Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officers, other ranks, families of Magway Station

Nay Pyi Taw April 4

The Tatmadaw declared the State of Emergency for the country in accord with provisions of the 2008 Constitution as of 1 February 2021 and is temporarily taking the State duty due to duty assignment of the acting President. The State Administration Council was formed for all round development of the country in political, social, economic and processes, said Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing in meeting with officers,other ranks and families of Magway Station this morning.

Also present at the meeting were Council member Lt-Gen Moe Myint Tun, Joint Secretary of the Council Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, Commanderin- Chief (Navy) Admiral Moe Aung, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in- Chief and Commander of Central Command Brig-Gen Ko Ko Oo.

In his address, the Senior General said the Tatmadaw has taken responsibility of the State for more than two months due to emergence of events. Before these events, the Senior General said he visited various stations and explained occurrences in the country. Development of a country is based on peace and tranquillity in political and security trends. To have political peace and tranquillity, the system of multiparty democracy must be exercised in a correct manner. In democracy, people’s representatives are elected by the people, so correct undertakings will have good results. If not, number of oppositions will increase. Hence, politics must be fair and honest.

In reviewing the pre-election period, doubts about expression of parties in canvassing could be found unfair. Declarations of party policies in canvassing were placed under censorship. Various orders were issued with reason of COVID-19.

So, the Senior General recounted he talked about holding of a free and fair election during his visits.

Emphasis was placed on holding a free and fair election.

U Thein Sein government ruling the country in the first five-year term of democracy government secured appropriate successes but faced challenges. The government joining hands with the Tatmadaw strived for restoring internal peace and signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA within four years.

The new government which emerged in 2015 could not show endeavours the people inspired and it was found the government carried out the tasks not in conformity with the law.

So, the people were disappointed with voting and some people incited no-vote movement. In democracy, those who do not cast votes will face loss. So, the Senior General always urged all to cast votes in various regions he visited and elect those who can serve the region and the State, who understand the law and who can government the regions with goodwill. After the election, doubtful results came out.

In inspection process, more than 10 million of doubtful voting frauds were found. Although requests were raised to address the voting frauds for many times, it was not solved.

In addition, attempts were made to grasp the State power in an incorrect way. So, the country was declared as the State of Emergency, and the Tatmadaw temporarily took the State responsibilities due to duty assignment of the acting President and formed the State Administration Council. It was unacceptable that gigantic voting error is making fun of democracy and assaulting democracy. Currently, the newlyformed Union Election Commission is inspecting voting lists of each township in detail. Upon completion, the combined voting lists will be released. Moreover, as bribery cases were found, investigation is going on.

The State Administration Council is implementing five future programmes and nine objectives for all round development of political, economic and social sectors. State defence is main duty of the Tatmadaw, and efforts must be made for shaping the powerful, capable Tatmadaw.

As individual acts and behaviors need to uplift prestige of the Tatmadaw, emphasis must be placed on capacity enhancement of individuals. Moreover, not only themselves but also families are to take physical exercises and reading for ensuring health and fitness as well as education promotion.

The Tatmadaw, being a discipline and obedience organization, must have fair administration at different levels and knowledge about social and administrative ways with leadership skill.

After the meeting, the Senior General presented foodstuffs to an official.

Then, the Senior General and party cordially greeted officers, other ranks and families from various stations at the meeting.

Likewise, Council member General Maung Maung Kyaw met officers, other ranks and families of local airbase in Magway Station and explained current political changes, situation of the Tatmadaw for forming the State Administration Council after taking State responsibilities in accord with the 2008 constitution to improve the country in all aspects, and ongoing process.

The General presented foodstuffs to the commander of the airbase.

Union Minister for Education Dr Nyunt Pe who accompanied the Senior General met education staff at No 1 Basic Education High School in Magway and discussed grievances of students and parents as well as the country in closure of schools in outbreak of COVID-19, arrangements to reopen schools in the future, systematic keeping of teaching aid and demanding of necessary equipment, conducting lectures on capacity enhancement to teachers, invitation of reports for using solar system for the assigned villages where electricity and water cannot consume, and fulfillment of local people’s needs.

Likewise, Union Minister for Health and Sports Dr Thet Khaing Win cordially met with staff from Medical Services Department and Public Health Department in Magway Region and those from People’s General Hospital and instructed them to fully provide health care services to the local people. He viewed health progress of local patients and comforted them. The Union Minister also viewed round newly-built hospital.

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