Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspects  measures being taken on general staff, adjutant and quartermaster  of Triangle Region Command

NAY PYI TAW February 16

Chairman of the State Admi-nistration Council Commanderin-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Moe Aung, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Tun Aung and senior military officers of the Office of Commander-in-Chief inspected measures being taken on general staff, adjutant and quartermaster of the Triangle Region Command this morning.

Firstly, Commander of Triangle Region Command MajGen Myo Min Tun reported to the Senior General on security of the command region, situation on law and order of the command  region, security, peace and stability of border areas, tasks being taken to seize narcotic drugs,  trade measures, COVID-19 prevention measures, cooperation on regional security, cases of seized drugs, tasks being taken for security and law and order of the region and reopening of schools suspended due to the COVID-19.

Regarding the report, the Senior General said Triangle Region Command has an area having difficulties in transpor-tation. It is a command region where he has discharged dut-ies. It is necessary to carry out tasks to ensure success in military operations, security affairs and law and order of the region. Efforts have been made to deliver medicines and medical equipment to the command region during the COVID-19 period as the command region is a remote area. It is needed to protect things against national interests of the nation in carrying out tasks on security and defence of the region. Tasks being taken for preventing narcotic drugs and reducing cases of cross-border crime are efforts being made to protect national interests of the nation.

It is required for battalions and troops under the command of Triangle Region Command to possess full combat capabilities and to conduct battalion-wise training. The military training schools need to conduct training measures from time to time. Only if leaders at different levels are disciplined them-selves, will there be military units that are disciplined and good at combat capabilities. Commanders need to have a fair mindset and attitude to administer and supervise military persons under their com-mand so that they could fulfill the benefits and welfare of each soldier. Oily if commanders need to know the basic mindset and attitude of soldiers under their command, will there be correctly assigned duties for the soldiers and motivated measures for them. Subordinate soldiers also need to pre-cisely follow the 60-point Code of Conduct.

Leaders need to read themselves and to encourage im-provement of the education standard of persons under their command. Only if they have literature knowledge, could they see and differentiate between wrong and right things and handle individual difficulties appropriately. The Tatmadaw is encouraging improvement of education of the entire Tat-madaw.

As the role of leaders  is very important for the emergence of military units having capacity and capabilities, comman-ders need to discharge duties in accordance with the 16 point leadership feature. As the Tatmadaw have provided basic needs and healthcare to each soldier to some extent, commanders need to closely provide supervisory guidelines to soldiers under their command to ensure improvement of socio-economic status of the soldiers. Commanders also need to behave as a per-fect soldier. It is necessary to develop tasks for the interests of local people. As the region has weakness in encouraging education, it is needed to make best efforts for the development of interests of local people.

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