Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets personnel of Locomotive Factory (Insein), Myanma Railways

NAY PYI TAW December 21

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met personnel of Locomotive Factory (Insein), Myanma Railways, in Insein Township, Yangon Region, this morning and delivered a speech to them.

Also present at the meeting were Joint Secretary of State Administration Council Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, union ministers, the Chief Minister of Yangon Region, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, the Commander of Yangon Command, the Yagon Mayor and officials and officers of Myanma Railways and personnel of Locomotive Factory (Insein).

Firstly, the Senior General delivered a speech at the meeting. In his speech, he said tasks to encourage enterprises that will promote and assist economic development of the nation are being taken when responsibilities of the State are being taken according to the situations that happened in the nation. Therefore, he has inspected enterprises, held discussions and given suggestions so that the enterprises could be operated well.

The main need for development of the nation is to ensure stability and peace politically and achieve economic development

Political driving force, economic driving force and defence capabilities are necessary for development of a nation. No matter what political system is exercised, the nation will become developed if there is unity politically. Only if there is a strong economic driving force, will prosperity be achieved. It will be seen that world countries with strong economic driving forces are influential in the world as well as the countries having strong defence capabilities. A nation has a right to independently manage its sovereignty.

Our nation already has good water, land and natural resources. However, various political systems were exercised in the nation in successive eras after regaining the independence, and due to various reasons, efforts cannot be made to achieve economic development. There were trade deficits as economic sanctions were experienced in successive eras. Decline trade causes economic recessions and in 1988, there were political instabilities and disturbances in the country. Therefore, the Tatmadaw took responsibilities of the State and could enact the 2008 Constitution through a national referendum to put the nation on the course of exercising multi-party democracy to be able to exercise the multi-party democracy system that the entire people wanted.

The 2008 Constitution provides equal rights for all national races and federal rights as well.

Peace talks are being held with EAOs to ensure domestic peace. In doing so, regarding the wishes of EAOs, the Tatmadaw will do things that could be done under the Constitution. Some matters will be approved and decided through a vote in the Hluttaw. When meeting with leaders of ethnic peoples and political leaders, the Tatmadaw already expressed its agreement with some possible ones of the matters on amending the Constitution. As political stability and economic development is the main thing needed for ensuring development of the nation, I have talked about the history that the nation passed through.

Rail transport plays a key role in economic driving force of the nation

Every nation in the world is always endeavoring for economic development. Only if our nation makes efforts without stopping, will development be achieved. Only if there is economic development of the nation, will the people enjoy good income and the nation be developed. If the economic driving force is strong, political and defence driving forces will become strong.

In making efforts for economic development, it is necessary to possess rich human resources, investment capital, on ground and under-ground natural resources, electricity, and good transport and communication systems. If transport and communication systems are good within the country, the flow of commodities will be speedy, and that will be of much help to the development of the nation. Transport system has road, water and air transports. As rail transport is cheap to deliver goods, it is the most profitable transport system. Therefore, it is seen that rail transport plays a key role in the nation’s economic driving force. Efforts are being made to improve the rail transport system so that it will be better in speedy transportation. It is necessary to constantly carry out tasks to upgrade and maintain rail lines. Similarly, it is necessary to do maintenance works in order that locomotives and passenger and cargo coaches will always be good.

As the Myanma Railways is a key organization for the development of the country, I would like to note that the work of railway employees is important.

In order to speed up the flow of goods and for people to be able to travel at low prices, all railway networks must be able to run trains. As the responsibility of the Locomotive Factory (Insein), manufacturing and assembling locomotives, which are the main part of the entire train. It was found that diesel electric locomotives are mainly manufactured and installed, and Myanmar’s railway sector will develop only if the locomotives are in good conditions. Currently, various countries in the world are experiencing fuel price increases; In order to reduce the need to import fuel, we need to be able to change the use of electric energy-powered transport vehicles in transportation activities. There are many opportunities to run electric trains in their country. However,the conditions to extract electricity from natural resources in the country have not been successful due to various reasons. For the development of the country, the country’s existing natural resources must be used effectively and I want them to think about the political competition and objections to the implementation of projects that will be beneficial to the country due to provocation.

In order to distinguish between right and wrong, many educated human resources need to present in our country. At present, efforts are being made to produce and use sufficient electricity. Therefore, it is necessary to make preparations for the use of electric locomotives. In order to be able to do that, the economy must be good to get the necessary funds. Therefore, in order to develop the economy, the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) are being encouraged.

The locomotive factory (Insein) was built more than 100 years ago. As a railway locomotive factory, it has been able to produce railway locomotives since ancient times. It has been about 150 years since trains started to be used in the country, so it has a lot of experience.

Using these experiences, we need to be able to produce the locomotives in the country.

Through this, we need to be able to produce the locomotives that use electricity. We want it to make efforts to improve railway locomotive technology by using its existing capabilities. In order to improve the knowledge and skills, the workers need to constantly search and read. The workers also need to exchange experiences within the workplace.

Similarly, for good health, the workers need to live with care. The workers can work if only they are in good health and educate. We want the workers as much as possible to avoid drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and chewing betel quid that can harm their health and use the money wisely that will be spent on useless drinks. Similarly, there is a need to live and eat according to the climate. Regarding the service, the Senior General said that he wants them to fulfill their responsibilities and make efforts to improve their lives and asked about the needs of the employees of the locomotive factory (Insein).

After that, the Senior General gave food to the factory workers, which was received by the Managing Director of Myanma Railways, Thura U Aung MyoMyint. After the meeting, the Senior General and the members greeted the railway employees who are attended.

After that, the Senior General and members went around and inspected the conditions of manufacturing and maintaining railway locomotives and producing of locomotive spare parts and the officials explained about them.

Then, the Senior General and members watched the test run of a steam locomotive that had been converted into a coal-burning steam locomotive.

After that, the Senior General and members had lunch together with the employees of the Locomotive Factory (Insein).

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