SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSME) businesspersons from Dawei District in Taninthayi Region

NAY PYI TAW November 4

SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSME) businesspersons from Dawei District in Taninthayi Region

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, this afternoon, met with businesspersons of micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSME) in Dawei District of Taninthayi Region at the town hall of Dawei to talk about economic development measures.

Also present at the meeting were Council Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, Council member Jeng Phang Naw Taung, Union Ministers U Win Shein, Dr Kan Zaw, U Hla Moe, U Khin Maung Yi, Dr Charlie Than and U Aung Naing Oo, Taninthayi Region Chief Minister U Myat Ko, senior military officers from the Office of the Commanderin- Chief, the commander of Coastal Region Command and officials, members of the region government and MSME businesspersons.

Individual reports on requirement for economic development

First, the Taninthayi Region Chief Minister reported on salient points of the region, implementation of MSMEs in the region, manufacturing of industrials, assistance for improvement of MSME and conducting of on-job training, development of oil production, progress of agriculture and livestock farms, and sufficient electrification of MSMEs.

Then, Chairman of Dawei District Rubber Growers and Producers Association Dr Yu Sein, Aungzabu cocoa saplings and cocoa value-added product industry owner U Nay Lin Aung, Secretary of Dawei District Areca Nut Entrepreneurs Association U Phyo Paing Oo, proprietor of Awzar Min natural fertilizer plant U Soe Htet Aung, member of Shwe Okaw Dawei District Traditional Weaving Committee U Nay Min, marine product entrepreneur U Aung Win of Dawei District, marine product and value-added domestic goods entrepreneur U Aung Min Naing, value-added rubber product industry owner U Naw Aung, Chair of Myanmar Hotelier Association (Taninthayi Zone) U Kyaw Win and those present reported on cultivation and production of rubber in Dawei District and exportation, efforts for increasing rubber production, needs of loans with soft interest to manufacture value-added products, cultivation of industrial crops and manufacturing, production of natural fertilizer, running of looms, production of marine products, needs to ease restrictions for in-shore trawlers, establishment of an industrial zone in Dawei region for MSME industries, manufacturing value-added rubber products, needs of easing restrictions for tourism development, and other requirements for improvement of local businesses.

Clarifications of Union ministers in relevant sectors

In response to individual reports of businesspersons, Union ministers U Win Shein, Dr Kan Zaw, U Hla Moe, U Khin Maung Yi, Dr Charlie Than and U Aung Naing Oo discussed implementation of projects by respective ministries, disbursement of loans by the State with soft interests in set periods for businesses and plans to coordinate the disbursement of loans from the reports to allow them under the rules, needs to pay back the debt by borrower businesspersons to the State in the designated periods for ensuring the money circulation of the State so as to develop the economic sector, formation of cooperative societies and assistance for them to increase incomes of rural people and to develop the rural people, formation of cooperative societies for successful carrying out of agricultural tasks and fulfillment of needs of farmers through the contract farming system, needs to conserve valuable mangrove forests for the fishery sector, conservation of rattan plants for increasing incomes of local people, necessary assistance of relevant ministries for ensuring smooth process of trading domestic products, issuance of announcements for providing trade information in time, and other sectors. Then, the Region Chief Minister discussed plans to fulfill the needs of MSMEs in Dawei District.

MSME development in Dawei District

Speaking on the occasion, the Senior General said his meetings with the MSME entrepreneurs were aimed at promoting national enterprises. Depending on reports of requirements, fulfilments were made and instructions left for other necessities. In the past, various economic systems were adopted in the country, and there were successes as well as failures. In its time, the Tatmadaw government exercised market economy. As our country is taking the path to multi-party democracy, it is necessary to continue exercising market economy. Without much encouragement of domestic manufacturing, the country saw large trade deficits. Our country has already had a lot of good prospects for achieving success in national economy. Foreign exchange can be spent through foreign loans, foreign cash assistance and income from non-trade activities. When we took office, we faced a lot of difficulties, but managed to overcome and promote domestic economy. Agricultural and livestock activities were allowed during the COVID-19 period to ensure business operations without cessation. So, there was no harm to domestic sufficiency.

Agriculture and livestock breeding is the most viable business in our country. The reason we are encouraging MSMEs is to promote national economy, substitute imports and export local products.

Boost production by effectively using regional and domestic raw materials

Taninthayi Region is thriving with rubber plantations. Quality production of tyres motor cars and motorcycle and shoes from rubber products with the use of modern technology will further benefit the region. Likewise, use of raw materials from other regions to produce consumer goods will encourage domestic economy and reduce imports. MSMEs will develop if they can manufacture consumer goods and finished goods including pulp from bamboo and wood for both domestic needs and exports. The State will provide necessary assistance for the development of businesses in Dawei. Use of raw materials from inside the country will ensure the strongest business for the manufacturing sector. Apart from the extraction of marine resources, it is also necessary to make the fishery industry a success. By producing animal food from regional agricultural products, other livestock breeding tasks can be successfully carried out. Businesses can be run to produce leather from livestock breeding and other leather products. As there is large space to grow coconut, coconut plantations can be launched to manufacture valueadded coconut products. This is why all are urged to operate manufacturing businesses till success is achieved by using regionally produced agricultural and livestock raw materials.

Necessary for raw materials, investment, technology and human resources

Measures are being taken to resume the Dawei Special Economic Zone project that halted for various reasons. Raw materials, capital, technology and human resources are required for the success of manufacturing businesses. For market availability, fine quality and attractive packaging of goods are necessary. When it comes to capital, the State will provide loans with prescribed interest rates. Intelligent human resources are required for the production of valueadded goods. Only educational encouragement will generate rich human resources regionally and nationally. Therefore, even individuals should pay attention to education.

Making tourism and trade activities easy, fast and smooth

As it was found that foreign tourists are entering the Dawei area through the border, the local administrative organizations and locals acted responsibly and aggressively. Similarly, only when the area is stable and peaceful will the number of visitors to the area increase. They must work all round for the rule of law and stability. Only guests come to a happy house, we will be able to develop the tourism industry by working around stability and peace, the cleanliness and beauty of the area. We will be able to develop the tourism industry by working around stability and peace. In order to make tourism and trade activities easy, fast and smooth, preparations are being made in advance for the construction of a railway to the Dawei area.

The consumption of fuel also needs to reduce and the country has to spend foreign currency to import fuel from abroad. If we can carry out transportation activities that use electric power, we will be able to reduce fuel consumption a lot. If fuel consumption can be reduced, the use of foreign currency will be reduced.

At present, the domestic economy is improving, and if we continue to make efforts, it will improve further. That is why we are encouraging MSMEs that are engaged in manufacturing activities. For the development of the country’s economy, we must encourage the economy of the rural people who are engaged in agricultural and livestock activities. Through this, financial circulation will improve and the country’s economy will increase. Two political processes: strengthening the multi-party democratic system full of genuine discipline and building a union based on democracy and federal system, have established and two national processes: national prosperity and food security, have established.

The locals must make efforts for the development of Dawei area. They must use raw materials from the area to successfully carry out manufacturing activities. The state will also provide necessary support. The Senior General urged everyone to work together to improve manufacturing.

After that, the Senior General cordially greeted entrepreneurs from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) in Dawei District.

After that, the Senior General studied with interest in the displays of products such as food, consumer goods, industrial products, traditional craft products, clothes, and traditional medicines, and inquired about the market conditions. The entrepreneurs explained the Senior General in each sector.

After that, it was reported that the Senior General and members toured along Strand Road in Dawei in vehicles.

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