SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspects maintenance of National Kandawgyi Garden, Pwekauk Waterfall

NAY PYI TAW December 2

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by Council Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, Union Ministers U Hla Moe and U Khin Maung Yi, senior military officers from the Office of the Commanderin-Chief, Commander of Central Command Maj-Gen Ko Ko Oo and party, this afternoon inspected maintenance of the National Kandawgyi Garden in PyinOoLwin.

At the briefing hall, officials reported on facts and figures on the garden, lesser water sources at the lakes for deforestation in the garden, lack of water at natural springs, high temperature, lesser inflow of water at inlet channels and other matters which called dryness in the lakes of the garden, inspection of water inlet channels, swamps and underground drains in the garden in accord with the guidance of the Senior General on his inspection tour in 2021 for ensuring proper flow of water into the lakes in the garden, maintenance of the garden by workers and arrangements to hold the 15th flower festival.

In his response to the reports, the Senior General said as the National Kandawgyi Garden is beautiful with water and flowery plants, it is called the Kandawgyi Garden. The lifeblood of the garden is lakes. Only when lakes must be prepared with beautifying works and storing water in the lakes can visitors be attracted. The Senior General stressed the need to coordinate measures on inflow of water and storage between local authorities and relevant ministries.

The Senior General noted that lakes can be identified as manmade lakes and natural ones. Lakes in the garden can be inclusive of both types. As PyinOoLwin is identified as hill resort, cherry city and flowery city, it is necessary to grow domestic species of flowery plants in the garden. As the garden maintains flowery plants all the year round, these flowers will attract travellers for giving pleasure. Flowers make human fresh and the water surface of the lake bringing cold and breeze water can give pleasure to the travellers. The Senior General instructed officials to carry out greening of the Kandawgyi Garden and ensure proper flow of water into the lakes.

The Senior General and party viewed round the National Kandawgyi Garden by car and inspected progress of the spillway at the Kandawlay Lake.

As lesser volume of water flowed into lakes in the National Kandawgyi Garden in previous years, the Senior General on his inspection tour of PyinOoLwin in September and December 2021 and April 2022 gave guidance on proper flow of water into the lakes in the garden and watershed area and inspected natural springs including Nyaungni spring. As such, the Kandawgyi Lake stores 31 feet and eight inches deep of water level this year compared to 16 feet deep of water last year. No 1 lake stores 6.5 feet deep of water against 6 feet deep of storage capacity, No 2 lake seven feet meeting the target and No 3 lake 8.8 feet deep of water against 11 feet deep of water, and water resource maintenance is being carried out.

On the morning of 1 December, the Senior General visited the Pwekauk waterfall resort (BE Fall).

Chairman of Myanmar Economic Corporation Lt-Gen Nyo Saw reported on the brief history of the BE Fall, progress of works, public relaxation, preparations to expand the jungle walkway, and construction of sky cable. The Senior General stressed the need to beautify the fall for public relaxation and clean the walkway in the jungle.

The Senior General cordially greeted the people who took relaxation at Pwekauk Waterfall Resort (BE Fall) after inspecting progress of Sky Cable.

After enjoying the elephant clever show and fed them. Next, the Senior General inspected the jungle walkway for travellers to enjoy natural beauties of the jungle and the site for sky cable landing area.

Pwekauk Waterfall was not set in systematic layout plan. There were many shops and undisciplined littering and cutting trees cause environmental degradation. In accord with the guidance of the Senior General on his inspection tour, the waterfall was upgraded. Water from the fall uses the natural water treatment system for the people to take healthy relaxation. The resort is formed with three inner waterfalls and the world class LED glass bridge was built there to view the scenes under the bridge.

As it is flowery city as well as tourism city, various species of flowery plants is grown and flower festivals are held yearly. The area is facilitated with the glass bridge, suspension bridge, lod house, coffee shop, jungle walkways, relaxation centres and playgrounds. At present, a 554 metres long sky cable is under construction to commission it into service soon.

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