Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min  Aung Hlaing addresses Union government meeting 7/2023

Nay Pyi Taw December 4

The Union government held meeting 7/2023 at the meeting hall of State Administration Council Chairman’s Office here this morning, addressed by Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing.

Also present were SAC Vice Chairman Deputy Prime Minister Vice-Senior General Soe Win, union ministers and officials.

The Nay Pyi Taw Council chair and chief ministers from regions and states attended the meeting through video conferencing.

Make efforts to develop mix-cropping after the end of monsoon cultivation season In his address, the Senior General said some of the monsoon crops are now at the harvesting stage. As a result of the region/state wise efforts, crop production increased, but still needed to hit the target. As the soil remains moist, efforts should be put to extend sown acreage of cold season crops including oil crops and corn.

As hard work will pay off, regions and states should be provided with support and encouragement.

Develop cultivation of rubber and coffee, which are perennial crops The country can successfully grow perennial crops such as coffee and rubber, apart from seasonal crops. Hence, ardent support was given for progress of coffee and rubber plantation during the previous years. As the government restored coffee industries that were facing hardship, coffee production increased again. Coffee can be planted only on half of the land areas permitted for the crop by the previous Tatmadaw government.

Coffee zones were set up in Naungcho and Ywangan areas in Shan State (North) and PyinOoLwin area in Mandalay Region. Coffee is also planted in Chin State, Bago Region, Thandaungyi area, and PaO area.

Vietnam with less sown acreage than Myanmar can produce more coffee. Hence, persons with financially strength should invest in coffee industry of the country. However, agricultural activities cannot be started yet on some the lands that are set apart for agriculture. Trade of such land should be carefully scrutinized, and the uncultivated areas should be canceled from the list. If coffee cultivation can be extended as planned there will be a significant growth in coffee production within the coming five years. Plans are underway to increase 27,900 acres of coffee sown acreage in 2024. Hence, coffee producers should plant the crop in advance for their own benefit, and by doing so, total sown acreage will reach 300,000 acres, and the growers may reap benefits at the time five or seven years from now. But they need to use quality strains. Robusta coffee is likely to thrive well in lower Myanmar. In this regard, chief ministers should take into account long-term coffee cultivation plans for their relevant regions and states.

With regard to rubber cultivation, regions and states place rubber on 1.6 million acres of land. As rubber product is a sure product, it can be used in manufacturing the proper products.

So, regions and states need to encourage cultivation of rubber.

According to the monetary assets in banks of the country, the private ownership is the largest. If the ownership can be spent on agriculture and livestock industries for the sake of the State and the people, businesspersons, employees, the State and the people will have benefits. So, it is necessary to encourage putting investments and chances for businesses in regions and states.

Collection of full amount of revenue to be spent on development task of the nation In the previous era, tax collection amount increased in regions and states. As revenue is spent on development of the nation, it is necessary collect tax. In this regard, tax rate should not be increased but tax space must be expanded.

Since the Tatmadaw took the State responsibilities, all loans and cash assistance were suspended with the reason of political condition. Later, some friendly countries resume cash assistance to Myanmar. Sanctions were imposed to Myanmar to face difficulties of foreign Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing addresses Union government meeting 7/2023 currency and harming banking system. As such, it is necessary to increase export volume to earn foreign currency with raising the domestic production.

In trading with neighboring countries, Myanmar used direct payment system. It is necessary to encourages border trade as well as normal trade. Efforts must be made for ensuring betterment of monetary circulation.

So, officials need to encourage all to run all businesses despite less benefit. The government since its establishment has been managing exportation measures.

In this regard, prices of fuel and cooking oil are controlled.

But unscrupulous persons committed rising cooking oil for causing difficulties to the people. It is necessary to consider life of the people. Effective action was taken against those unscrupulous persons for their committed acts under the law.

At present, although exporters make efforts for businesses, importers enjoy advantages.

So, restrictions are being eased for exporters as much as possible.

If the country can strive for increasing non-trade income, it can reduce reliance over the trade. Some reviewed that manufacturing weakness is based on high prices of inputs but businesspersons are not interested in manufacturing sector. Despite having less benefit, large production can earn benefits. So, the government allows rubber businesspersons to spend 70 percent of the export earnings in order to easily import fertilizers and other inputs for agriculture and live-stock farms. A plan is underway to reduce restrictions for export of rice, maize, bean and other product, and businesspersons are to spend export earnings on directly importing basic inputs for agriculture, livestock and MSME businesses.

I want to say that doing business should also serve the interest of the country, just as it is for profit. The main need is to encourage production. Agriculture based MSMEs must be encouraged. As different regions manufacture different products, products that are suitable for the region must be encouraged to be successfully produced.

Therefore, the relevant sector and regional officials need to know the real needs of the local agricultural and livestock operators and to be able to fulfill them. We have weaknesses in terms of quality and packaging, so it is necessary to provide necessary technologies. Only if they are of good quality and attractive will they become marketable products. So, it is necessary to think about them in detail.

MSMEs based on natural products should be comprehensively operated We need to encourage MSMEs based on natural products such as wood, bamboo, rattan and other materials. We need to think about penetrating not only domestic but also foreign markets. Since there are many consumer products manufactured from natural products and products derived from agriculture and livestock breeding, we need to engage in them comprehensively, not just in the local market. Therefore, in carrying out MSME activities, it is necessary to make sure one region one product. We also need to think comprehensively until they can penetrate not only the domestic market but also the overseas market.

The services of education and health staff deserve to be praised Although there were many acts of sabotage during the festivals of Thadingyut and Tazaungdine, we were able to do our best to ensure that the people were happy and peaceful.

It is necessary to work, so it will also be necessary to have good human resources to be able to work. Education must be encouraged to obtain good human resources, and all schoolage children need to be able to study peacefully. Regarding basic education, except for the areas where there is a conflict, 100 percent school attendance is seen in the remaining areas.

As well as teachers, relevant local governments, state and regional officials need to work together in administrative and security fields so that students can finish their education. Some universities were closed due to terrorist attacks. We acknowledge the teachers from the Ministry of Education who are working in the field of teaching despite the difficulties. We also praise the health workers for providing healthcare to the local people. Local governments and officials need to facilitate the security and administrative issues for the education and health staff who have come from faraway areas for the benefit of their regions. Security forces and administrative staff need to coordinate in ensuring regional safety and the rule of law. Regarding the public security system, we need to work on a regional basis, and only if we can cooperate with the people, will we be able to provide full regional security.

Our Three Main National Causes have been implemented as a national vision, terrorists required to commiserate with regions and local residents for consequences Rakhine State faced hardships for many years and transportation was difficult. It can be seen that Rakhine State now has seen dramatic development thanks to the efforts of the Tatmadaw government. It is the AA armed group that stabilizes the development in the state.

Rakhine State is prone to natural disasters and search and rescue operations and rehabilitation tasks have to be carried out often.

Moreover, the state encountered the Bangali movement. The AA armed group has created armed violence in Mrauk-U, Kyauktaw and Paletwa and local residents will have to face the consequences of the conflicts. Roads, bridges and buildings constructed by the government and ancient monuments will be destroyed within a short time due to sabotage.

It will take a long time to rehabilitate. It can be seen that the Tatmadaw and the government made concerted efforts for rehabilitation in Rakhine State in the aftermath of Cyclone Mocha and rehabilitation tasks were carried out during the rainy season to enable local residents to resume their livelihoods in the dry season. Senior military officers were assigned to each township to complete the tasks within six months and such efforts were made because will the region recover only when local residents resume their livelihoods in the dry season.

However, the ongoing armed shortages have led again to the disadvantages of local people.

Instead of implementing local development tasks, time and financial resources are being wasted on reconstruction of roads and bridges destroyed and rehabilitation tasks. Similarly, clashes broke out in Loikaw in Kayah State due to attacks of the KNPP and the KNDF last year and the local residents made efforts to carry out rehabilitation and reconstruction tasks out of their own earnings.

At present, it is very difficult to carry out rehabilitation tasks after many houses and buildings were destroyed in Loikaw because of the terrorist acts of organizations like the KNPP. If armed groups continue to be stupid, local residents will have to suffer the consequences of the stupidity and it is necessary to solve political issues through political means without continuing to be stupid with the commiseration for the public who amounts to grass at the bullfighting field.

Therefore, it is necessary to act looking forward to the interests of the region and the country. The Union system that we are moving forward is based on democracy and federalism, and it includes all the points they are asking for. The Union cannot be completely disintegrated.

Our Three Main National Causes which are non-disintegration of the Union; non disintegration of the national solidarity;

and perpetuation of the national sovereign is being upheld with the consciousness for national affairs. Based on those three national causes, the nation has been built with the constitution, and since it has been firmly implemented, we will not let it be affected at all. If the terrorists touch the Our Three Main National Causes, the relevant regions and residents will only experience the consequences.

Due to the conflicts occurring in the country, the economy is also affected and there is a lot of damage to the tourism industry as well. Only if there is stability and peace in terms of politics and security will domestic and foreign tourism industries develop. Therefore, ministries concerned and officials of regions and states need to pay special attention to regional peace and stability.

Everyone must be healthy and fit through public sports activities At the present time, it is seen that enjoyable and active activities of collective sports in the winter season, and it is necessary to ensure that everyone will be healthy and fit through developing collective sports activities.

Doing sports is not just for the sports season, it is necessary to do physical exercises and sports events in all the seasons of summer, rainy and winter. Healthy living and eating must be done.

Only if it is healthy and strong, you will be able to work and study. Therefore, it is necessary to give encouragement for the development of physical fitness activities throughout the year through sports activities. As a government, it is to find ways on all sides to ensure improvement of the socio economic life of the nation and citizens. All are urged to actually work and act to achieve success.

Then, the union ministers reported on sector-wise matters, and the Senior General gave necessary instructions on their reports.

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