Military University of the Defence Ministry of Russia confers honorary professor on Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing


A ceremony to confer the honorary professor on Chair-man of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing who attended the 9th Moscow Conference on International Sec-urity-2021 (MCIS-2021) took place at the Military University of the Defence Ministry of the Russian Federation on 23 June evening.

On arrival at the university,the Senior General and party were welcomed by the commanding officer and officials of the university. The commanding officer introduced the in-structors from the university to
the Senior General. The Senior General and party visited the library of the university where officials conducted them round the library.

Commanding Officer Lieutenant General Igor Mishutkin of the university explained the conferring of the honorary professor on the Senior General for his performance to cement relations between two armed forces of both countries, cooperation in improvement of military technologies, and sending the trainees to Russia for further strengthening friendly relations between the two armed forces and the two govern-ments of both countries according to the decision of the boards from the university. Next, the Commanding Officer presented the academic gown, the graduation cap, medal and certificate of degree and certificate of honour for the Honorary Professor of the Russian Mlitary University of the Defence Ministry to the Senior General. Moreover, the Senior General was decorated with a brooch to mark the centennial celebration of the university. Meanwhile, the Guard of Honour of the university played the national anthems of both countries.

The Senior General express-ed his thanks to the university for conferring the honorary professor on him. He took pride of receiving the honorary professor conferred by the university which has been in fine tradition of the Russian Federation. In line with the prestige of the honorary professor, the Senior General pledged to strive for issues of the Russia-Myanmar military cooperation, serving the interests of military civilian social organizations of both countries and improvement of culture, military technology and science measures for further strengthening the relations in all arenas as much as he can.

Next, outstanding award-winning officers who graduated from the Myanmar Tatma-daw’s Defence Services Academy, Defence Services Techno-logical Academy, Defence Services Medical Academy, De-fence Services (Army) Officers Training School (Bahtoo) and Defence Services (Army) Offic-ers Training School (Hmawby) and Defence Services Nursing and Paramedical Sciences were introduced. Later, the commanding officer extended greetings.

The Senior General and party visited the university museum and signed the visitors’ book. Next, they viewed round the booth of storing gifts given to the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation by various countries. Both sides exchanged emblems and gifts.

The Military University of Defence Ministry opened in Moscow is one of the ancient universities in Russia. It was established as a training school on 5 November 1919 and upgraded to a military college on 20 July 1974. The institution was changed as the Military Uni-versity on 20 July 1994 to con-duct the subjects on leadership, sciences, economics and legal affairs in respective academic years. Moreover, the university is combined with the Vladimir Lenin Military-Political Academy, the Military Institute of Foreign Languages, the Military Law Academy, the Military Financial Academy, the Lviv Higher Military-Political School and the Moscow Military Conservatory. The cadets graduated from the university are serving at respective corps of the Russian Armed Forces.

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