Senior General Min Aung Hlaing receives guard-of-honour welcome from Chief of Joint Staff Department Gen. Li Zuocheng, holds talks

Member of China’s Central Military Commission and Chief of the Joint Staff Department Gen.Li Zuocheng accorded a guard-of-honour welcome to Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, who is currently in the People’s Republic of China on a goodwill visit, at Ba Yi Hall in Beijing this afternoon.
Also present together with the Senior General were Lt-Gen Than Tun Oo and senior military officers from the Offi ce of the Commander-in-Chief, Myanmar Ambassador to China U Thit Lin Ohn and Myanmar Military Attaché (Army, Navy and Air) Brig-Gen Tint Hsan. Gen. Li Zuocheng was accompanied by senior military officers from the China People’s Liberation Army.
The Senior General first arrived at the place where he would be accorded welcome and was welcomed by Gen. Li Zuocheng. Then they made bilateral introduction to senior military officers from the two countries. The Senior General took the salute of the Guard of Honour and inspected it together with Gen.Li Zuocheng.
The two leaders then held talks at the meeting hall of Ba Yi Hall.
In his discussion, the Senior General expressed thanks for receiving warm welcome. He said Myanmar and China have had Paukphaw relations since ancient times and they are old friendly nations as well as good friendly neighbours. The people living along border have much similar religion and culture. The two countries have existed since yore in accord with the five-point peaceful co-existence policy. The friendship between the two countries will be cemented thorugh cooperation between the two armed forces.Among other nations investing in Myanmar, China is the largest investor. Myanmar regards China as an eternal friend and a strategic partner country. Military and civil ties were improved to ensure deeper cooperation in political and defence affairs. Myanmar is trying its utmost for peace and stability and border region stability. Myanmar is thankful to China as a good neighbour for its correct stance and standing against the international community over the Rakhine State issue, said the Senior General.
Gen. Li Zuocheng said the Senior General was a friend of China’s defence services expressing thanks for visit. The two countries are improving their relations. He then discussed strategic cooperation between in the two armed forces,security cooperation and cooperation between the international liaison departments. There is a need to promote cooperation in five areas—medical cooperation, trade promotion with industries, and international cooperation. The border security and peace and stability in northern border of Myanmar is important for both countries. Acts of any organization that can negatively impact on bilateral relations between the two countries will not be accepted. And there is a need to exchange security information and deepen cooperation between two armed forces.
Frank views were exchanged on Myanmar’s progress in walking on the path of multi-party democracy chosen by the people, Tatmadaw’s efforts to build eternal peace,cooperation between two armed forces in training and health sectors,anti-terrorism, cooperation in border region peace and stability,promotion of friendship between two armed forces.
The Senior General then held discussions with Vice-Chairman (1) of the Central Military Commission of China General Xu Qiliang. The Senior General said he had visited China several times in consideration of the friendship between two armed forces, and was grateful to China’s assistance for development for Myanmar. Though efforts are being made to bring about peace and stability for the development of the country, complications armed conflicts have made the process difficult. The ceasefire from 21 December, 2018 to 30 April contributes to peace process. As Tatmadaw is part of the people,it engages in not only defence but also development endeavours. It is important that China expands the scope of cooperation in order to foster the relations between two armed forces.
The vice chairman of the Central Military Commission said that the Pauk-Phaw relationship between two countries represents the good potential for future cooperation. The two counties share religious practice and the bilateral relations date back to a thousand years ago. The two provided reciprocal assistance in addressing regional problems and cooperation will be continued.The two had frank discussions for Myanmar to achieve permanent peace, to prevent people from suffering,and consistent strengthening of friendship between two countries and two armed forces.
The Senior General and the Vice chairman (1) of the Central Military Commission of China posed for documentary photo and exchanged gifts.
In the evening, Gen. Li Zuocheng hosted dinner to Myanmar Tatmadaw goodwill delegation led by the Senior General, and the two posed documentary photos together with the senior military officers of two armed forces.

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