Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets townspeople of Dawei, donates supplies for COVID-19 prevention, containment and treatment to local people, People’s Hospital

Nay Pyi Taw May 15

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by Commander-in-Chief (Navy)  Admiral Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief,(Army),  Commander of Coastal Region Command Brig-Gen  Saw Than Hlaing and his entourage, met with town elders and departmental officials from Dawei, Taninthayi Region, at Dawei Airport this afternoon and donated medical supplies for COVID-19 prevention, containment and treatment.

The meeting was also attended by Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief  (Air)  General  Maung Maung Kyaw, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army), Commander of Coastal Region Command Brig-Gen  Saw Than Hlaing and his entourage, member of the board of trustees of Lawka Marazein Pagoda in Dawei, town elders and officials from the Department of Public Health and Medical Services, Dawei University, the Sports and Physical Education Department  and  the  Department of  Irrigation and Water Utilization Management.

Explaining the purpose of donating supplies for COVID-19 prevention, containment and treatment, the Senior General said Myanmar started experiencing the COVID-19 global pandemic on 23 March. There have been over 4.4 million infections, over 290,000 deaths and over 1.6 million recoveries across the globe. The disease could not have been under control. So, every region needs to take preventive measures with its own sense of duty. It is the best for individuals to do this without the urge from the government and administrative bodies. It is necessary to follow the instructions and guidelines. Otherwise, unnecessary issues can arise harming administrative affairs. Health issues should not be described as strict. If outbreak increases, people as well as their environment will be affected.

One will be able to work and pursue education only if one is healthy. So, one needs to take care of one’s own health. Alcohol and smoking should be avoided as they are harmful to health. As Dawei has a fine tradition of turning out victorious athletes, sporting must be encouraged. COVID-19 is most common among elders, those with weak body immunity and unhealthy people. So, it is necessary to eat nutritious food. Tatmadaw is providing supplement foods for those receiving treatment at people’s hospitals in various military commands and health staff.

Local basic commodities and rice sufficiency must be considered for regional development. Regional income must be improved. As unemployment generates no income, people should engage in cottage industry. Lack of electricity and water supplies will delay regional development. Local people need to cooperate in the development of their own region. Beautifying the region cannot be successful without public participation. Beautifying tasks must be carried out to support health. Traffic rules must also be followed.

For regional development, it is necessary to turn out young intellectuals and intelligentsia capable of serving the interest of their own region. Normally, schools must open in June. If there are difficulties with opening schools due to COVID-19, cultural courses should be conducted with the help of regional teachers. Although  universities  are closed, faculty members may hold discussions on respective subjects with individual students or five students or not more than 10 students. Parents need to urge their offspring students and youths to study literature and lessons of previous years not to waste time as school closing period is long. They can submit reports to the respective command commanders and officials on education and health matters, and the Tatmadaw will give a helping hand to them as much as possible.

With regard  to  infection  of COVID-19,  the  Senior  General stressed the need to strictly abide by the disciplines issued by the State. As washing hands and wearing masks can prevent infection of disease to some extent, town elders and administrative bodies should urge the local people to follow the disciplines.

Then, the Senior General gave advice over discussions of townelders and attendees on development of the region and attended to the needs.

The Senior General presented supplies for COVID-19 prevention, containment and treatment such as 20,000 surgical masks, 3,000 pairs of surgical gloves, 500 N95 masks, 50 non-contact thermometers, 150 bottles of hand gel (500ml), 150 bottles of hand sanitizer (500ml), two boxes of bleaching powder, 5,000 masks produced from Tatmadaw factory and foodstuffs to town elders.

Next, 10,000 surgical masks, 500 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE), 2,000 pairs of surgical gloves, 300 N95 masks,300 pairs of examination gloves, 100 bottles of hand gel (500 ml), 100 bottles of hand sanitizer (500ml), one box of bleaching powder, three boxes of pulse oxymeter (finger tip), 5,000 masks produced by Tatmadaw factory and foodstuffs for Dawei People’s Hospital were also presented to Dr Tun Min from Dawei Township Public Health and Medical Services Department and Medical Superintendent of the hospital Dr Myo Min.

In the afternoon, the Senior General and party arrived at Shwe Wei Thiri Pyinnya Beikman Library in Dawei where they were welcomed by Chairman U Ba Myint and committee members. After viewing round the e-library and reading room and fiction and non-fiction books, the Senior General expressed his wish in the visitors’ book, saying that “Let the well-versed, talented youths serve the interest of the region and the State” and donated fiction and non-fiction books to the library.

On arrival at Lawka Marazein Buddha Image and Shwetaungsar Pagoda which are symbols of Taninthayi Region, the Senior General  offered  flowers,  water  and  oil lights and went round them clockwise. The Senior General signed the visitors’ book.  He donated cash for all round development of the pagoda through members of the pagoda board of trustees who returned a certifi-
cate of honour. The Senior General paid homage to the Buddha image in the ancient historic Yahanta ordination hall and beat Maha Wizaya Khemathitala Neikbuta-gawtha great bell. Leading member of the pagoda board of trustees U Tun Kyi and party conducted the Senior General round the sites.

This morning, the Senior General and party inspected Mawrawady Naval Region Command in Heinze Township. At the meeting hall, Commander of the Mawrawady Naval Region Command Commodore Naing Min Kyaw and officials reported on four kinds of military building, water territorial security measures, and prevention, containment and treatment of COVID-19 in Heinze area. After hearing the reports, the Senior General instructed officials to grow mangrove plants and coconut palm plants in a row in order to prevent bank erosion at the coastal areas andleft necessary instructions. Then, the Senior General and party visited Heinze area in a motorcade.

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