Conveyance ceremony of part-1 of Bhumi Phassa Mudra Sitting Buddha Image by Pyigyimon Yadana decorated float flanked by royal boat entourage launched

Nay Pyi Taw August 28

A conveyance ceremony of the part-1 of Bhumi Phassa Mudra Sitting Buddha Image to be built in Nay Pyi Taw by Pyigyimon Yadana decorated float flanked by royal boat entourage took place near Sagyin Village of Madaya Township in Mandalay Region this afternoon, attended by members of the Sangha led by Chancellor of Sitagu International Buddhist Academies and Sitagu Hospitals Abhidhaja Maha Rattha Guru Abhi-dhaja Agga Maha Saddhammajotika Agga Maha Pandita Maha Dhamma-kathika Bahujana Hitadhara Joint Sangharaja of Shwegyin Gana Sitagu Sayadaw Dr. Bhaddanta Ñanissara, Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw and wife, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and their wives, Commander of Central Command Brig-Gen Ko Ko Oo and guests.

First, the Senior General and con-gregation took the Nine Precepts from Sitagu Sayadaw. Members of the Sangha led by the Sayadaw recited Parittas. The ceremony was opened with three-time recitation of Namo Tassa.

In his address expressing his pleasure for conveyance of the image, the Senior General prayed for mental and physical wellbeing of members of the Sangha and guests with auspiciousness. He noted that preaching showed the Enlightenment of the Lord Buddha in the world benefited all the living beings. Many Buddha images car-ved from marble rocks excavated from Sagyin Hill in Madaya Town-ship help flourish records of the Sasana. As marble rocks have been taken and carved into Buddha images from the monarchial era to date, King Taninganwe in Inwa era built “Lawka Tharaphu Kyauktaw-gyi Buddha Image” in Inwa and “Laykyun Manaung Kyauktawgyi Buddha Image” in Sagaing.

Led by Merchant Minister Maha Minhla Kyawswa in the reign of King Badon, “Naypukhan Buddha Image” called “Taungmingyi Kyau-ktawgyi Buddha Image” was built in the western part of Taungthaman Lake. King Sagaing, son of King Badon, also built “Maha Thakyaran-thi Kyauktawgyi Buddha Image” in the eastern part of Taungthaman Lake. Likewise, King Mindon, who managed the Fifth Buddhist Synod as well as established Yadanabon City and Royal Palace built “Kyauk-tawgyi Buddha Image” flanked by 80 statues of Arhat at the foot of Mandalay Hill on a grand scale.

In the time of the military govern-ment of the State Law and Order Restoration Council, “Lawka Chan-tha Abhdya Labha Muni Buddha Image” was built on Mindhamma Hill in Insein Township of Yangon Region. In the first term of the government in the democracy era, “Kuthinayon Reclining Kyauktawgyi Buddha Image” was built in Ottara-thiri Township of Nay Pyi Taw and “Maha Thakyaranthi Standing Yokshindawmyatgyi” Buddha image in design of Kassapa Buddha at the southern arch of Ananda Temple in Bagan, on Aungmawli Hill in Ottarathiri Hill respectively.

Nine parts including Part-1 of the Bhumi Phassa Mudra Sitting Buddha Image to be conveyed today weighed more than 5,000 tons. U Aung Khaing Than and family of Angelo Mining Company donated such pieces to Shwe Foundation in 2013. According to the request of Shwe Foundation, well-wishers led by himself will contribute to and manage carving of the Buddha image in design of Bhumi Phassa Mudra with 32 great characters and 80 minor characters of the Lord Buddha in accord with the guidance of Sitagu Sayadaw, Shwethuwun Sayadaw and Rector Sayadaw by applying modern techniques, and the throne will be 18 feet high and the image, 63 feet high with Odata and Siri attributes.


Flanked by the celestial being and royal boat entourages including Karaweik decorated float, the Maha Mingala ceremony for conveyance of the main marble rock to be carved into the Bhumi Phassa Mudra Sitting Buddha Image was held at the Sagyin hill in Madaya Township leading to Hsimeekhon Port in Myingyan Township through Myaung River and Ayeyawady River to be curved in the Buddha Garden in Dekkhinathiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory.

At an auspicious time when the weather holds, it will be conveyed from Hsimeekhon to Nay Pyi Taw through TadaU roundabout and Mandalay-Yangon Expressway. The Senior General expressed records of the Buddhism that as only those who were lucky enough could commend and make donations, such a grand ceremony was held and due to the effort to safeguard the nationality and religion, may the State become peaceful and prosperous and free from pandemic diseases. May the Theravada Buddhism propagate and promote. In accord with the noble aim to keep Bhumi Phassa Mudra Sitting Buddha Image, may the work be completed smoothly and successfully.

The Senior General and the congregation together with celestial being and royal entourages ushered the Sitagu Sayadaw to Pyigyimon Yadana decorated float and sprinkled scented water on part-1 of the Buddha image while the Mingala royal boat entourage presented rowing choral dances.

The boatmen chanted the song ‘the sound of rowing’ to launch Pyigyimon decorated float. Mingala Drum troupe played the music of water. Merits were shared with celestial beings. Then, “Pyigyimon Yadana decorated float” set off by receiving homage from the Sitagu Sayadaw, the Senior General and the congregation on the river bank.

The ceremony concluded succe-ssfully with a three-time recitation of Buddha Sasanam Ciram Thitthatu and the congregation performed rituals of golden and silver showers in successful completion of the ceremony.

Part-1 of marble rock for the Buddha image weighs about 970 tons. It will be conveyed by MV Moon Light vessel through Myaung River and Ayeyawady River. It will reach Hsimeekhon Port on 29 August. Parts of the throne for the Buddha image were conveyed to auspicious place near Hsimeekhon Village junction in early July. The remaining parts of the Buddha image will continue to be conve-yed.

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