Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses Union Government meeting 8/2022

NAY PYI TAW November 1

Union Government held meeting 8/2022 this afternoon at the State Administration Council Chairman’s Office here this afternoon, addressed by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

State Administration Council Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, Union ministers and the Nay Pyi Taw Council chairman were present.

Chief ministers of regions and states took part in the meeting through video conferencing.

Extension of district for greater effectiveness and facilitation of administrative functions In his address, the Senior General said new districts have been set up for effectiveness and facilitation of administrative sector. Administrative functions can be carried more effectively at the district level. New districts  have departments and officials essential for regional progress and peace and stability. Priority has been given to courts and law offices for carrying out legal functions, police stations and general administration officials for administrative functions and agriculture, cooperatives, rural development, immigration and population, health, education and construction department offices.

National economic growth calls for MSME development In the previous month, talks were held to develop MSMEs in regions and states and for national economic growth. Due to differences, success did not reach the satisfactory level during the previous successive governments.

MSMEs play the pivotal role for national economic development. Policies have been adopted for MSME development, and MSMEs in regions and states should be developed through collective efforts.

Production businesses based on local raw materials are more beneficial 99 percent of MSMEs mainly reply on local market, and using local raw materials is more beneficial for them. Four main requirements of MSMEs are raw materials, investment, inputs and human resources. Using locally produced agricultural raw materials and natural resources will reduce foreign exchange spending and ensure continuous raw material supply.

Production industries located in hubs should be encouraged.

Establishment of region/ state-wise industrial zones is a requisite, and industries should be set up in district towns also.

Such activities will generate more job opportunities and reduce the number of workers moving to cities. Hence, efforts should be made for the success of region/state-wise and districtwise industries.

It is found that MSMEs relying on local raw materials are more effective. The country has a large array of farm-based raw materials. Cage breeding ensures greater success. Agricultural products can be turned into animal feed. Region/state-wise model farms should be set up.

MSMEs can boost production in the respective areas through the use of raw materials produced by local farming industry. In this way they will support the local economy.

Disbursement of loans from the State and paying back debt to the State With regard to disbursing loans as capital, the State disbursed loans under respective titles for resurging the businesses hampered by the outbreak of COVID-19. Due to request of businesspersons, the time frame of paying back debt was postponed.

Only when the State has circular of finance, will the businesses improve. So, loans must be paid back in time. Only when the State regains the loans, will it disburse the finance to other needy persons. All must have dutiful minds.

Needs of providing inputs to manufacturing, agriculture and livestock farms Manufacturing, agriculture and livestock farms need inputs such as electricity, fuel, fertilizers, pesticides and animal feeds.

Of them, fuel and fertilizers are essential. The government is striving for ensuring sufficiency of fertilizers and fuel amid the difficulties. Fertilizer is essential in agriculture. Efforts are being made to manufacture fertilizers at home and supply bio-fertilizer. It is necessary to manage systematic livestock farms to produce bio-fertilzer.

Likewise, pesticide, electricity and fuel must be sufficient.

Arrangements have been made for sufficiency of natural gas and coal for energy. Only when inputs are sufficient, manufacturing will be smooth.

Needs for sufficient human resources Only when human resources are qualified, will it gain qualified work forces. Hence, encouragement must be given to emergence of good human resources. As the country has more than 33 million acres of net cultivable lands, a lot of jobs have been created, As number of workable people are some 30 million between the aged 24 and 74, each person can do more than one acre of land. So, creating job opportunities and a large number of employees can be gained in doing agriculture and livestock farms in rural areas.

It is necessary to systematically utilize human resources.

Arrangements are being made to teach agriculture, livestock and technical subjects to students at basic education schools in order to produce human resources.

Then, qualified ones can join universities and institutes related to agriculture, livestock and technical institutes. Human resources must be turned out without fail. Hence, relevant ministries and region and state authorities need to systematically manage human resources.

MSME industries face technical hindrances. Relevant ministries need to fulfill the needs of technologies. Products of MSMEs must be showcased at expos for seeking markets with the assistance of the government.

In the economic sector, the country possessed US$-35.51 million of trade surplus within six month period from April to September. In scrutinizing the trade process, fuel, cooking oil, steel ware, fertilizers, dairy products and other goods were imported in 2022-2023 fiscal year. In order to reduce import goods, MSMEs need to strive for successful production at home.

MSME aims to enhance manufacturing of domestic businesses, substitute import goods and increase export products.

Hence, MSME industries are being encouraged. If domestic production increases, import volume can be reduced. It is necessary to prioritize that if high quality products based on agriculture and livestock will be export goods.

Reducing import of fuel and cooking oil can reduce spending of foreign exchange It is necessary to reduce import of fuel. Hence, more volume of electricity must be generated.

It needs to reduce import of fuel and cooking oil. Use of fuel must be saved. If rail transportation will be emphasized, fuel consumption will be reduced. Cargo transportation has still weakness.

Ministries are to collectively implement the reduction of fuel consumption to have success.

In order to reduce import of cooking oil, it is necessary to enhance production of oil at home. If farmers can strive for increasing per-acre yield of oil crops, cooking oil production will increase more than now.

Emphasis must be placed for increasing per-acre yield of oil crops. If import of fuel and cooking oil can be reduced, spending of foreign exchange will decline much.

It is necessary to produce paper needed for the country The country needs paper to publish newspapers, magazines, journals and school textbooks.

Therefore, paper has to be imported from other countries.

The country is abundant in wood and bamboo to produce paper as well as paper factories. However, paper cannot be produced at home due to various reasons.

It will be of great benefit for the country if paper can be produced at factories at home.

Similarly, pulp must also be produced domestically.

Forest coverage of the country has decreased and illegal logging has increased. It is necessary to restore forests.

The country has a large number of bamboo forests. It will be of great benefit for the country if paper can be produced from bamboo. Respective states and regions are required to carry out bamboo production systematically. Efforts must be made for reforestation.

Forests must be replanted as of the upcoming rainy season by developing plans as a national objective. The government must take measures to produce paper sufficiently while inviting private and foreign investments.

Ministries are required to spend budget allocations of the country beneficially As tasks of the country are carried out by spending the revenues collected by the government, respective ministries are required to spend their budgets systematically and measures must be taken not to spend budgets on unnecessary tasks. Ministries that carry out business activities may face profits and losses but efforts must be exerted to prevent losses as much as possible.

Respective ministries must review unnecessary tasks and report them to authorities. The government must encourage private businesses. However, the government has engaged in business due to the needs of the country. In doing so, the government must not weaken the competitiveness of private businesses and is required to encourage them.

It is necessary to save precious water As the rainfall this year is below average and is lower than the same period last year, inflow of water to some dams is low. Therefore, it is necessary to use irrigation water effectively and systematically in agriculture. Water must not be wasted and it is necessary to save water. Mandalay Region, Magway Region and Sagaing Region may face shortages during the upcoming summer.

Therefore, responsible officials are required to take measures to supply water proactively.

Then, the Senior General elaborated on two national tasks of prosperity of the country and abundant supplies of food, water and basic needs, saying, “I have already pointed out in my policy that the country must be prosperous and must possess abundant supplies of food, water and basic needs.

At the current paddy yield, we have rice surpluses. We have exported pulses and beans as well as oil crops without interruption. So, we have chances to do more. As I said, we have 33 million acres for cultivation and if we can cultivate mixed crops and double crops, we can boost crop yields significantly.

My policy is not to expand cultivation acreage. However, it is necessary not to decrease the cultivation acreage. If it is necessary, new plots of land can be developed. Total acreage for cultivation must remain intact. We will set per-acre yield goals. If we can cultivate double crops and boost yields, we can increase the incomes for the country significantly.

This is sure. Therefore, union ministries and chief ministers are required to always take this into consideration and to give priority to producing abundant supplies of food, water and basic needs. If we can sell more crops, the country will receive more income and will be prosperous. Prosperity of the country means possessing a large sum of money as well as enjoying peace of mind. It is necessary to be rich, to enjoy peace of mind and to maintain the rule of law. Only then, will the country be prosperous.

Otherwise, we will have to be worried. Although we are rich, we will have to sleep with all our belongings by assigning guards if security cannot be guaranteed. We will have to be worried that our belongings might be robbed at any time.

There are such issues. It is the objective that we should implement for our country. It is for the prosperity of the country and possessing abundant supplies of food, water and basic needs. We must pursue our objectives. Therefore, I would like to urge union ministers and chief ministers to carry out tasks for possessing abundant supplies of food, water and basic needs in their respective

sectors. For the prosperity of the country, we need to maintain the rule of law and, as I said, to generate incomes for the public by manufacturing a large number of products. We need to carry out tasks for the prosperity of the people. Only then, will our government be able to fulfill its responsibilities. Otherwise, the government will fail to fulfill its responsibilities. We are trying to fulfil the criteria at present.

When a new government has been formed, they will criticize our government. We criticized two previous governments.

We pointed out tasks carried out by the SLORC and the SPDC. To be praised by the new government, we must try to achieve success in our tasks.

I am just touching on all I have said. There are so many details that I have to touch on the main point. I would like to urge ministers at today’s meeting to place a special emphasis on the objectives.’’

Next, the Union ministers in attendance reported on their respective sectors.

In his concluding remark, the Senior General said measures are being taken to the diamond jubilee Independence Day which falls on 4 January 2023 on a grand scale. The celebration will include exhibitions, contests, decorated vehicles, booths and sport events. As it is the only chance for the government in 75 years, measures will have to be taken to hold the celebration on a grand scale. It is also necessary to hold sports event on a grand scale and consider the sustainable development of the country’s sport standard.

When it comes to staff, officials concerned need to treat them warmly and ensure a fair governance. Their work performances must be recognized.

Enterprises under various ministries must do business while the departments need to correctly follow the policies adopted their ministries. As such, those responsible need to adopt correct policies while orders and instructions they adopted must be effective. In doing business operations, sector-wise assigned tasks must be carried out with the equipment and workforce they have. Businesses should not be privatized unnecessarily.

Departments and enterprises alike need to perform their duties in a correct manner. Salaries and wages cannot be increased without any economic progress in the country. Therefore, officials from respective ministries are to work hard for national development and for the State to earn revenues it deserves.

Regarding electricity consumption, a really-needed amount should be used while measures are necessary for government offices, departments, hospitals and schools to have natural light. Moreover, departmental officials in cooperation with the public need to carry out regular tasks for community beautifying and tidiness. Security forces for their part are to work hard to ensure the rule of law and regional peace and stability.

Officials from the Agriculture Department need to manage for getting real cultivation acreages in respective regions and states, and the ministry concerned also needs to scrutinize.

As for bamboo production, Myanmar is expected to produce about 265 million bamboos a year, and Sagaing, Bago, Magway and Ayeyawady regions and Shan State (North) are largest producers.

If pulp can be produced from bamboos produced from across the country, there will be about 4 million tons of pulp that is enough to produce paper the country needs. Besides, surpluses can be exported. Thus, relevant ministries are to cooperate in fully running the paper factories across the country.

For boosting production of rice for export purposes, designated regions and states need to engage in growing high-yield and quality paddy strains as double cropping. Relevant ministries need to make concerted efforts to boost export items for the State to earn foreign exchange income. It is necessary to know market requirements of other countries and seek foreign markets for national economic growth, said the Senior General.

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