Ceremony held to honour military medical doctors who served at the hospitals in remote places, where transport was poor and doctors were in need, in Naga Self-Administered Zone, Chin State and Sagaing Region, to promote the public health sector

Nay Pyi Taw August 23

A ceremony to honour military medical doctors who served at the hospitals in remote places, where transport was poor and doctors were in need, in Naga Self-Administered Zone, Chin State and Sagaing Region, to promote the public health sector, was held at Bayintnaung Villa, here, with a keynote address delivered by Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.


Also present were Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win, Union Minister Lt-Gen Sein Win and Union Minister Lt-Gen Ye ung, senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and military medical doctors ho serviced in the remote areas.

Health sector of the country

First, the Senior General in his keynote address said that today’s ceremony is to honour the military medical doctors who served in the remote areas of Naga Self-Administered Zone, Chin State and Sagaing Region of their own volition. Health and fitness of the citizens plays the vital role in national development. “Health is wealth”, and the people can learn and work only if they are healthy. Everyone wants health and longevity, but the life spans of some are even shorter than the life expectancy, as death can come at any time to anyone whether he is an infant or a youngsters or a middle age person under various reasons including health problems. The life expectancy of the country is 66, while that of Japan exceeds 80. The shorter life expectancy indicates the country’s poor health condition.

Sending Tatmadaw mobile medical teams for providing treatment

Health requirements could be identified during the visit to Kayah State in 2012. So, Tatmadaw medical teams were sent for providing medi-cal treatment at the state. During the trip, a serious cased was found, and the patient could not be treated at Loikaw Hospital as the condition was bad. So, the patient was sent to Aungban military hospital and a life was saved in time. The teams also treated other patients including natives with eye disorders or suffering from general diseases. Natives happily visited the teams and underwent treatment. Moreover, the shortage of medical doctors in remote places of other regions and states had also been noticed.

Healthcare in Chin State and Naga Self-Administered Zone

During the visit to Naga traditional festival in 2015, a volunteering system was applied in sending military medical doctors to Naga Self-Administered Zone according to the request of natives. As a large number of volunteers enlisted themselves for the job, they were divided into two teams that discharged the duty in turn. As good health ensures longevity, healthcare is a meritorious and beneficial task. The Tatmadaw is carrying out the task in addition to protecting the life, property and wealth of the people. Myanmar people already have the generosity, and the country has a large number of social organizations. Covid-19 has reared its ugly head again, and the infection rate is high in Sittwe in Rakhine State even though it cannot be said that the second wave has started. It is a great pleasure to read a news report on social network pages about the 24 health staff including specialists and physicians who have volunteered to temporarily serve in Rakhine State under the arrangement of the Ministry of Health and Sports. The persons serving the national interest with self-sacrifice are so valuable. The hardships of military medical doctors who served in the remote areas are recognized, and their volunteer spirit to service the people and the nation is honoured. The spirit of volunteering must be nurtured.

The military medical doctors have been given rights with exemption to take the entrance test of the master’s course for discharging duties in remote areas. However, as the course of master is very important, they have to try hard in learning along the course period to pass the qualification examinations and regular examinations. While discharging duties continuously if they made continuous studies despite no spare time it will contribute much to them in attending the course of master.

Health care services given to more than 350,000 people within four years

With regard to giving treatment to the people during the period from March 2016 to August 2020 when the military doctors discharged duties, medical treatment was given to 168,464 patients, surgical operations to 13,623 patients, child treatment to 31,245, obstetric and gynaecological treatment to 21,809, orthopaedic treatment to 10,885, ear/nose/throat treatment to 35,838, eye treatment to 2,247, stomach and intestine treatment to 3,645 and general treatment to 85,660, totalling 373,416. These areas have restored peace and stability.The areas which need peace and stability would have more medical requirements.

Health and education

I have noted that only when anyone is healthy, can they learn education. Peace is of great importance for safely learning education at the fourth session of the Union Peace Conference 21st Century Panglong. During the 13-year period from 1997 to 2010, about 16.143 million of children across the nation enrolled at the school. Number of the fifth standard students reached more than 8.05 million in 2014. As more than eight million among more than 16 million of students reached the fifth standard, it can be said that about 50 percent of students could grasp opportunities to learn the fifth standard education. According to the census and population released in 2014, as data was collected from five groups of people ranging from five years old to 21 years, it can be seen that about 5.6 million of children had never enrolled at the school. More than 8 million of people who did not reach the fifth standard and more than 5 million of children who missed chance to learn education, totalling over 13 million had learning knowledge less than that of the fifth standard students.

It is visible that the literacy situation of the State is in danger. On the average, children started learning at five years old. Although much different will not happen at the students at primary, middle, high and matriculation levels, know-ledge of those students will differ among them depending on learning of university education. Ideology is the most importance in learning education and having knowledge and skills. As such, it is necessary to encourage learning of education.

Education of locals given

He praised those military medical doctors for their efforts in learning education to school age children while discharging duties in the remote areas. They have to report basic needs as well as officials must give a helping hand to them. As part of development of the country, basic needs are good health, education and transport in addition to electrification. No matter how improved the industries are, it is necessary to consider supply of electricity which is very important for them. Although electricity can be generated from natural resources for development of the State, it cannot be done for various reasons. As such, they must clarify generating of electricity for development of their regions and the State to the local people from assigned areas.

Assistance during the Covid-19 period

Tatmadaw is actively participating in the Covid-19 preventive, control and treatment measures with might and main. Tatmadaw members and civilian (substitute-appointed) staff members are contributing their one-day wage out of their salaries every two months. A total of Ks-12 billion has been donated—over Ks-600 million for ethnic areas, over Ks-61 million for civil society organizations and artiste society, over Ks-7.4 billion for war veterans and retired police, over Ks-177 million for monasteries and nunneries, over Ks-3.7 billion for people’s hospitals and rural health centres in various areas and over Ks-177 million for supplement nutritious foods for patients and their associates, and staff from hospitals. Though the value can be judged by money, it is priceless in terms of a health blessing.

As the country is due to hold the general election soon, everyone can choose good parliamentary representatives as they wish. Those capable of serving the national interests should be elected. It should be a right choice in view of the national interests and but it will be a loss to the country if a wrong choice is to be made. With 10 years of experience and consideration, voters will be responsible for what they have chosen so as to get those who are capable of serving the better interest of the country in the post-2020 period. It is necessary to tell about this to covoters. The political parties were told in their meeting about the need to meet the six points in choosing good representatives. It is better to have other good qualification in addition to those characteristics. All honourable officers of medical corps are urged to be able to serve the best national interest.

Honorary gifts presented

The Senior General presented honorary gifts to the military medical doctors who served in farflung areas, and on behalf of the doctors, an officer of the medical corps accepted them.

Invaluable experience

Captain Yan Naing Lin recounted their experience in providing medical treatment. Speaking words of thanks, in providing healthcare in remote areas such as Chin and Naga regions with no access to enough medical care, they achieved greater success because personal items, clothing as well as medicines, medical equipment and other necessary things for the Covid-19 prevention, control and treatment could be provided. In accord with the guidance of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, cooperation was sought with local regiments and units. Moreover, preventive measures as well as education, food, clothing and agricultural and livestock breeding tasks were carried out there. The chance to understanding the needs for health affairs as well as all-round development is an invaluable experience.

Local residents responded with a warm welcome

He said their team comprising 44 members including six M.Med.Sc degree holders, three (postgraduate) diploma holders and 35 M.B.B.S degree holders performed duties for more than two years and four months in 22 remote places including three townships and 19 stations in need of medical doctors from 9 April 2018 to 12 August 2020 by providing healthcare services as well as carrying out social works. The team received a warm welcome from local residents and opportunities to promote the health of local people and to study for enhancement of capacity in medical science. In conclusion, he thanked the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services and responsible officials for complete arrangements for the performance of duties and after returning from the assignment.

Then, attendees are treated to tea. During the tea treat, the Myawady Band of the Directorate of Public Relations and Psychological Warfare provided musical entertainment.

After the ceremony, the Senior General and party cordially greeted military medical doctors from the Directorate of Medical Services who performed duties in remote areas individually.

To promote the health sector of local people in remote and inaccessible places in Sagaing Region, Chin State and Naga Self-Administered Zone, 44 medical doctors each from the Directorate of Medical Services performed their duties jointly for the first time in 2016, for the second time in 2018 and for the third time in 2020 in hospitals that are understaffed.

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