Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets residents of Ngathayauk and nearby villages of NyaungU Township, discusses regional development 


Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accom-panied by Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, wife of the Senior General, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army), Commander of Central Command Maj-Gen Kyaw Swar Lin and officials, arrived at Ngathayauk town, NyaungU Township, Mandalay Region this morning, and visited tube-well and water purifier at No 3 and (4) wards of Ngathayauk, collectively donated by Central Command, Metta Yayzin rural water supply association, and well-wishers.

The Senior General met with residents of Ngathayauk and nearby villages, and discussed regional development. The administrator of Ngathayauk reported on the regional situation, water utilization and educational matters.The Senior General said he takes pride of Ngathayauk as it is the native of Bo Cho, a historic anti-colonialist leader. The main business of the area is toddy palm and soybean sauce industries, groundnut and sesame cultivation and groundnut production. If the region produces quality goods and applies modern packaging, they can be sold not only in the country, but also overseas. In this way, the region will enjoy increase in per capita income. The region must find new markets by transporting goods through the Ayeyawady River, apart from the land route. As the main difficulty to grow crops in the region is water availability, the problem will be presented to the State, and the Tatmadaw will find the best means to provide assistance. If the region can successfully grow rice for its local consumption, it can reduce its spending on rice. If farming can be conducted, and foodstuff and consumer goods can be produced, cost of living can be reduced. The Tatmadaw is producing import-substitute consumer goods. In this way the Tatmadaw is reducing the import expenditure.

The Senior General said collective efforts are required for regional development through the education promotion programs. The region is experiencing a drop in the matriculation examination pass rate. So, the cause must be sought and remedied by collective efforts among, students, teachers, parents and authorities. Efforts should be made for the students in each grade to actually understand all their lessons. School education will enhance the scope of knowledge. If children are outstanding in education and become educated persons, they will be the pride for their parents, relatives and native places. Students who have passed the matriculation examination should be encouraged to pursue education at colleges and universities in Mandalay, Magway and Pakokku to become technicians, who will support for the progress of the native places in a way. Natives should make collective efforts for regional development.

He said in the past dry zone greening projects were laid down for the region. Natives should pay serious attention to tree planting till success is achieved. Every village should set up communal tree plantations for regional greening. As it is a dry area, natives should take care of their health and avoid consumption of alcohol, tobacco, betel quid to the most possible degree. They must also pursue a healthy lifestyle. The Tatmadaw is mobilizing mobile medical teams in providing public health. During the 47 field tours, the teams treated 476,879 ethnic races in the respective military command areas during the period from 2014 to Feb 2019. Ill health can cost labour, money, time, mental exhaustion for families. So every individual must take care of his health. One can pursue education and work only if he is healthy. One can develop his life only if he can work.

The Senior General presented foodstuff, Dentomec toothpaste and tooth brushes to the residents through officials.

Later, the Senior General and party visited Myananda Kyaukhtee Pagoda, built by Bagan Bo Cho who was a native of Ngathayauk and a martyr and a leader of anti-colonialist struggle. They offered flowers, water and oil lights to the Buddha Image. The Senior General and wife made cash donations for all-round renovation of the pagoda. The pagoda board of trustees accepted the donations. They then went round the pagoda. The statue of Bagan Bo Cho was erected near the pagoda in honour of him.

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