SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers speech at Union government meeting 6/2023

Nay Pyi Taw November 2

   The Union government meeting 6/2023 took place at the meeting hall of the Office of the State Administration Council Chairman in Nay Pyi Taw this morning, with an address by Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

Also present at the meeting were Union ministers and officials together with the chairman of Nay Pyi Taw Council and chief ministers of regions and states through video conferencing.

Measures taken by the government for ethnics with trust

    First, the Senior General delivered a speech, saying that MNDAA and TNLA combined troops attacked local security camps and departmental offices in Kokand region of northern Shan State on recent days. Likewise, transport facilities and local security camps were attacked in Kachin State. Although the government warned KIA not to deteriorate local peace and stability, it deployed the excessive strengths in attacking the security camp. So, the government conducted the counter-attacks against them due to security measures.

The Senior General recounted that he delivered a speech at the 8th Anniversary of Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) that if anyone follows the Constitution (2008) without harming the Our Three Main National Causes,the government will accept them to talks about peace. Now, relevant officials are striving for forging peace. At the meeting period, constructive acts could be done but they are making preparations to attacks. The government takes all measures with trust over ethnics. But, as they attack the government, the government will conduct counter-attacks against them.

Supervising implementation of projects to have systematic processes

    The government is an organization to take responsibilities for development of the country.

The ranks of Union ministers and deputy ministers are political positions. Staffs at different levels from the government departments have to implement the projects in detail under the policies adopted by the government.

Although the governments change, government service personnel do not change. It is necessary to set records on projects and works undertaken in a term of government, and departmental personnel from relevant ministries have to implement these projects for accomplishments.

When the next government comes, it is their responsibility to continue to implement the projects and activities undertaken by the previous governments in the implementation of their policies. In a term of government, there will be international treaties, commitments and agreements. The next government must continue to implement them in line with their policy. The existing government is responsible for takeover and implementation regardless of they have been implemented or not. Therefore, when our government took responsibility, we are continuing to implement the projects that were carried out by the previous government and successive governments as much as possible. It is necessary to resume the projects and activities that have been stopped due to a certain reason.

Therefore, it is necessary to re-examine the projects and activities that are being carried out by the ministries, regions and states in order to be able to continue to implement them.

There have been some actions taken against responsible officials for not having implemented some projects in line with laws and policies. Therefore, there should be systematic measures in the implementation of project tasks.

To succeed in one’s responsibilities, it’s essential to maintain the confidence that success is attainable

    Since ours is a country that conducts economic activities based on agriculture and livestock, we need to pay attention to the success of agriculture and livestock. In agriculture and livestock, major crops such as rice, beans, corn and oil crops, coffee and rubber, which are perennial  plants, and major livestock items such as chickens, pork, goats and fish can be farmed in the country. According to the 2019 population and household census, more than 70 percent of the country’s population lives in rural areas, and about 45 percent of the country’s population is engaged in agriculture and related activities, so they are the main drivers of the country’s economy and need to improve their manufacturing.

It is necessary to carry out manufacturing activities by producing industrial products with the products produced from agricultural and livestock activities. Product sales will occur only when there are products.

Then, related services and financial activities will develop. Therefore, the State is encouraging the development of manufacturing activities.

The development of MSMEs is being encouraged and national economic promotion funds are being provided to promote the national economy. The ministries, and region and state governments need to review whether these activities have been successful or not.

Activities are being carried out based on agriculture and livestock for the development of the country’s economy. Therefore, it is necessary to review and assess whether or not the output of agricultural activities is according to the target objective, and whether or not the livestock activities have been successful. As for myself, efforts will be made to improve the economic development of the country in accordance with the motto “Keep Moving Forward to Achieve Our Goal.” If union ministers and chief ministers are determined to achieve tasks, progress can be made more than expected.

In connection with the cultivation of paddy, 13.17 million acre of monsoon paddy were put under paddy and the average yield amounted to 74.83 percent. The targeted yield for monsoon paddy was one hundred basket per acre. However, paddy cultivation in the entire country including under monsoon paddy cultivation, high land farming and other land amounted to 14.9 million acre of land and the yield amounted to 73.11 million. In carrying out agriculture tasks, seeds, land, water and techniques are applied systematically, yields will be higher. It is necessary to cultivate high yield pedigrees.

In land preparations, it is important to utilize chemical and natural fertilizers systematically.

During the terms of the SAC, there is no shortage of water during the rainy season and there is no land deficiency but it is necessary to utilize cultivation  methods correctly and to fully cultivate in plots. Instead of spreading seeds, they can be planted at seeds. Only when cultivation tasks can be carried out in respective states and regions, can the GDP increase.

The country has low GDP in the regional country. Therefore, chief ministers of states and regions are required to exert efforts on agriculture and livestock breeding tasks and MSMEs based on them.

Systematic measures to be carried out for success of tasks

    In carrying out tasks, it is necessary to do so in accordance with policies, rules and regulations and laws and similarly it is necessary to ensure responsibility and accountability not to delay the tasks.

Therefore, it is necessary to check, recheck and counter check in carrying out tasks. It is important to compile checklists for daily tasks. Everyone is responsible for the success of tasks and to cooperate and coordinate.

Plans are drawn for each financial year and in drawing plans, it is necessary to draw plan that can be implemented successfully. If they cannot be implemented due to various reasons, they can damage the interests of the county a lot.

Moreover, it is important to not violate the rules and regulations and laws in appointments, transfers and approvals of officials. It is important to create an environment to work tasks really successfully.

In reviewing the previous projects, it is learnt that our people needed to work actually. The government provides assistance to the sectors concerned as much as it can. For example, organizational measures are being taken to utilize land profitably in the agricultural businesses.

If the ability of growing extra crops is improved, products will be manufactured more, which means it will be helpful to ensure an increase in earning income. As the State fulfilled the needs for availability of water needed for agricultural businesses, officials concerned need to find ways too.

What the implementation is not practically done affects the development of the nation much.

Therefore, to achieve the appropriate progress, union ministers and chief ministers of regions and states are urged to successfully implement the policies laid down by the government Afterwards, the union ministers reported on sector-wise matters.

In his concluding remarks, the Senior General said it is seen that there was an increase in collecting tax as measures were taken by expanding areas that tax should be collected without raising any tax rate.

The ministries responsible in relation to tax need to fully collect taxes that should be paid for the State.

Regarding the manufacturing industry, there are two types of manufacturing businesses:

one that is operated depending on the built environment and the other that is operated without any environmental impact.

The business to extract natural resources depending on the built environment is to be careful and such business is operated with restrictions internationally.

Agriculture and livestock businesses could be operated without any impact on the built environment. There are factories based on products of agriculture and livestock and factories and workshops owned by ministries as well. It is necessary to take measures to ensure the best achievement in their commodity production and operation of businesses.

With the aim of leaving an inheritance to the new generation, having the spirit to love the nation and preserving our traditional culture, the traditional cultural performing arts competitions were resumed. The 24th Myanmar Traditional Cultural Performing Arts Competition, which successfully took place, was attended by myself and cheered with respect. Efforts for manpower, money and time were made for it as it was a big event to be held according to the national characteristics.

It is necessary for all to work together to support such a sort of big event.

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