SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officers, other ranks, families from local battalion in Lahe, Homalin station

NAY PYI TAW January 16

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Moe Aung, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Tun Aung, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, the commander of North West Command and officials, separately met officers, other ranks and families of the local battalion in Lahe and Homalin station of North West Command this afternoon.

Political progress At the meetings, the Senior General made speeches, saying that Lahe is a farflung area, and he expressed his heartfelt feeling of taking pride for military personnel in serving duties in the remote areas. The Senior General expressed his delightedness at meeting with officers, other ranks and families of the local battalion in Lahe and those from Homalin station again. The Senior General then explained political changes in successive eras in Myanmar, political declaration of the state of emergency depending on the situations and serving of the Tatmadaw on State responsibilities, crises in COVID-19 pandemic and violent incidents triggered by instigations of those who wished to gain political profit, controlling all measures under the law, development of the nation and implementation of the policies and objectives for restoring peace and stability.

The Senior General continued to say that before Tatmadaw served the State responsibilities, the State economy had declined.

Impacts of COVID-19 also triggered the State economy to decline similar to that of global countries. The government strived for economic growth of the State amid crises and difficulties in various ways, encouraging domestic production. As encouragement was given to operating the manufacturing based on agriculture and livestock farms and micro, small and medium scale enterprises, the country’s economy has secured improvement to some extent at present.

Efforts for building powerful and capable battalions The Senior General noted that the primary duty of the Tatmadaw is to discharge the duties of depending the State.

To do so, these military units must have military, organizational and administrative capacity.

As such, all need to take training for improvement of capability and it is necessary to always improve the Tatmadaw to have higher capacity. If all Tatmadaw members try hard to have individual improvement with proper lifestyle in a systematic system, these military units will be capable. Hence, all officers and other ranks need to systematically take practices for shaping a capable military unit. Moreover, they have to cooperate with relevant departments and local people in carrying out development of the region in unity. They all have to emphasize a fair administrative system for providing entitlement and rights for Tatmadaw members so as to build unity in the military unit.

Self control for improvement of social life The Senior General underscored that Tatmadaw members need to control indulgence on drinking which cannot bring any benefit to their lives with self control activities. They all need to avoid cigarette and chewing betel quid which can harm their health conditions.

As the Tatmadaw arranges convenience for accommodation and food supplies, they need to strive for successful operation of military own and manageable scale agriculture and livestock farms. Those Tatmadaw members are to systematically live at their housings as the Tatmadaw has fulfilled the needs of clothing and shelter. As the Tatmadaw has fulfilled basic needs for Tatmadaw members and families in individuals as much as it can, they all need to uplift their lives.

The Senior General urged all to read books and publications on general knowledge contributing to improvement of their lives.

Libraries of regiments and units have been fulfilled with books.

Encouragement must be given to offspring to have improvement of education qualification. If so, they will have the chance to improve themselves. They all should try to be good parents by encouraging education of children and giving education legacy to them.

The Senior General presented foodstuffs for officers, other ranks and families through officials of relevant stations.

After the meetings, the Senior General and party cordially greeted officers, other ranks and families and fulfilled their requirements.

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