Myanmar Tatmadaw delegation led by Senior General Min Aung Hlaing visits Marsun Public Company Ltd, I Group Ltd 

NAY PYI TAW November 17

The Myanmar Tatmadaw dele-gation led by Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, who is currently arriving in Bangkok of Thailand to attend the Defense & Security 2019 of ASEAN countries to be held in Thailand, this afternoon visited Marsun Public Company Ltd for observing shipbuilding tasks and I Group Ltd. for e-education tasks.

On arrival at Marsun Public Company Ltd of shipbuilding, the Senior General and party accompanied by Myanmar Military Attaché (Army, Navy and Air) Brig-Gen Khin Zaw and officials were welcomed by head of the company Mr. Patrawin Chongvisal and party and hosted a luncheon.

After the luncheon, a company official reported to the Senior General on salient points of the company. The Senior General and party asked for further information. As they observed tasks of engineering department and shipbuilding sites, the head of the company and officials conducted the Senior General and party round the sites. At the parlour of the company, gifts were exchanged and they posed for documentary photo.

Shipbuilding company Marsun Public Company Ltd. was established in 1980 to build and repair ships. It has manufactured and sold more than 310 ships including passenger vessels, landing crafts, yachts and patrol speed boats meeting set standards.

Then, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and party arrived at I Group Ltd. where they were welcomed and greeted by company head Mr. Pote Narittakurn Le and party. At the meeting hall, teaching methods with the help of teaching aid, computer and information technology were century explained to enhance the capacity of new generation youths in the 21st century knowledge age. The Senior General asked what he would like to know and discussions were held. Afterwards, the Senior General and party viewed the operations of the company, ancient literatures and paintings at the company where they were conducted round by the officials. The Senior General and the company head of I Group Ltd. exchanged commemorative gifts and they had a group photo taken together with the members.

I Group Ltd. is an organization forming with different nations and registration of the company was made in Hong Kong. It is reprinting and preserving ancient valuable historic paintings, ancient literatures, culture and fine arts using high-quality cameras and modern technology. It is also publishing and distributing research papers and books on echnological education and donating them by E-library. It is opening branches in 14 countries including ones from Asia-Pacific region and ASEAN countries with the staff strength of more than 1,200. The founder of the I Group Ltd. is Mr. Pote Narittakurn Le who was born in Myanmar and he has been leading it since over 30 years.


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