SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspects inundated areas and maintenance of damaged parts in natural disasters in Bagan ancient cultural region, gives necessary guidance

NAY PYI TAW August 27

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing accompanied by his wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, SAC Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo and wife, Union ministers, Mandalay Region Chief Minister U Myo Aung, the Chief of the General Staff (Army, Navy and Air) and wife, high ranking senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and their wives, and officials, this morning, inspected progress in maintenance of Bagan ancient cultural region where some damages were based on inundation caused by natural disasters and gave guidance.

Ananda Temple First, the Senior General, wife and party paid homage to Ananda Temple and inspected maintenance inside and outside the precinct. After hearing the reports of officials, the Senior General said that Myanmar’s architectural works have been higher since yore. The Senior General stressed the need to systematically preserve invaluable ancient architectural works with more plans to make necessary preparations to protect these works against impacts of natural disasters. Open season will come soon. So, a large number of pilgrims and monks will arrive there to pay homage to the pagodas in the region. As such, it is necessary to manage magnificence of the pagodas. The Senior General instructed experts to discuss the measures to keep ancient stupas and temples including Ananda Temple under quality coated paint to have resilience of weather impacts and infiltration of water. As long term existence of these ancient works depends on maintenance and preservation, modern technologies should be applied in preservation without harming the original works.

Sulamani Temple The Senior General arrived at Sulamani Temple built by King Narapaitisithu where heavy rains caused inundation.

The Senior General inspected maintenance of the temple and land preparations in the precinct. In responding to the reports of officials, the Senior General noted that as lessons have been taken from the inundation caused by heavy rains, outlet channel drains must be built with systematic calculation to prevent further inundation. As the temple is historic valuable heritage, systematic maintenance must be done inside and outside the temple. The Senior General gave guidance to gradually excavate the original terrace of the temple and cover the mural paintings for long term existence. Only when around the pagodas are clean and tidy, will local and foreign travellers conveniently visit there. So, cleaning of debris must be done daily.

Htilo Minlo Pagoda On arrival at Htilo Minlo Pagoda, the Senior General inspected maintenance of the damaged parts in and out the pagoda and the upper terrace. After hearing the reports of officials, the Senior General stressed the need to maintain the ancient pagodas in Bagan as value of these historical works cannot be assessed. Hence, emphasis must be placed on maintenance.

The Senior General pointed out that as visitors can view ancient stupas and temples as well as beauties of Bagan region from the upper terrace of Htilo Minlo Pagoda, it is necessary to consider for allowing limited number of visitors to climb the pagoda under limited time.

Cash donations for all-round renovation While inspecting the Ananda and Sulamani temples and Htilo Minlo pagoda in Bagan, the Senior General and wife donated cash for all-round renovations of these pagodas respectively and the Senior General signed the visitors’ books.

In May this year, heavy rains caused inundation at ancient stupas and temples such as Shwezigon, Dhammayangyi, Sulamani and Dhammarazaka pagodas, Sinbyushin Complex, Kheminga, Thabeikhmauk, Htilo Minlo and Laymyethna pagodas, Hsinpaung brick monastery, Baganhmyaw, Ywahaunggyi and Shwenanyin Taw pagodas. Some damaged parts in inundation are being maintained and preserved as quickly as possible without losing ancient works.

Paying homage to Maravijaya Buddha Image, cordially greeting pilgrims who came from various regions In the evening, the Senior General together with his party paid homage to Maravijaya Buddha Image built in the precinct of Buddha Park in Dekkhinathiri Township of Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory.

First, the Senior General arrived at the office of the image board of trustees and met with officials. The Senior General instructed officials to manage convenient obeisance of monks and people who came from various regions to the image, and continuously maintain the image and religious edifices in the park for long term existence and magnificences.

The Senior General and party paid homage to the image and offered flowers and water. The Senior General then went round the platform of the image, Gandakuti chambers and stone plaque chambers and cordially greeted the pilgrims from various regions.

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