New Year Message for Myanmar Year 1383 sent by Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing

Thingyan, which is a transition from an old year to a new year, is the most notable and solemn traditional festivals of Myanmar citizens.

At this moment of saying farewell to the old year and ushering into the New Year, I pray for all the brethren of Union to enjoy health and happiness and the auspicious days and to be free from Covid-19 pandemic. I also wish all your wishes come true.

During the previous year, we saw the challenges and hardships triggered by Covid-19 pandemic and the formation of the State Administration Council (SAC) by the Tatmadaw as per the delegation of the responsibilities of the State made in accord with the emergency provisions of the 2008 Constitution due to massive vote rigging generated willfully during the multiparty general election held on 8 November 2020 and an unusual situation.

The SAC is now trying to restore peace and stability and generate socio-economic development, which are the two aspirations of the people, in shouldering the duties of the State. It also promises utmost efforts to fulfill the wishes of the people.

Not only the government but also the collective involvement of other pillars, political parties and the people is required in carrying out this task. The most important thing is that all should work with wider outlook and wisdom in generating national peace and stability and progress towards a gentle transition.

SAC will join hands with all the national brethren and exert utmost efforts for ensuring a peaceful and stable socio-economic life, unity and development for the State and the people.

Efforts and consideration must be made on a national scale in carrying out the task of rebuilding the national economy. Chiefly, we must repair the existing important economic institutions and build the new ones to strengthen the whole economic infrastructure.

The government is constantly monitoring and conducting Covid-19 prevention and treatment undertakings for the public and it now has a three-stage priority program for giving the vaccine, produced in India, China and Russia, for over 15 million people in five groups.

Till now, 3.5 million doses have already been arrived in the country and 28 million more will arrive soon. Priority will be given to the people in preventing and containing the virus. People will be able to work or learn only if they are healthy. We will be able to shape our better future only if we are healthy.

As for the success of the peace process, the Tatmadaw stays away from any acts that may hinder peace. Hence, all the organizations and persons, who are the stakeholders of the peace process, should join hands for peace and tranquility of the Union, socio-economic progress, and installing a correct democracy system to reach this end. Only the eternal peace can bring national development.

In this auspicious Myanmar Year 1383, we all must address the weakness and promote the strengths of the previous year in serving the interest of the country and its citizens.

I send this New Year message urging all the brethren of the Union to join us in collectively serving the interest of the Union happily and vigorously. I wish you all health and happiness.


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