Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing discusses regional development with local elders from Bagan ancient cultural region

NAY PYI TAW August 27

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by members of the entourage, the chief ministers of Mandalay Region and Magway Region, the Central Command commander, and officials, cordially met local elders from Bagan ancient cultural region, NyaungU District, Mandalay Region, and departmental officials of NyaungU, Pakokku, Myingyan, Minbu and Magway districts, at Bagan Archaeological Museum in the zone this morning and discussed regional development.

Restoration of original architectural works as necessary in modern times The Senior General said the SAC is developing the country in accord with the adopted Roadmap and objectives. The meeting was to identify and fulfill the needs of the Bagan-NyaungU area during the inspection of the renovation of the pagodas in the region. Local elders should frankly hold talks on regional development.

Bagan-NyaungU area needs extra progress as it is a destination for a large number of local and foreign visitors. Ongoing programs must be conducted to promote education, economic, health and transport sectors and the rule of law. The area needs adequate water supply for greening activities, and further innovative means must be applied to attract more visitors.

Modern technology must be used in restoring the archaeological value of the pagodas.

The government is weighing the pros and cons of granting the permission to behold the beauty of the ancient cultural region and its pagodas from the upper terrace of Htilo Minlo Pagoda again in a limited number and time.

Success of farming activities and generation of qualified human resources Farming is a business related to every person in Myanmar, which is an agro-based country.

Farming industry produces food and generates income.

Systematization of the industry will generate more benefits.

Districts now have farming technological high schools that are producing human resources required for the industry’s modernization. A plan to open farming technological institutes is underway, and the establishment of universities for this field is the ultimate goal. It is also a practical program for human resources development.

As the government is implementing education promotion programs, officials should strive to develop the industry and to increase the number of educated persons in the area.

As ours is a democracy, people should have broader legal knowledge. In this regard, law courses are conducted at the universities. Additionally economics is also a compulsory subject at the institutions of higher learning as socio-economic development calls for economic outlook. The government is laying firm foundations for the country.

Mandalay and Magway regions have water resources for farming activities. The two should effectively harness rivers for the farming business.

Officials should ensure peace and stability in the regions through systematic supervision.

Local elders can openly present the basic needs for socioeconomic development in the area and the sectors that need government assistance.

Discussions for regional development Local elders reported on government support for restoration of pagodas and development of the archaeological zone, further development of the transport and communication facilities, electricity supply and reinforcement of health staff in Bagan area, extension of school buildings, and extension of NyaungU airport to handle international flights to attract more visitors. The district officials also presented requirements for regional development and ongoing development plans.

Instructions given regarding reports Regarding the reports, the Senior General said due to the sanctions with various political reasons to have no foreign traveller to the country, there are less foreign visitors’ arrivals in the country. The country still needs to give services like other countries’. It is necessary for locals to ensure convenience in accommodation, meals and transport for domestic and foreign pilgrims to the country.

In doing so, it is necessary to seek new businesses with their own ideas rather than copying others’ already successful businesses. As the Bagan region has small rainy days, solar powered energy is to be generated as much as possible to meet the electricity demand in the region. As the Bagan-NyaungU Airport is located within the ancient cultural region, it could be difficult for the oversea passenger aircraft to land. Therefore, for long-term convenience, arrangements are being carried out to upgrade Pakkoku Airport as an international airport. It is necessary to make systematic measurements to upgrade the Bagan-NaungU Airport. Water required for Bagan could be pumped from the Ayeyawady River with the use of solar powered energy to meet the demand.

It is necessary to meet the set goal in carrying out agricultural tasks in districts with a better yield and output. It is also necessary to make efforts to ensure security of rice and expand cultivated areas and conduct extra crops as well.

Efforts are needed to be made to ensure more development of livestock farming. It is to focus on achieving success in agriculture and livestock businesses helpful to food security of the region.

Food security in the region will help ease the rising commodity prices. Then, Union Ministers U Win Shein, U Tin Oo Lwin, U Min Naung and U Hla Moe participated in the sector-wise discussion followed by the reports on regional development by the chief ministers of Mandalay and Magway regions and officials.

Afterwards, the Senior General said that mainly, tasks for economic development of regions must be carried out.

Most of the businesses in the country are MSMEs. For running MSMEs, raw materials are required and it is necessary to manufacture value-added products with the use of local raw materials. Cotton was grown in Magway and Mandalay regions mainly in the past. Lately, the cotton has grown less due to various reasons. That is why cotton cultivation has been supported and encouraged when the government is taking the responsibilities. Officials are to give encouragement and support to cotton farmers. Cultivation of cotton helps the textile industry. It is necessary to grow long staple cotton to manufacture quality textile products. The regions need to fulfill the country’s need for cotton.

Regarding politics, we are working for the nation’s affairs, not for political purposes. Therefore, all of the people are needed to join measures for the development of the nation. Regions with peace and stability will enjoy development and no stability through armed conflict will affect development of regions too. All are urged to work together for regional development.

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