Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspects repair of ancient reservoirs in Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone

Nay Pyi Taw May 25

Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by his entourage, the Mandalay Region chief minister, the Central Command commander and officials, this morning inspected preparations to protect the ancient structures including reservoirs in Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone in NyaungU District, Mandalay Region from floods and other natural disasters.

Myakan reservoir

During inspection of Myakan reservoir, built by King Kyansittha in 450 ME (AD 1088) in the time of Bagan kings, the Senior General and party heard a report on entering of flood water into ancient pagodas in the zone due to rains triggered by cyclone Mocha in May 2023, ongoing efforts to clean and beautify the zone, repair the inlets and outlets of wells and lakes to prevent inundation, according to the guidance given by the Senior General during his visit to the area to make advance preparations to protect historical heritages of the zone, points of Myakan reservoir and renovation of the lake throughout the successive eras, necessary conservation and cleaning ofinlets and outlets of the lake as according to geological examination the lake can store less water because of the low water leakage and high degree of evaporation presented by Union Minister for Religious affairs and Culture U Tin Oo Lwin and officials in the briefing hall.

In response, the Senior General spoke of the need to systematically conduct quality and durability examination step by step for the sustainability of reservoirs in renovating them or building new ones, to conduct a thorough survey of the inlets and outlets of the dams especially in the irrigation areas to ensure proper flow of water in them. He said as water normally flows from higher ground to lower ground priority must be given to the lower areas in ensuring proper flow of water. Heavy rains may cause floods that can damage the interior parts of ancient buildings. So, proper flow of water and better drainage systems must be prioritized.

The Senior General and party observed the lake and its surrounding area and looked into the requirements.

Phyaukseikpin lakes 1/2/3

The Senior General and party inspected Phyaukseikpin lakes (1/2/3) near Phyaukseik Village.Officials reported on progress of work and future programs.

The Senior General and party inspected the lakes one by one and looked into the requirements presented by officials.


(Zeyawairi) Lake

Then, the Senior General and party proceeded to the Zeyawady (Zeyawairi) Lake near East Phwar Saw Village, inspected the renovation of it and gave necessary instructions.

Mingalar Lake (3)

Afterward, the Senior General and party inspected the renovation of the Mingalar Lake (3) near West Phwar Saw Village and attended to needs reported by officials.

Ywarhaunggyi and Yedawmuni lakes

Then, the Senior General and party inspected the excavation of Ywarhaunggyi Lake near Ywarhaunggyi Village and Yedawmuni Lake near the Yedawmuni Pagoda, where officials from the Department of Archaeology and National Museum reported to the Senior General on excavation of ancient heritage after finding the bridge wall of the ancient lake. After hearing the reports, the Senior General said it is an invaluable discovery because the ancient heritage was found while greening and environmental conservation tasks were carried out. The samples of the bridge wall must be classified and conserved properly. It is necessary to make preparations to prevent flooding in the excavation area as it is the rainy season.

During the inspection tour of the ancient lakes in the Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone, the Senior General said as there are many invaluable ancient cultural artifacts in Bagan, it is the responsibility of the government to conserve ancient cultural artifacts by preventing vandalism of visitors and damage due to natural disasters. Therefore, it is necessary for responsible officials to take proper measures for environmental conservation, systematic utilization of land including agricultural land in accordance with the law, rules and regulations. It is necessary to plant trees appropriate to the region such as toddy palms, tamarinds, neems and acacias to prevent the disappearance of the atmosphere of Anyar region. Shady trees like neems and acacias can also be planted in wide plantations. If the region is stable and pleasant, more tourists will visit the region and development of socioeconomic lives of the region can be realized.

The government has been carrying out excavation and maintenance of ancient lakes in Bagan Ancient Cultural Zone and well-wishers are being invited to donate cash for renovation and maintenance of ancient lakes in daily newspapers.

Inspection of Flying Horse Bean Sauce Horse Factory

Then, the Senior General and party visited Flying Horse Bean Factory in Thiri Mingalar Ward in Nyaung-U and owner U Khin Maung Win and Daw Khin Saw Wai explained the production process of bean sauce. After studying the production process, the Senior General said he was glad to see the success and urged them to expand the business. The Senior General advised them to keep tidiness and cleanliness to make the product healthy and greeted them cordially.

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