Senior General Min Aung Hlaing visits Nanthidar Multipurpose Agriculture and Livestock Camp in Eastern Command    

Nay Pyi Taw  July  14

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by Union Minister for Border Affairs Lt-Gen Ye Aung, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, Eastern Command Commander Maj-Gen Lin Aung and members, visited Nanthidar Multipurpose Agriculture and Livestock Camp of Eastern Command.

At the briefing hall of the camp, the Senior General and party heard a report by Commander Maj-Gen Lin Aung on farming activities.

In response to the report, the Senior General said Tatmadaw is undertaking agricultural and live-stock breeding tasks not for profits but for the welfare of Tatmadaw families. Nutritious meat, fish, vegetables and eggs are sold to military personnel and their families at reasonable prices while it is necessary to sell surpluses at reduced prices to civil servants and their families and local people. Livestock breeding requires systematic feeding and proper water system. In raising pigs, quality species with high meat production are necessary. Breeding layers and broilers also needs correct feeding and water system. Feeding dairy cows and meat cows needs pastures, herding and systematic feeding. For getting better milk and high meat production, a balanced mixture of feeds and other ingredients with least chemicals are necessary.

To achieve success in agriculture, four methods are required such as correct agricultural methods, use of high-yield crop strains, mixed use of fertilizers and local fertilizers, irrigation, seasonal cultivation and extension of sown acreage. Nanthidar Multipurpose Agriculture and Livestock Camp must try to be a role model in regional agricultural and livestock undertakings, the Senior General said.

The Senior General and party then viewed a display of milk, chicken eggs and vegetables produced from the camp and agricultural and livestock activities in the camp. They were conducted round in the camp by respective in-charges. The Senior General left necessary instructions.

Nanthidar Multipurpose Agriculture and Livestock Camp with Camp No (1) and No (2) is located by Shwenyaung-Nyaungshwe Road. The camp has existed since 1979. There are 82.30 acres of fish farming, 77.50 acres of farmland, 12 acres of sugarcane plantations, 3.55 acres of seasonal crops plantations and pastures. Since 2012, Tatmadaw has been doing those activities in multipurpose agricultural and livestock zones in respective military command areas. Meat, fish, eggs and vegetables produced from those zones are sold at cheap prices to Tatmadaw members and their families, departmental staff and local people.

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