Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets district and township officials, local elders, MSME entrepreneurs of Homalin District, Sagaing Region

NAY PYI TAW January 15

    Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met district and township officials, local elders, MSME entrepreneurs of Homalin District, Sagaing Region, at the town hall in Homalin this morning and discussed regional development.

Also present together with the Senior General were SAC Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, SAC members General Mya Tun Oo and Jeng Phang Naw Taung, Union ministers U Win Shein, U Hla Moe, U Thaung Han, Dr Nyunt Pe, Dr Thet Khaing Win, Sagaing Region Chief Minister U Myat Kyaw, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, and officials.

Individual presentations on requirements for economic development The region chief minister reported on points of the region, ongoing MSME development project in Sagaing Region and Homalin District, assistance for MSME development, State’s financial assistance for MSME development and business extension specification of areawise products under One Village One Product project, implementation of farming industry under State’s economic development fund, District Management Committee Chairman U Ye Win on administrative, economic, social, educational, health and security affairs of the district and points of projects, Director of Hydropower Implementation Department, Ministry of Electric Power, U Lin Naing Aye on Nantpin mini hydropower project, Director of Bridge Construction Department, Ministry of Construction, U Nyi Nyi Zaw on Chindwin Bridge (Htamanthi).

General Manager of NTT veneer factory U Aung Kyaw Yan, Tea leave entrepreneur Daw Khin Hnin Khaing, dried in Naga Self-Administered fish entrepreneur U Sein Lwin and rubber entrepreneur U Kyaw Swa Lwin reported on establishment of tree plantations to supply raw materials for the NTT veneer factory, job generation for locals, sending of veneer to cities in central Myanmar where it is valueadded, request for State’s assistance to add value to veneer products for export, extension of ageold tea leave industry of Homalin District, available markets for tea leaves, State’s financial assistance for business extension and sustainability, production of dried fish and smoked fish for local and foreign markets, local entrepreneurs gratitude to the State’s assistance for development of lake fishing, development of rubber industry that started in Homalin in 2005 and other requirements for local economic growth.

Sectorwise coordination of Union ministers In response to individual reports, Union ministers explained State’s assistance and support for MSMEs that are the core of national economic development, availability of bank loans for MSMEs in accord with the procedures, effective use of the loans for business success and repayment of loans in time, State’s arrangements to disburse loans at a reasonable interest rate, Myaseinyaung project that provides capital for income generation and socioeconomic development of the rural, power supply for Homalin District and electrification plan for villages that do not have access to electricity supply yet.

Political developments of the country Then, the Senior General delivered a speech, saying I am glad to see that the Homalin region has developed significantly.

When I performed duties in the region, efforts were made for regional development and smooth transportation. Essential needs of the region. I have visited the region as I was invited to Naga New Year festival and I want to fulfill the needs of the region. Then, the Senior General elaborated on political developments, assumption of state duties in accordance with the law due to vote rigging in the 2020 general election and measures taken for antiterrorism and stability and all round development of the country.

Promote manufacturing industries based on local raw materials Afterward, the Senior General touched on regional development and said the Homalin region boasts potential for regional development. It is necessary to encourage tea and rubber cultivation, which have thrived in the region. Moreover, peanut, sesame and mustard are also grown in the region.

Bamboo and rattan can also be produced in the region. It is a region abundant in natural resources including gold, crude oil and natural gas. Efforts are being made to supply electricity, which is essential for regional development.

As it is necessary to encourage businesses in which the majority of people are engaged in to achieve economic development of the country, the government has been offering assistance for MSMEs. Promoting MSMEs aims to accelerate economic growth of the country, to substitute imports and to export local products. It is necessary to encourage manufacturing industries that produce finished goods from local raw materials.

Efforts must be made to meet the targeted yields of regional crops in Homalin and incomes of local residents will increase significantly and socioeconomic lives of local people will improve if peracre yields can be boosted.

Homalin region produce highquality paddy and other agricultural products. Therefore, contribution can be made to regional development if production of finished goods from on local agricultural raw materials can be carried out successfully.

Water for agricultural purposes can be pumped for the Chindwin River. In agriculture, seeds, soil, water and techniques are essential. To harvest quality seeds, it is important to treat land properly, to supply water sufficiently, to use correct techniques and to utilize inputs systematically. It is necessary to expand rubber cultivation, which thrives in the region.

Regional development can be achieved if the demand for rubber products of the country can be fulfilled.

It is necessary to nurture human resources like technicians and experts for agriculture and livestock breeding to successfully carry out manufacturing industries based on agriculture and livestock breeding.

Therefore, the government is encouraging the sector by opening new agriculture and livestock breeding high schools and institutes. Emphasis must be placed on domestic businesses.

Input, capital, technology and human resources are needed It is necessary to have input, capital, technology and human resources for the success of commodity production enterprises.

Although difficulties on fertilizer and power could be overcome in various ways, we, like other countries, are facing surge in prices of fuel oil. Our country has over one million motor vehicles and over six million motorbikes and has spent many gallons of fuel oil daily. Therefore, I would like to urge all to save fuel oil as much as possible. As regards the capital, the State has disbursed capital loans. In terms of loan, there are developing loans and commercial loans. Interest rate will be different upon the type of loan.

With regard to human resources, 50 percent of our population is below secondary education level. Eight percent of the population aged over-25 years is illiterate according to the statistics.

Only if graduated at the school level of education, could further studies on art and science be learned. Therefore, it is necessary for all the school age children to go to school and learn education. As the Government has reopened all schools, colleges and universities for the children and youth, they will be encouraged and urged to go to school and education is to be given encouragement.

To take necessary measures for development of each region is the responsibility of the government.

As individual improvement of socioeconomic life is related to individual efforts, the basic need of education is to be given encouragement. Only if education is given encouragement, will there be regional and national development of human resources. Therefore, individual education must be given special consideration.

Resources already been in the region should be used profitably and the needs will be fulfilled by the State I am here to help take necessary measures for regional development of commodity production enterprises. A large volume of working capital in the region will be helpful to the development of the region.

The economy of the rural people who run agriculture and livestock farming for economic development of the nation must be encouraged. Through the encouragement, the financial performance will become good and help promote the nation’s economy. Sources that have already been in the region are to be used profitably and the State will fulfill the needs.

Then, the Senior General presented gifts to departmental personnel at district and township levels through District Administration Body Head U Ye Win and Township Administration Body Head U Thein Zaw.

Afterwards, the Senior General cordially greeted the district and township officials, town elders and MSME entrepreneurs in Homalin District.

Later, the Senior General took a tour of exhibits on mineral products, foodstuff, personal goods, and industrial products, traditional handicrafts, clothing and traditional medicine and had questions on market availability of the products. The entrepreneurs briefed him on businesswise matters.

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