State Administration Council Chairman Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets members of Mandalay Region Administration Council, departmental staff

Nay Pyi Taw May 17

Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing this afternoon met members of Mandalay Region Administration Council and departmental personnel at the office of Mandalay Region Administration Council.

Also present at the meeting together with the Senior General were Council member Lt-Gen Moe Myint Tun, Union Ministers U Aung Naing Oo, Dr Nyunt Pe, Dr Thet Khaing Win and U Maung Maung Ohn, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Moe Aung, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, Chairman of Mandalay Region Administration Council U Maung Ko, Commander of Central Command Maj-Gen Ko Ko Oo, Mandalay City Development Committee Mayor U Kyaw Hsan, Region Council members and departmental staff.

First, the chairman and party of Mandalay Region Administration Council welcomed the Senior General and party. At the meeting hall, Mandalay Region Administration Council Chairman U Maung Ko reported to the Senior General on social and economic affairs, health and regional development tasks undertaken in Mandalay Region, progress of COVID-19 vaccination, and general matters.

Chairman of Mandalay City Development Committee Mayor U Kyaw Hsan reported on undertakings of development tasks, electrification, water supply and future tasks. Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General recognized that Mandalay City gains all-round development after having progress since last 10 years. Public participant is of importance in undertaking municipal tasks for sanitation and beautifying of the city.

Individual conscience to participation of the people in the development tasks will contribute to keeping the city neat and tidy.

As drainage system is weak across the nation, flooding and inundation can be seen. So, it is necessary to seek the ways to quickly repair such point. The Senior General stressed the need to systematically calculate the volume and inflow of water and area of the drains for the water to ensure proper flow of water and not to block the drains. The Senior General urged officials to perform the dredging of drains in proper sizes suitable for smooth flow of large volume water.

With regard to the underground water supply, the Senior General urged officials not to tap the underground water as much as possible and pump the water from Ayeyawady and Myitnge rivers for consumption. Electricity which will need in implementing the river water pumping projects must be applied through the solar system. As Mandalay Region faces 68 percent of rice sufficiency, local people buy rice outside the city. To have 40 percent of rice sufficiency based on purchase of rice outside the city, paddy must be cultivated with increasing per-acre yield and cultivation of summe paddy. If river water pumping stations supply agricultural water and drinking water, it will contribute to regional development and more improvement of social economic status.

Moreover, the Senior General said that it is necessary to consider setting the ways between the yellow lines and pavements for motorcycles in expanding the local roads.

If sown acreage is extended for increasing per-acre yield, a large area of cultivable lands must be used. So, it is necessary to disseminate the agricultural knowledge of the ways to increase the per-acre yield to the local farmers. Only when domestic products are produced, will local people be wealthy of money. And then, regions and states as well as the country will be prosperous.

The Senior General noted that development of a country is based on sufficiency of electricity, betterment of transport, communications, health and education systems as well as human resources. Encouragement must be given for turning out the very important educated generations to have the good human resources. According to the interim census of Myanmar in 2019, the country had 8.1 percent of the children above five years old who never learned education. So, the literacy campaigns must be drawn to solve the education problems for teaching 3-Rs education to them. Currently, the State Administration Council is striving for reopening of basic education schools while some groups of unscrupulous persons are committing the disturbance not to reopen the schools through wats and means. All needs to solve the losses caused by brainless persons without focusing on the interests of the State and these losses were not based on natural disasters. Participations of education staff as well as administrative bodies will ease tensions of students in learning. If the education sector lagged behind the development, it will cause much loss to the State in the long run.

Education staff are responsible for teaching their students. Although some items may not be conformed with own wishes, public service personnel needs to have the separate knowledge about their duties and own feelings. Although all democratic countries across the world face the anti-government moves, those campaigners do not harm the economy, education, health and development tasks. Setting fire to factories and markets, exploding State administrative offices and blocking transport routes in various ways and means can be seen in Myanmar. So, all are concerned about these acts.

The Senior General said seventy percent of population of the country is residing in the rural area, mainly engaging in agriculture and livestock farms. It is necessary to establish agriculture and livestock institutes, colleges and universities in the long term plan. The Senior General stressed the need to emphasize betterment of soil, water, technologies and quality strains for having success in the agricultural sector and distribute the modern agricultural techniques to farmers. The livestock sector needs to have a high yield, healthy and clean livestock farming system.

The Tatmadaw took over the State duty handed over by the Acting President in accord with the 2008 Constitution as officials concerned did not address the problems of voting frauds in the 2020 multi-party general election and the attempts to forcefully grasp the State power. Then, the State Administration Council was formed with adopting the fivepoint Road Map and nine objectives for undertaking the sectorwise development of the country. The Tatmadaw is temporarily taking responsibilities for the State. During the period, efforts will be made for shaping the nation to be the best as much as possible.

The Council will strive for improvement of the sports sectors of the country. A plan is underway to forge the nationalistic spirit through the success in the sports. As such, the Senior General instructed officials to build the stadiums comprising 400 metres tracks in regions and states as well as townships.

After the meeting, the Senior General pledged to inspect the stadiums and gymnasiums in Mandalay for fulfilling the requirements.

The Senior General stressed the need for service personnel to work as good service personnel. All need to participate in controlling the all measures. Local administrative bodies need to culture the spirit for development of the nation as good personnel.

After the meeting, the Senior General and party cordially greeted members of the Region Administration Council and departmental staff.

Then, the Senior General and party inspected Bahtoo Stadium in Chanayethazan Township and instructed officials to upgrade the stadium.

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