Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspects anti-narcotic measures, security duty jointly undertaken by Tatmadaw, Myanmar Police Force in area of North-East Command

Nay Pyi Taw  September  17

National cause and national politics mean all the endeavours to improve the country. As antinarcotic measure is to uplift prestige of the State and develop the country, all need to strive for keenly taking anti-narcotic measures. At present, all should fully abide by guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Sports because infection rate of COVID-19 is high. As the Tatmadaw born of the people is part of the people, it must join hands with the people in overcoming any difficulties by sharing the future. And, all should always strive for becoming the Tatmadaw on which the people and the State rely, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing during his tour of inspection to anti-drug measures and security duty being jointly conducted by the Tatmadaw and Myanmar Police Force in North-East Command area at the meeting hall of the command headquarters this morning.

First, the Senior General heard reports by Commander Police Colonel Banyar Oo of Deputy Commander of Shan State  Police Force (Lashio) on seizure of narcotic drugs, chemical precursors and related accessories by the Tatmadaw and Myanmar Police Force in Shan State (North), opening the files of lawsuits for seizures of narcotic drugs, chemicals, arms and ammunition in taking measures on control of the region and rule of law around Lwekham Village, Kaungkha village tract in Kutkai Township, exposing and arresting those related to the cases, destruction of seized narcotic drugs and related accessories, educative talks on danger of narcotic drugs, and future plans to take more anti-narcotic drug measures.

Commander of North-East Command  Maj-Gen  Aung  Zaw  Aye reported on undertakings of local security and prevalence of law and order in the area of the military command, progress of four military building tasks, and drug eradication tasks.
After  hearing  the  reports, the Senior General said the area of Shan State (North) was notorious in narcotic drugs in the past. Although governments in successive eras carried out drug eradication tasks, they could not take effective measures against the issue. Some illegal armed  organizations  participate in drug production and trafficking for their benefits and they rely on proceeds obtained from the narcotic drugs. Due to advancement of technologies, narcotic drugs can be produced even in a small space.

The Senior General stressed the need to keep Shan State (North) to be free from cultivation of poppy and to educate the people. The Senior General urged them to interrupt and block the routes of trafficking raw materials for production of narcotic drugs. Myanmar Police Force is mainly responsible for prevention and combating the narcotic drugs. The Senior General recognized and praised the police members for their efforts in effective combating narcotic drugs in Shan State (North). They were urged to strive for ending the armed conflicts via anti-narcotic measures. The Senior General praised the Tatmadaw and the Myanmar Police Force in their cooperative efforts for effectively combating narcotic drugs and urged them to join hands in taking further measures in the future.

With regard to local security sector, all security troops must have capability and take training. Leaders must control subordinates with good leadership in accord with the 16 characteristics of leadership and fair management system. The Senior General urged them to cast votes for the candidates who will serve the interests of the region and the State in the multi-party elections to be held soon. The Tatmadaw must take security measures for it as much as it can. It is necessary to fulfill the requirements for controlling and preventing the COVID-19 in all aspects with might and main. The Senior General stressed the needs of local security and rule of law in Shan State (North).

At the multiple agriculture and livestock breeding centre of the military command headquarters, the Senior General and party inspected raising of layers in battery cage system. The commander and the breeding in-charge conducted the Senior General and party round the centre. The Senior General gave necessary instructions.

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