Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing graces ceremony to present Tatmadaw gallantry medals and certificates

Nay Pyi Taw January 4

The Myanmar dictionary defines the Myanmar word “swan-er” as “the ability to do things” which refers to physical power, while it defines “swan-yi” as “the qualification to do things” which means intellectual power.  In this regard, at this ceremony, the State honours the persons in recognition of their physical and intellectual powers, their daring spirit to make sacrifices, their camaraderie spirit and their truthful resolution. Pyidaungsu Sithu Thingaha titles conferred on the persons for their brilliant efforts in the interest of the State are: Agga Maha Thray Sithu, Thadoe Maha Thray Sithu, Maha Thray Sithu, Thray Sithu and Sithu titles. The Tatmadaw medals for valour include Aung San Thuriya, Thiha Thura and Thura medals, and the titles for accomplishments include Thiri Pyanchi, Zeya Kyawhtin, Wunna Kyawhtin, Alinga Kyawswa and Theikpan Kyawswa. It is an invaluable prestige for a citizen if he is conferred on with one of the aforesaid titles or medals that will be prefixing his name, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Maha Thray Sithu Min Aung Hlaing at the ceremony to present Tatmadaw gallantry medals and certificates to officers and other ranks and their heirs held at Zeyathiri Beikman here this afternoon.

Present at the ceremony together with the Senior General were Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander-in-Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Thray Sithu Soe Win, the Union Minister for Home Affairs, the Union Minister for Defence and the Union Minister for Border Affairs, the Chief of the General Staff (Army, Navy and Air), the Commander-in-Chief (Navy), the Commander-in-Chief (Air), senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army), and officers, other ranks and heirs who would accept honorary medals and certificates.

In his honorary speech, the Senior General said at this ceremony, Tatmadaw gallantry medals and certificates were conferred on the persons who shouldered the national defence duties for the sake of the nation and the people placing in the fore Our Three Main National Causes, at the risk of their lives and limbs with the invaluable and noble conviction “for the country, for the people and for the Tatmadaw”. He then prayed for the wellbeing of all the honoured guests and an auspicious New Year for them.

The Senior General said the best guarantee for the perpetuation of independence and sovereignty is the possession of a strong defence force that deserves respect. All the global countries set up their own armed forces for national defence. “Sections 337 and 339 of the 2008 Constitution clearly stipulate, “The main armed force for the Defence of the Union is the Defence Services.” “The Defence Services shall lead in safeguarding the Union against all internal and external dangers.” The two provisions are based on the birth of the Tatmadaw, the original mission of the Tatmadaw, and the persons and organizations who played the pivotal role in establishing the Tatmadaw.

As regards the role of the national defence duties, the Senior General said “Tatmadaw members will be dutiful in serving the national defence duty and prove their loyalty to the nation by safeguarding independence and sovereignty of the State and keeping land, water and air territory intact. Likewise, in showing their devotion to the citizens, they must be dutiful in protecting the life and property of the people and the national interest. Such dutiful acts can be found throughout the history of independence. The Tatmadaw’s brilliant accomplishments during the time when secession and separation activities, disturbances and armed insurgency resulting from the colonialist’s divide-and-rule policy put “the young country in a violent storm” also proved its dutifulness for the country. The Tatmadaw has been taking part in the nation-building and State-building tasks as a national duty while safeguarding independence and sovereignty of the State throughout history from the time the country regained independence till now. The Senior General reiterated that the Tatmadaw will never betray the national cause.”

The Tatmadaw has served its duties in national politics with supreme sacrifice. Tatmadaw members showed supreme capacity and bravery. The State awards honorary titles and medals to those who steadfastly participated in nation-building task, foreign leaders, diplomats and persons who strove for strengthening cooperation and amity with the State, those who tried to protect nationalism at risk of their lives, those who put their energetic efforts into building a modern and developed country, those who made innovations of global standard in art and science or any other branch and those who served brave duties to bravely safeguard independence and national sovereignty.

Tatmadaw members have joined the Tatmadaw as volunteers without importunity from others. Basically, they have already instilled themselves into the spirit of public welfare and interest and sacrifice. With such instincts, those who were able to show their performance and bravery are heroes for the State and the Tatmadaw. Praising and honouring gallant soldiers not only invigorate heroism and nationalism but also contribute to emphasizing national defence. This is why the State awards brave and heroic soldiers every year, the Senior General said.

This morning, the President awarded Thiha Thura title to one person, Thura title to three and Zeya Kyawhtin title to 11. At this ceremony, gallantry medals would go to nine persons and honorary certificate of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services to one. Fifty-six gallantry certificate winners and 103 honorary certificate of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services winners will be awarded at respective commands by their commanders.

The Senior General said in shouldering national defence duties, Tatmadaw members were dedicated and will still be dedicated to their national duties by holding up Our Three Main National Causes. So they are urged to always try to become those the State and the Tatmadaw can rely on without losing sight of shouldering national duties with sacrifice.

Next, the Senior General presented gallantry medals to two Colonels, three Captains, one Sergeant, one Corporal and two Lance Corporals and honorary certificate of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services to one Captain.

The Senior General and party posed for documentary photos together with the officers and other ranks who received gallantry titles and medals, and heirs.

Then, the Senior General and party cordially greeted the Tatmadaw members and heirs who received honorary titles awarded by the President this morning and the winners of gallantry medals and certificates at the current ceremony.

Till January 2020, there were six Aung San Thuriya title recipients, 50 Thiha Thura title recipients, 545 Thura title recipients, six Thiha Bala title recipients, 3,871 gallantry medalists, 3,284 gallantry certificates of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services and 1,826 honorary certificates of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services.

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