 1941 by the leading role of Bogyoke (General)Aung San with the thirty comrades.The privileged upbringing of our Tatmadaw safeguarded the property,lives and prosperity of people whilst the endeavouring consecutive periods of Steps toward Independence, Post-Independence, Parliamentary,Caretaker Government, Revolutionary Council Government, Burma Socialist Programme Party, State Law and Order Restoration Council,and State Peace and Development Council. Our Tatmadaw has the fine traditions of restoring the National Sovereignty and Integration of the Union imminent to lose. That’s why;I would like to urge you to abide by the Three Main National Causes as the core of nationalism owing to the historical and geographical context.

The commissioned junior leaders of the respective services will have to head your cohesive forces with the righteous leading role. The comrades have to learn in advance of the prerequisite of acquirements,despite the fact that the basic field craft and leadership have been learnt. The true leader must be an example in his acts and deeds, and be able to attain the respect from subordinates and others. At the same time, a leader must act like the parents, the commander, the mentor, the comrade and the close relative figure of his fellows. You also have to lead your cohesive group of achieving victory with the true leadership, the legal system and the prudent decision. To achieve a good leadership, it is precisely needed to abide by “the Sixteen Characteristics of Leadership”enacted by our Tatmadaw.

To stand a well-organization for longer duration in perpetuity, it must have the right policy, the strict rules and disciplines, law-abiding, good conduct with the duty of conscience and tactical exercises. Our Tatmadaw is a well-organized institution with the aforementioned factors. As our Tatmadaw is a representative of our country which is implementing the national interest, soldiery must faithfully abide by the rule and regulation of our Tatmadaw. Being well-behaved and well equipped in following such rule and regulation,you will lead to discipline, obedience and career development to individuals,hereafter, the trustworthiness of the entire people on our institution. To become a good soldier, everyone needs to strictly abide by the Sixty Codes of Conduct as the cornerstone.

Officers and other ranks who serve in our Tatmadaw have been assigned in accordance with the Military Services Personnel Law and its qualification. These military personnel must not only abide by the Military Law and Order but also Civil Law, International Laws of War and Rules of Engagement(ROE). According to the military services personnel law, a citizen who holds the suffrage (the age of 18) can only join our military. Even if he or she breaks the law with unacquainted reason, the action will be taken. You have to practice and abide by the Civil Law and Military Law mandated by the State.In the similar vein, you would be privileged and secure. Hence, the comrades who are going to serve as the junior leaders have to abide by the Civil Law, Military Law and Order, and you must be an example to your fellows. In addition, you must have a close supervision on your subordinates to abide by the law and order.

All of you have a privilege to carry out the responsibilities of a junior leader in your younger days.Comrades who will lead the country in future are important to have good morale and morality. Whilst fulfilling the goal of your life, it is necessary to have both great effort and self-control. Besides, you need to refrain from the unwholesome actions by body, speech and mind through the professional career and then obey the discourse of ritual and social matters for morale and morality. And you have to pay respect to yourself and your responsibilities to keep your dignity. Afterward, you have to inculcate empathy and pay respect for others. In addition, you need to be an economic disciplined person and have to lessen your means. You must need a critical consideration on rejoicings and drinks. You must be simple and live within your means. You will be a man of consideration within spend and economics discipline in order to uplift your dignity.

You must keep learning the military science which is your main tasks. At the same time you also need to have mass literacy which can critique the merits and demerits for life existence. You can keep in your mind with concepts and attitudes through sustainable reading. Our Tatmadaw concentrates on promoting the officers and NCOs’ education which is core of Standard Army in progress. Every unit has a library and the assorted books; literature in which fiction,non-fiction, cartoon, illustrated periodicals, daily newspaper and chronicle are provided. Library attains sagacity through reading and likewise it can also lighten up your morale and morality. You also need to encourage your subordinates to have a pleasure of reading. The mass literacy makes them to achieve a vast range of knowledge on the country’s development. So, I would like you to improve your career with great effort and self-control.

At this juncture, the possible use of communication-network occurs,on the other hand, the inappropriate use of social media will spoil our morale and morality. I would like you to be aware of using social media because it can beneath your dignity and your institution through the inappropriate way of surfing it. The magnitude of destructive elements, fake news, rumours, and the leakages of information can be proved in social media. So I would like to convey that you need to use the social media intellectually and carry out the best of your ability. Our Tatmadaw has been serving with the line of duty taken for Our Three Main National Causes (Non-disintegration of the Union; Non-disintegration of National Solidarity; Perpetuation of Sovereignty) as the national duty. On the other hand, we also conduct the three main tasks of Tatmadaw in which Safeguarding,Training and Contribution to Communal Activities. To carry out these duties, we joined the military as it is. We must always be exercising for safeguarding the country and be ready to sacrifice for it. It is essential that you should be physically and mentally fitted. The capacity will be down whether the morale has been spoiled then we have to enhance our endurance.

Herein, the defence means to annihilate the destructive elements of the country and the regional security. We, soldiery are responsible not only for military affairs but also defence duty. Thereafter, safeguarding the nationality, religion, custom,tradition, success in sport, patriotic spirit not to be diminished and the National political morale will be lasting for a long time. National politics in terms of carrying out the national interest is the needs of the State and the nationalities who reside in the State through thick and thin. Likewise, I would like you to prioritise the national interest with the perception of national politics whilst implementing the three main tasks of Tatmadaw. Being well-trained is essential for military personnel and so there will be a need of the sustainable practise in both Military Training Schools and Units. Consequently, I would like to leave a word that all comrades need to constantly train to have physical and mental fitness in accordance with one military training policy“Be Fit, Competent and Brave”. The equal superintendence can foster the spirit of bonhomie and welfare of internal affairs. Comrades, young officers need to have supervision not only on themselves but also on their fellows by the righteous supervision to abstain from the accidental casualties. You must be fair and square to your subordinates without taking sides and be righteous in estimation without bias. The balanced chain of command is the one long-standing venerable tradition of our Tatmadaw and therefore I would like to address soldiery must have a mutual respect whilst serving. Comrades shall be focusing on catering to your subordinates and their families’ three essentials of food, clothing, and shelter in order to fuel the requirements and the entitlements.

The strength of a nation only pivot on its internal and the military’s might can be basically built in its.Therefore, we all must be keeping of a worthy tradition of internal organising. The duties assignment without bias, systematic management,organising and giving an equal chance must be done whilst internal organising and we all must strictly build the unity in accordance with one motto of our Tatmadaw saying“Stand Together Whatever Mischief Disintegrates”. Having the spirit of bonhomie like family figure is critical whilst staying together and taking part in their responsibilities in our Tatmadaw because of organising a multi-ethnic society from different places. Unity is the strength which can make the organisation more durable in depth. The unity of people, military personnel and their families or clique members can overcome every struggle of our nation. To achieve the strength of people, we all must carry out precisely on external organising.According to the historical events,“Just War” can certainly repel every invasion with equitable hostilities by populace. Based on this concept,a poet wrote a passage ‘‘Though whatever prodigious strategies and weaponry are used, unless people’s strength, they will no longer be powerful enough”.To achieving the external organising, everyone needs to precisely abide by the Code of Conduct and implement the substantial contribution to communal works. Whereas the natural disasters,we must carry out the rehabilitation to people without discrimination of national races, ethnic minority and religion. Likewise, any communal works including health services and community care must be implemented by considering of “Uphold People as Father and Mother”. Moreover, I am convinced that comrades need to focus on the national strength.

The consequences of altered and alienated colonisation governing systems and divide-and-rule policy and the weakness of the Constitution(1947) after the Independence make disintegration amongst our ethnic groups and national races as well.Subsequently the internal armed conflicts have been happened.According to its origin, the internal armed conflicts did not occur between our Tatmadaw and ethnic armed organisations (EAOs) but between ethnic groups and the Government. As an organisation of protection for the sovereignty of the Nation and Government, our Tatmadaw just safeguarded the country. With the purpose of fulfilling the people’s desire for nationwide peace, Tatmadaw has been trying its utmost to achieve the everlasting peace and to fulfil historical inevitabilities of assignment. Whilst implementing of achieving eternal peace (not momentary peace), it is needed to abide by the roadmaps of Nationwide Ceasefifi re Agreement(NCA) basically. The NCA is not designed for ceasefire however it is the genuine roadmap pertaining immense value which can implement the ethnic people’s desire. The everlasting peace is the critical role whilst constructing the Union Republic based on the democracy and federal. Tatmadaw, hence, is firmly carrying out the Six-Point of Peace Policy based on “Our Three Main National Causes”.Regarding with the difficulties which experienced at this moment and in the past whilst implementing the peace processes, the Six-Point Peace Policy has been laid down with the aims of State’s Stability,Consolidation, Integration and Development. It is needed to draft a Time Frame whilst implementing the everlasting peace; meanwhile,the Security Reconsolidation Processes must be completed with the political commitments. Here, I would like to express that Tatmadaw will respectfully tolerate the adoption agenda of NCA as it is represented as a well-founded organisation abided by the National Existing Laws, Tatmadaw Acts and Bylaws.A nation can testify to any political system, it has only one unified force by means of one military(a main armed organisation) for national defence. Likewise, our Tatmadaw will protect “Our Three Main National Causes” by embracing “One Country One Military Policy” through the International criteria.

After taking the salute of the cadet battalions, the Senior General left the parade ground.

After the parade, the Senior General met five outstanding cadets and their parents and gave an honorary speech at the parlour of DSA’s headquarters.

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