Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officers, other ranks and families of Kalaw Station


Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met officers, other ranks and families of Kalaw Station, Eastern Command HQ, at the station hall this afternoon.

Present together with the Senior General were his wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Moe Aung and wife, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Tun Aung and wife, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and their wives, Eastern Command Commander Maj-Gen Hla Moe and officials.

Needs physical fitness and spiritual health In his address, the Senior General said Tatmadaw must be dutiful in shouldering its main tasks national security,

defence, safeguarding life and property of citizens. Officers and other ranks need to have physical fitness and spiritual health to be dutiful. They must show their dutifulness in shouldering their task and nurture good conviction in life. They should show no hesitation in carrying out a mission.

Activeness in shouldering the duties is much supportive of career development. Health awareness should be a priority in their daily life. Will a person work well and pursue education only if he is healthy. They should encourage the health of their families while pursuing a healthy life. Health and fitness serves as a support for life. They must stay healthy as ill health can be followed by a lot of material and spiritual losses.

Tatmadaw is producing farm products including tissue ban-anas to support the health and nutrition of soldiers and families. As individual health is important, physical fitness and spiritual health is also a priority for every person.

Good morale and discipline plus systematization Soldiers must be fit and healthy to ensure military readiness. In a battle, they must apply their learned military tactics effectively and fight fearlessly. Military personnel are assigned according to their ranks. Every individual must attend higher level courses step by step based on his ability, years of service, and outstanding performances. Soldiers are being trained individually to become dutiful.

Soldiers must be disciplined and well organized. As discipline is an obligation to ensure uniformed appearances and actions, it must be observed. Adoption of military and civilian discipline is for having orderly arrangements and efficiency. Discipline must be controlled through positionwise and sectorwise supervision. Soldiers must be obedient to observe rules. Tatmadaw is strengthened by its discipline and obeisance.

All Tatmadaw members have possessed good morals. Hence, they are to try hard to strengthen the morals individually. Doing any measures, man matter most, and results depend on their hardworking. So, all Tatmadaw members have to cement individual morals. Those who try to improve capacity of the Tatmadaw are Tatmadaw members. Only when individual capacity of Tatmadaw members is higher will the whole unit improve as well as will the whole Tatmadaw have higher capacity. The defence capacity of the State will also be higher.

Welfare and education promotion of military families Military own agriculture and livestock farms are being ope-rated for better food supply and welfare of the Tatmadaw members and families. It is necessary to successfully carry out military own agriculture and livestock tasks as well as manageable scale agriculture and livestock tasks as much as possible.

In the near future, students will complete learning of basic education and the summer school holidays fall. Tatmadaw will conduct maritime youth and aviation youth courses. Other summer courses such as culture courses and other charity courses will be conducted and arrangements will be made for students to re-learn school education for those students to efficiently use the summer holidays. Moreover, Tatmadaw members and their offspring are to read general knowledge. If so, reading will contribute to improvement of their lives on one hand.

Presenting foodstuffs and cash award The Senior General presen-ted foodstuffs for officers, other ranks and families through the station commander whereas the wife of the Senior General gave foodstuffs for the station maternal and child welfare association through the wife of the station commander.

After the meeting, the Senior General and party cordially greeted the officers, other ranks and families and fulfilled their needs.

Cordially asking after health conditions of officers, other ranks and families as well as people receiving medical treatment at hospital On arrival at the local military hospital in Aungban, the Senior General and party were welcomed by Commandant of the hospital Brig-Gen Saw Yan Naing, specialists, medical officers and officials.

The commandant reported on progress of military building at the hospital, healthcare services for officers, other ranks and families as well as local peo-ple, preparations for prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19, operation of military own and managebale scale agriculture and livestock farms to do welfare tasks for officers, other ranks and families, and requirements. The Senior General gave necessary guidance and fulfilled the needs.

The Senior General and party cordially conversed with officers, other ranks and local people’s militia troops receiving medical treatment for their injuries they suffer from while serving State defence and security duties and presented foodstuffs to them.

Likewise, the wife of the Senior General individually encouraged families of officers and other ranks receiving medical treatments at the infant baby medical ward and presented foodstuffs.

Then, the Senior General and party viewed round the radiation medical ward and the cancer surgery ward and gave instructions over the reports of officials.

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