Success of production business based on local raw materials ensures regional and national economic development

NAY PYI TAW November 5

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met MSME entrepreneurs at Pale Yadana Hall in Myeik, Taninthayi Region, this afternoon and discussed economic development.

Present at the meeting together with the Senior General were SAC Joint Secretary Lt- Gen Ye Win Oo, SAC member Jeng Phang Naw Taung, Union ministers U Win Shein, Dr Kan Zaw, U Hla Moe, U Khin Maung Yi, Dr Charlie Than and U Aung Naing Oo, Taninthayi Region Chief Minister U Myat Ko, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, the Coastal Region Command commander and officials, members of region government and MSME entrepreneurs in Myeik District.

Individual reports on MSME undertakings and requirements for regional development

The chief minister reported on operating MSMEs in Myeik District and Taninthayi Region, assistance provided for MSME development and opening of on- job technical courses.

Rubber entrepreneur U Tun Tun Win, fishery and prawn breeding entrepreneur U Hla Than, foodstuff industry entrepreneur U Myo Aung, bird nest entrepreneur U Khon Paing Myo, Chairman of Rice Merchants Association U Htwe Wai of Myeik District and other attendees presented reports on arrangements for facilitation of rubber exports, progress of fish and farms in the district, required assistance for extension of modern sea prawn farming, technical and capital requirement for successful Jin snails breeding in the district, assistance for setting up a factory to manufacture finished oyster shell products locally for export due to availability of raw oyster shells, the main byproduct of local pearl industry, and other requirements.

Union ministers explained measures taken in respective sectors

In connection with the reports presented by individual entrepreneurs, union ministers U Win Shein, Dr Kan Zaw, U Hla Moe, U Khin Maung Yi, Dr Charlie Than and U Aung Naing Oo explained the measures taken by respective ministries including assistance for development of MSMEs, loans for establishing MSMEs in accordance with the rules and regulations, the needs for entrepreneurs to carry out businesses successfully as the government is providing necessary assistance for business development and to repay loans properly. The union ministers elaborated that entrepreneurs are required to make timely repayments of loans which were granted for various purpose by the government at low interest rates under appropriate repayment terms as economic development can be achieved when the government has received the repayments of loans it granted. Respective union ministers also briefed the entrepreneurs on foreign investments and potentials in Myeik Districts, technologies and machinery offered by respective ministries necessary for generating incomes for the rural public and socioeconomic development, efforts to fulfill the needs of farmers by forming cooperatives for the success of agricultural farms, the need to conserve mangrove forest which are important for fishery resources as Taninthayi Region boasts the second largest forest coverage in the country and potential of success for businesses being carried out in the region including fish and prawn breeding, rattan industries and pearl farming. Then, the chief minister reported on efforts made for development MSMEs, prawn farming and hatching, technological acquisition for feed mixing, marketing for prawn products, efforts made for local rice sufficiency and requirements for developments of businesses in the region.

Efforts must be exerted for economic development of the country

Then, the Senior General delivered a speech, saying “Our country is striving for economic development in the same way as every country in the world. All countries faced challenges during the outbreak of COVID. The country had to encounter challenges posed not only by the pandemic but also by the political crisis, which led to economic hardship. At the same time, there were political attacks aimed at the economic collapse of the country and conspiracies to disrupt money circulation, the banking system and factory operations. Amid such challenges, we had to exert efforts for all-round development of the country. It can be seen that the country was able to overcome the crises during the outbreak of COVID-19 successfully thanks to cooperation among the government, the Tatmadaw and the people and the success of overcoming the crises must be attributed to cooperation of all. To remedy the impacts of COVID-19 and to enhance the economy of the county, MSMEs, which are compatible with the country, are being encouraged. I have been holding meetings and discussions with entrepreneurs in respective states and regions like this to fulfill their needs as much as possible for the development and success of MSMEs.

Encourage productivity based on agriculture and livestock

As our country mainly relies on agriculture and livestock breeding, there were no food shortages during the COVID-19 crisis. Regarding international trade, measures are being taken despite difficulties. It is an economic impact caused by political conflicts. The previous governments received foreign loans and cash assistance. But there has been nothing since we took office. Despite such difficulties, the country’s economy has progressed to a certain degree thanks to our efforts. Domestic economy could be improved through efforts to boost manufacturing based on agriculture and livestock breeding. The countries solely relying on foreign assistance are facing difficulty with their economy. This is why our country already blessed with agricultural and livestock undertakings must continue this way to achieve greater success. We are encouraging national economic promotion, and MSMEs can do that. With their capability to manufacturing goods meeting set standards, imports can be substituted and there will be exports as well.

For successful productivity, efforts must be made to ensure good quality products and modern packaging to attract consumers. If products are same, prices should be cheaper. If prices are same, products must be in better quality. With these, our goods will be marketable. The MSME industry involves manufacturing, trade, service and other sectors. There is trade only if there is production. With continuous supply of raw materials, there will be continuous supply chain of goods. In some places, reports were made about scarce raw materials and difficulties importing them. If manufacturing businesses are to run based on raw materials available in our own regions and country, we will see a strong manufacturing sector. Manufacturing should be based on raw materials produced from agriculture and livestock breeding.

Agricultural undertakings require good strains, fertilizers, irrigation water and correct cultivation methods. Taninthayi Region needs to produce edible oil until regional demand is met by successfully growing oil palm. Efforts must be made to meet domestic demand rather than relying on imports and even produce surpluses for export purposes. Likewise, rubber-based value-added goods need to be manufactured. In the MSME industry, a variety of consumer goods can be produced from rubber. Systematic livestock breeding can produce meat while leather products can be manufactured. It is also necessary to have high yields of paddy for regional rice sufficiency. Farmlands should not be used for other purposes. Regional food sufficiency will prevent sales from other regions. As such, there will be smooth regional cash flow, contributing towards regional economy. The alreadyexisting farmlands should be effectively used. High yields will ensure progress in rice sufficiency in Myeik District. I myself encourage higher peracre yield rather than extension of cultivation acreage. To get fertilizers necessary for agriculture, livestock breeding activities should be systematically carried out and bio-fertilizers can be produced from them. Value-added products could be manufactured through systematically establishing duck farming as the Myeik region is rich in sources of rivers and creeks. Similarly, poultry, pig and cattle farming business systematically to improve production will be helpful to commodity production of MESEs. If farming products are plentiful, foodstuff prices will be down.

The State is carrying out tasks to generate electricity necessary for commodity production enterprises. Despite granting permission to carry out projects to generate hydroelectric power, the projects have not been implemented yet due to disturbance of the armed groups.

Such acts of disturbance cause damage to the interests of the people. The need for electricity is important and solar power could be generated in the Myeik region. Therefore, it is necessary to make efforts to be able to generate solar power. The State will disburse capital loans necessary for operating businesses as much as it can. But entrepreneurs need to make investments themselves as much as they can. In the two terms of previous democratic governments, there was no encouragement to the domestic commodity production sector. Foreign exchange from overseas aid funds, foreign loans and nontrade businesses were mainly fulfilled and spent for the sector. We are endeavoring to recover the nation’s economy. To promote the nation’s economy, it is necessary to carry out commodity production enterprises and to be able to export the products.

Good human resources are required to be able to successfully operate commodity production enterprises. As highly graduated people are needed to acquire skilled labour, education is to be encouraged in the Myeik region. All are urged to work together to ensure adequate human resources.

Besides, Taninthayi Region has much forest cover and stands at the third in mangrove cover important for fish resources in the world. It is rich in marine resources too. It is necessary to conserve mangrove forests in order that fish and prawn farming business will not affect the mangrove forests. If good basics which have already existed in the region are applied beneficially for regional development, I believe the region will achieve development in a few years to come. Therefore, all are urged to work together on only for the development of your region but for the economic development of the nation.

Then, the Senior General cordially greeted entrepreneurs of MSMEs in Myeik District. Later, the Senior General viewed fishery products, foodstuff, personal goods, industrial products, traditional handicraft products, clothes and traditional medicines on display and made enquiries on markets for them. The entrepreneurs briefed on sector-wise businesses.

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