SAC Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspects National Kandawgyi Gardens in PyinOoLwin

Nay Pyi Taw December 8

    Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing this morning accompanied by Council Joint Secretary Lt-Gen Ye Win Oo, Council member Lt-Gen Nyo Saw, Union ministers, the chief minister of Mandalay Region, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, the commander of Central Command, the Mandalay mayor and officials, inspected preservation of National Kandawgyi Gardens in PyinOoLwin.

At the briefing hall of the garden, Director General Dr Thaung Naing Oo of the Forest Department reported on location and history of the garden, accomplishment of the guidance given by the Head of State on his inspection, inflow of water into Kandawgyi Lake, construction of the gravel-filled drains, beautification of the lake, cultivation of grass, orchid, PyinOoLwin cherry and Japan cherry, and releasing of pet fish into the lake, CEO U Yazar Htwe of Kandawgyi Gardens on preparations to hold the 16th flower festival, display of domestic and foreign species flowers in eight zones, plans to stage entertainment programmers and Chief Minister U Myo Aung on improvement of urbanization, arrangements for shaping a tourism city and beautification of the city.

After hearing the reports, the Senior General stressed the need for departmental officials and the company to regularly inspect inflow of water into the Lake as usual. The Senior General noted that it is necessary to keep records for thriving of perennial trees. The Senior General urged officials to supervise cleaning up of the garden and systematic disposing. Relevant research teams have to conserve domestic flowery species and improve colors and fragrances.

As Myanmar does not have conservation of domestic flowery species, some species deplete.

Hence, some flower species from PyinOoLwin region must be cultivated in weather favorable regions on test. As the garden is a landmark of PyinOoLwin, it is necessary to strive for long-term existence and visits of travelers.

The Senior General continued that as PyinOoLwin is a flower city, it is necessary to shape the city the travelers can enjoy beautification and pleasant, disciplined measures and good environment. All have to cooperate with each other in systematic residing measures and tidiness.

The Senior General stressed the need to shape PyinOoLwin as a smart city for emergence of other towns and villages of Mandalay Region as pleasant environs under disciplines.

They have to build their regions and future to become good environments for residences under systematic management. At present, as the world faces global warming, PyinOoLwin possessing good resources needs to establish green zones of trees and grow perennial trees and shade trees so as to continue conservation of favorable weather.

The Senior General and party viewed round the garden and inspected the butterfly museum, orchid park, research cultivation of domestic flower species at the research center and test plots, and production of natural fertilizers and gave necessary instructions over discussions of officials. The Senior General then fed pet fish in the lake and cordially greeted the people taking relaxation.

The garden is a landmark not only for PyinOoLwin but for the State. In 2019-2020, as flow of water into the lake declined, the Senior General gave guidance on his inspection tours in September and December 2021 to carry out necessary renovation and maintain waterway.

At present, water flows into the lake through inlet channels and the lake can store the excessive volume of water than the brim.

It can be seen that the guidance is being implemented for maintaining the famous position of the lake, beautification of the lake and long term existence as a modern garden for local and foreign travellers. The 16th flower festival of the lake will be held on a grand scale, and plans are underway to continue conservation of water sources, beautification with trees and flowery plants and environmental conservation.


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