Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets families of Myanmar Embassy and Office of Military Attaché to China in Beijing


The Myanmar Tatmadaw goodwill delegation led by Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, currently in Beijing of China at the invitation of member of the Central Military Commission and Chief of the Joint Staff Department of the People’s Republic of China Gen.Li Zuocheng, arrived at the Myanmar Embassy to China this evening and was welcomed by families of the embassy and the office of the military attaché and officer trainees.

In meeting with families of the embassy and the office of the military attaché and officer trainees, the Senior General said his goodwill visit was to enhance friendly ties between the two countries and two armed forces. The Senior General explained needs to maintain good relations with all countries as Myanmar is located in the important geographical position, requirements to ensure export goods meeting with export quality for economic development, necessities to implement fair trade system in carrying out border trade with major trade partners namely Thailand and China, measures of respective departments to boost border trade between Myanmar and China, assistance of the Tatmadaw on the political transitions and ongoing multi-party democracy route, efforts of the Tatmadaw to gain internal peace and needs to have political stability, peace and security on the democracy road.

Afterwards, the Senior General gave foodstuffs and gifts for families of embassy and military attaché’s  office and officer trainees through the ambassador, the military attaché,families of embassy and military attaché’s office and officer trainees. Next, the Senior General and party were hosted dinner by the families of embassy and military attaché’s office.

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