Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets families of Myanmar Embassy to Japan, office of the military attaché

Nay Pyi Taw October 13

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, who is currently in Japan on a goodwill visit, this afternoon, went to Myanmar Embassy to Japan and met with families of the embassy and the office of the military attaché.

First, the Senior General, accompanied by Lt-Gen Nyo Saw from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army), Myanmar Military Attaché (Army, Navy and Air) Col Tin Soe and party, arrived at the Myanmar Embassy to Japan where they were welcomed by families of the embassy and the office of the military attaché.

The Senior General signed the visitors’ book of the embassy. In meeting with families of the embassy and the office of the military attaché, the Senior General said that Japan and Myanmar are good and old friends and have been maintaining relations in the history since independence struggle period. The past event needs to be taken for the lessons, and those in present having the chance of creating the situations are responsible for shaping the better future. Hence, it needs to take lessons from the past event with regard to the Japan-Myanmar relations by further cementing the friendly ties so as to build the better future. Relations between the two countries are improving. During his visit, heads of political parties from Japan, officials of Japanese government and officials from Japan-Myanmar cooperation sector gave chances to Myanmar goodwill delegation for meeting with various organizations in similar attitude over Myanmar by paying Japan’s attention to Myanmar. As diplomatic relations is of great importance in relations between two countries, those who are discharging State duties at the embassy and the office of the military attaché need to unitedly participate in the relations.

The development of Myanmar depends much on peace and stability in the areas of politics and security. Only with peace and stability, a better future can be created. All must live in unity through Myanmar spirit by getting rid of localism, personal cult, racism and desire. Such developments witnessed in Japan are due to hard work, intellect, technology and exerted efforts of Japanese people. It is required to focus on diplomatic affairs. Myanmar needs to try to get the opportunities of economy producing mutual interest and export and import through diplomatic ways for the development of the country. About 70 percent population of Myanmar is from rural areas. Necessary technical assistance must be sought for sharing necessary technique with each other to shift products to goods.

They need to create connection among them for information and technology in order to export products to international market. Those serving duties in the far distant countries like Japan need to take care of health. Only when they are healthy, can they carry out the tasks successfully. It is necessary to live in unity. They should try for the development of the country as much as they can, said the Senior General.

Next, the ambassador, the military attaché and families of the embassy and the military attaché office accepted refreshments, gifts and cash assistance for the scholars presented by the Senior General. Afterwards, the Senior General and party enjoyed the lunch hosted by the families of the embassy and the military attaché office.

After that, the Senior General and party proceeded to the Emperial Palace, Asakusa Temple and Tokyo Tower in Tokyo and viewed urban developments and ancient cultural works and visited the temple. The Senior General and party posed for a group photo.



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