As Tatmadaw members voluntarily join the service, they already have noble spirit of defending the country; they must undergo training to have good spirit, discipline, to be fit and healthy and to have skill and courage 


Tatmadaw members voluntarily join the service, and they already have the noble spirit of defending the country. They must undergo training to have good spirit, discipline and to be fit and healthy and to have the skill and courage, which are the capabilities of a good soldier. From their style of dressing, the Tatmadaw members must strictly and uniformly observe the rules. Because of its observance of the discipline from the style of wearing dresses, the Tatmadaw wins the respect. As the Tatmadaw is a disciplined institution, all the Tatmadaw members should know and take pride of it, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in his separate meetings with officer instructors, officer and other rank trainees of Tatmadaw (Army) Combat Forces School (Bahtoo) and Tatmadaw (Army) Warrant Officer and Sergeant Training School in Bahtoo Station this afternoon.


Also present at the meetings were Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army), Commander of Eastern Command Maj-Gen Lin Aung, commandants, officer instructors, officer trainees and other rank trainees from training schools of Bahtoo Station. In his speech, the Senior General said Tatmadaw members should raise brotherly and family spirits. Every country has its own armed forces, and also political, social and other organizations. Of them the Tatmadaw is the most disciplined and durable and well trained institution. Tatmadaw members voluntarily join the service, and they already have the noble spirit of defending the country. Noble spirit and good discipline are needed to become a good soldier. Tatmadaw members will be able to raise their life during the service if they can strengthen their good spirit. The Tatmadaw must be built to become a reliable force for the people and the country by carrying out the general staff, quartermaster and adjutant duties through systematic and truthful efforts. The Senior General said as the saying, which goes, “Trimming for a basket, as well as a dress for a man is important” neat and tidy dressing of the uniform will enhance the value of the soldiers. Uniforms, hats, shoes and other gears for soldiers are quality products manufactured by the Tatmadaw factories.


Moreover, a Tatmadaw member is fed with enough calories he needs during his military operation duty. As for the welfare the Tatmadaw-owned farms are distributing the products at reasonable prices. Additionally, Tatmadaw members must strike a balance between income and expense and must make substantial economies. They must conduct manageable farming. They must pursue a healthy lifestyle. As today is the age of technology, arrangements are being made for the education development of all the Tatmadaw members. Moreover, education promotion of the families is being conducted to the most possible degree. The basic spirit of Tatmadaw members to join the service for national defence is valuable. They must take pride for being soldier. The Senior General urged them to live in disciplines and abide by prescribed disciplines in line with the motto of the Tatmadaw “It must have good spirit and bide by discipline”. Apart from military building tasks, mobile medical teams are deployed to give health care services to the local people. Moreover, Tatmadaw medical doctors are assigned in far-flung areas for providing health care services to the local people. As various training courses are being conducted for enhancing individual capacity, they have to study advancement of developing technologies and military arts, continuously take training to have excellent skills and to apply the military arts in the battlefields in line with the training motto “study, practise and obey. All servicemen must be skillful in their fields in building the capable Tatmadaw.

They must take training and culture the correct spirit to have gallantry individually. To have the brave for fighting, the training depots give martial arts to the trainees. Three points to become a good soldier are the health and fitness, the skillfulness and the brave. It needs to take care of individual health and they have to avoid alcohol as much as they can. The Senior General stressed the need to take agewise medical checkups.

They must have practices of lifestyle and eating in conformity with the health condition. They should have self-control for indulgence and drinking alcohol. The Senior General urged them to read literature in their spare time. As all sorts of literature which have not been read yet are new, they have to read to be able to improve their lives. It must hold up hierarchical management system and correct leadership with goodwill over the works in order to have success of individuals and military units. Although everybody has chance to secure No 1 position, everybody cannot secure No 1 position. As all have equal rights in every training course, they all should strive for winning No 1 position without fail. The Senior General urged them to control themselves to become good and able persons and to work in concert in all tasks. The Senior General and party had the lunch together with trainees at the Tatmadaw (Army) Warrant Officer and Sergeant Training School. The Senior General and party arrived at the Animal Breeding and Training Battalion in Bahtoo Station. At the meeting hall, the Senior General and party heard the reports on implementation of the missions, breeding of mules, horses and other animals, practice of artificial insemination at horses, and construction of model agriculture and livestock breeding farm presented by an official. The Senior General instructed officials to effectively breed mules and horses on a wider scale for using them in transportation in border regions and hilly regions and successfully cultivate Napier grass and maize for production of feed stuffs.

The Senior General and party inspected the artificial insemination laboratory for horse species and were conducted round by officials. Then, the Senior General inspected progress in building model agriculture and livestock breeding farm and breeding of mules and horses. Officials conducted them round the sites.

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