State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets industrial zone committee chairmen and members of various industrial zones, MSME entrepreneurs from Yangon Region

NAY PYI TAW February 5

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met with industrial zone committee chairmen and members of various industrial zones in Yangon Region and MSME entrepreneurs at Kanaung Hall of Hlinethaya Industrial Zone and discussed industrial development this afternoon.

Also present at the meeting together with the Senior General were SAC Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, SAC member Admiral Tin Aung San, Union ministers, Yangon Region Chief Minister U Soe Thein, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and regional and district level departmental officials.

Reports on industrial zone operations and difficulties and requirements facing industrial zones Hlinethaya Industrial Zone Chairman U Ohn Hsaing reported on industrial operations in the zone, manufacturing of goods from the factories, the need for full electricity supply for better operations, the need for getting import permits quickly in importing industrial raw materials and spare parts for import substitute, and the need for the State to purchase hightech products locally manufactured.

The industrial zone committee members and entrepreneurs reported on the need to take action against those illegally living in the industrial zones in accord with the law, the need for full power supply essential for zone functioning, arrangements for transport of factor staff, the need for appointing health staff in the townships where the industrial zones are located, the need to speed up measures for the rule of law in the industrial regions and State assistance for improving quality of garment factories.

The region chief minister discussed matters to be coordinated with those presented for the development of industrial zones in the region and national economic growth.

Sectorwise discussionsIn response to the reports, the Union ministers explained activities being carried out by respective ministries, speedy measures being taken to fulfill the requirements of the entrepreneurs in accord with the rules and regulations and the need to contact respective ministries to receive necessary technologies in the industrial sector.

Encourage local manufacturing In his speech, the Senior General said MSMEs are being encourage to focus on local ma-nufacturing for national economic development. Manufacturing relies on the availability of raw materials. There will be trade activities only if there is production. Raw materials can be acquired from agricultural and livestock breeding businesses. Textile requires raw cotton. A person needs to wear clothes from the cradle to the grave. Cotton produced from the country is still low in quality. Encouragement is being given for production of long staple cotton. Only highquality textile can produce highquality clothing. The target has been set to produce enough and export surplus.

When it comes to food security, improved paddy yields can ensure export. It is necessary to increase peracre yield rather than extending cultivation acreage. MSME production activities can be carried out based on paddy products. Likewise, oil crop yields must be increased. Without having enough edible oil and fuel oil, the country has to import them yearly.

Efforts being made to obtain sufficient electricity In order to obtain sufficient electricity in the country, hydroelectric and solar power generations are being implemented. During the previous two terms of the democratic government, some hydroelectric power generation projects across the country were delayed, suspended and cancelled. Now, our government is reimplementing the hydroelectric power generation projects. In the same way, efforts are being made to implement solar power generation as well as wind power generation. It will be very beneficial if the factory workers can run their business using solar energy production.

If enough electricity can be produced, the public transportation system that uses electricity can be used, and fuel consumption can be greatly reduced. At the present time, it is better to transport the goods by railway which is cheaper. Tax rates have been waived for the import of electric vehicles. Power Stations for electric vehicles have started to be built, and will continue to be built in busy roads and cities.

Encourage and promote manufacturing activities that use locally produced raw Materials We need to focus on manufacturing activities that use domestically produced industrial raw materials. There is a lot of plastic usage in our country, so we need to reduce it. Tires needed for vehicles cannot be produced locally, so we have to import them from abroad every year. If the rubberbased tire manufacturing activities are carried out, the state will encourage and assist them. Similarly, by using bamboo and forest products, it is possible to produce soft paper we needed.

Using agricultural products, forest products and natural resources produced in the country, if the foreign imports needed by the country can be produced at a high level, it will bring many benefits to the country.

In all districts and townships, industrial zones are being established to produce industrial products. We are encouraging the manufacturing industries and we can guarantee that there will be no damage to manufacturing industries, businesses and economy. If manufacturing activities will develop, the country will develop, the senior General said.

After the meeting, the senior General and members warmly greeted the attendees.

After that, the senior General and members arrived at Ever Rich International Production Factory and Htoo Thit Food Capsule Factory in Hlinethaya Industrial Zone, where the officials explained the working conditions.

Based on the presentations, the discussed the necessary things, viewed the factory products on display, and toured the working conditions of the factories.

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