Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers address at meeting 6/2021 of Management Committee of SAC

Nay Pyi Taw May 6

The Management Committee of the State Administration Council held meeting 6/2021 at the meeting hall of the SAC Chairman’s Office, here, this afternoon, with an address delivered by Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

Present at the meeting were Union Ministers General Mya Tun Oo, Lt-Gen Soe Htut, U Wunna Maung Lwin, Lt-Gen Tun Tun Naung, U Win Shein, U Aung Naing Oo, U Ko Ko Hlaing, U Chit Naing, U Tin Htut Oo, Admiral Tin Aung San, U Khin Maung Yi, U Aung Than Oo, U Myint Kyaing, Dr Pwint Hsan, Dr Nyunt Pe, Dr Thet Khaing Win, U Shwe Lay, Dr Thet Thet Khaing, U Maung Maung Ohn and U Saw Tun Aung Myint and the Union Attorney-General Dr Daw Thida Oo.

In his address, the Senior General discussed the reopening of schools and said universities which were closed for over a year, have been reopened since 5 this month. Although the COVID-19 infection rate is high in some neighbouring countries it is low in Myanmar. So, the universities are conducting courses in accord with the COVID-19 prevention and containment rules. Students, parents and the State are facing loses due to the closure of schools. So, SAC has made arrangements for the soonest reopening of schools. National development calls for educated persons. So, the education sector is being encouraged. But, skilled teachers are required to produce intellectuals. Sadly, there are now threats from some persons to scare away students from schools. Such negative acts amount to destroying the nation. Those who are just playing politics do not want to see increase in the number of educated persons as they are giving trouble to the people through mindless acts. The current academic undertakings are being carried out in accord with the national education policies adopted by the previous governments. All-inclusive involvement is required for the convenience of students in pursuing education. The role of students, teachers, parents and administrative bodies is important for the improvement of education system. SAC is striving for the smooth flow of the education sector.

He said all must be skilled in the required technical knowledge of the age of information technology. They should also have knowledge of law and economics useful in the social field. In addition, arts subjects are much supportive for the management knowledge. Although universities are producing subject-wise experts, not all the students can become professionals. Of the subjects taught at the universities, law and economic subjects are much useful in the practical field. Hence, arrangements are being made for students of regions and states to have the legal and economic knowledge.

As some 70 percent population of the country residing in rural area are engaged in agriculture and livestock tasks, it is necessary to enhance agriculture and livestock breeding tasks. They should try to have knowledge about agriculture and livestock techniques to develop these businesses. Hence, the education system will contribute much to development of the country. The education system must be realized to provide training to them for having the skillfulness in respective subjects to be applied directly. Qualified youths must be settled in the right places.

Regarding the land management, there are many projects such as State-owned projects, joint venture projects in mutual cooperation with the State and the private-owned projects. It is necessary to scrutinize the some land plots which are not applied for the projects not to cause loss to the State. Relevant departments need to supervise the land users to do their projects in line with the agreements from the contracts. The Senioir General stressed the need to avoid the acts of using the farmlands on other ways as much as possible. It is necessary to deeply consider the land policy. As the area of deforestation is larger and larger to cause the climate change, it is necessary to prevent the deforestation. The Senior General stressed the need to choose the saplings suitable for the regions with proper nursery period for cultivation to have thriving. All the saplings must be grown to thrive for greening all the forests. Mangrove forests must be conserved and regrown at the beach areas where the natural disasters may fall. All should strive for thriving of trees while supervising cutting of trees. Firewood plantations must be grown in townships and villages for use of firewood. It is necessary to implement the solar power generation projects of renewable energy for electrifying the areas without electricity. Enhance ment of living standard depends on electrification which can narrow the gap between the urban and rural areas. So, they should consider the plan for the people to cut their costs in consuming the electricity.

With respect to spending the finance, the Senior General stressed the need to efficiently spend the money on regional development tasks and departmental projects and to report back the expenditures. As closure of factories brings loss to the State, arrangements must be made for reoperation of the factories. All the people need to take pride of using necessary quality foodstuffs and personal goods produced at home. It is necessary to protect domestic productions and make arrangements for local producers not to face loss. Encouragement must be given to successfully operate local businesses and they have to consider putting of investments.

Regarding export sector, the country with its reliance on agriculture and livestock breeding must seek ways to boost export of agricultural and livestock products. Moreover, local products must be manufactured for export purposes. Agricultural undertakings require good strains, fertile soil, good cultivation methods and enough irrigation water. For cultivable land, standard fertilizers, pesticides with less chemicals like one made from neem tree and farm machinery and equipment must be domestically manufactured in adequate amount. Likewise, relevant committees need to do research on production of quality species and animal food for livestock breeding. National economic will improve only through such efforts and so such measures need to be emphasized.

Talking about sports, the Senior General said Myanmar’s sport sector is declining so encouragement is required. It is necessary to encourage the athletes to develop their sporting skills and improve stadiums, gymnasiums and sport techniques. Moreover, fitness coaches and technical coaches must train their athletes for their health and fitness. Sports training must undergo systematically from the very basis. Modern sport stadiums, gymnasiums and swimming pools will be built in various regions and states while encouragement will be given for making Myanmar’s sport sector great again. Ministries also need to hold inter-departmental and ministerial sports activities. Encouragement will be given to raising sport standards of Myanmar in coming SEA games. It is necessary to create walking areas in cities for the public members to be able to do physical exercise peacefully and conveniently.

As regards security, riots broke out after 3 February. But now, the situation has returned to normal. Due to threats over teachers and healthcare staff and threats by some department officials over subordinates though they are not overtly participating in the CDM, action is necessary to dismiss them. Effective legal action must be taken against those burning and blowing off schools, offices and other buildings. Those committing subversive acts are indeed destroyers of the country. As they are ignorant with little knowledge, united strength is necessary to defend against them, the Senior General said.

Later, the union ministers attending the meeting made reports on their respective sectors.

Then, the Senior General said that cineastes in the international community do not engage in politics and measures are being taken against them. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper action against them. Some media are broadcasting and publishing untrue stories one-sidedly. The Ministry of Information is required to enact necessary laws in consultation with the Office of the Union Attorney-General. Art should be for the sake of the nation and should not be for the sake of a particular political ideology or an individual. Therefore, it is important for the media council to take the correct path without being influenced by a political ideology. Moreover, it is essential to preserve the national cultural characteristics.

In the economic sector, it is learnt that those who engage in the trade of agricultural products suffer losses in border trade. It is necessary to solve such problems and measures must be taken to get reasonable prices for agricultural products. The Ministry of Commerce is required to take measures to adopt the G-to-G system firmly and to export finished agricultural products by building processing facilities. It is necessary to promote such industries and to supply raw materials for such industries to run without interruption. Can farmers get good prices for their agricultural products only when measures are taken for successful operation of such industries while the market is guaranteed for them and economic growth of the country is maintained without losing earnings.

In the education sector, it is necessary for teachers to carry out their responsibilities as they are civil servants who are responsible for teaching students in the same manner as other departmental personnel. If they try to undermine the administrative mechanism of the state, effective action must be taken against them. Measures are being taken to offer remunerations that are compatible with their status to education staff in the similar way as they are offered to healthcare staff. Educational degrees that staff have received will be taken into consideration.

It is also necessary for the staff to be qualified for their degrees. For the training of civil servants, they are required to attend training courses in the central institutes of civil services in Phaunggyi and Zeebingyi depending on their ranks.

Those who have not attended the courses are required to attend the courses compatible with their ranks.

The central institutes of civil service are training schools that train civil servants to be good ones who observe the same rules. It is necessary to hold negotiations with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and Sports to reopen the training courses.

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