Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets officers, other ranks and families from Meiktila Station, Central Command

With intra unity as the base, soldiers must build inter unity till they are indivisible with the people

Nay Pyi Taw June 16

Chairman of State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing met officers, other ranks and families from Meiktila Station at Thura Ohn Khaing Hall of local airbase, Central Command HQ, this afternoon.

Present were Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, wife of the Senior General, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Vice-Admiral Zwe Win Myint and wife, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Tun Aung, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief and wives, and Central Command commander.

Serving duties in the place with fine historical values and good foundations

In his speech, the Senior General said the meeting is held during the tour to discuss possible and essential endeavours for socio-economic development of the Meiktila region. Located in the central part of the country, Meiktila is a transport hub where the number of travellers is large. It is a place where farming is successful and is completed with universities, colleges and schools. Development enveavours with Meiktila as a model and centre part will be much supportive of the country’s progress. During WWII Japanese and British troops battled against one another, which are renowned as the battle of Meiktila, and during the post-independence period, Myanmar Tatmadaw launched historic military operations against armed insurgents. Hence, officers, other ranks and families are serving duties in the area which has significant history and good foundations. As Meiktila Station has an adequate number of corps and fine traditions, officers and other ranks should proudly discharge their duties.

Constant training to successfully serve national defence and security duties

The main duty of Tatmadaw is national defence and every soldier and unit must have necessary qualifications. Although units under Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air) have separate duties, they all are Tatmadaw members. Whether they are serving in infantry units, light infantry units or units of corps, they must have the ability to discharge national defence and security duties well. Constant training is required for every soldier to be fit and healthy and always ready to fight. Soldiers must do physical exercise to serve their duties and to have health and fitness according to their age. Since they joined the Tatmadaw, training schools have taught them essential military techniques according to their ranks. So they must effectively apply their military knowledge. They must use their military knowledge to defend the country against persons who try to harm the national sovereignty and public lives and property. If they undergo training constantly and properly, they will be able to realize their goals in the battlefields.

Build inter unity and collectively serve regional interest through firm intra unity

Local units should have knowledge about the history, geographical conditions and traditions of the Meiktila region. Every soldier must nurture his good practice of studying and noticing the features of the environment and must have constant security awareness and alertness. Every soldier needs military awareness. All the units, battalions and HQs of the corps must make preparations for combat readiness. With intra unity as the base, soldiers must build inter unity till they are indivisible with the people. They must consolidate the combined strength of their units and the people and collectively strive to ensure regional security, stability, peace, rule of law and socio-economic development with united force. They must serve their duties fittingly and try to become soldiers respected and relied on by the people.

To encourage education and help them cultivate good reading and learning habits

There are many opportunities for education in the Meiktila region. Therefore, officers and other ranks’ families should encourage and support their children’s education. From basic education to higher education, there are opportunities to study in one place, which should be fully utilized. “A drop of water lasts a morning, a meal lasts seven days, but education lasts a lifetime.” ” Without literacy and knowledge, one may face difficulties throughout life. Thus, individuals should read and gain knowledge for themselves and also encourage their children to pursue education and develop good reading habits. They should select and read good books, fostering a generation of young people who are knowledgeable, skilled, cultured, and sophisticated. The light of wisdom gained from reading can greatly support personal development and illuminate the right path for one’s family and community. The Tatmadaw encourages and supports the educational advancement of its members and their families, so they should continue to promote education.

To maintain good health and strength, it is necessary to live and eat with knowledge and awareness

Regarding health, it is necessary to live and eat in a way that keeps oneself healthy and strong. It has been observed that the life expectancy in our country is comparatively lower than in other regional countries. Therefore, it is important to live and eat with knowledge and awareness, avoiding food, drink, and indulgences that are not beneficial. Additionally, it is necessary to avoid behaviors and activities that could harm oneself or the community. By managing our consumption of food, drink, and pleasures, we must ensure that our individual capabilities and the well-being of our families and communities are not negatively impacted. Each person should cultivate self-awareness and mindfulness to build a healthy lifestyle.

To do welfare tasks and create a fair and equitable system of governance

Regarding welfare, it is necessary to successfully carry out military-owned and small-scale agricultural and livestock activities. By cultivating crops that can support the family’s kitchen needs, the excess income can be used in other areas. Successfully implementing military-owned agricultural and livestock activities is essential to ensuring the well-being of officers, other ranks, and their families. Moreover, it is necessary to improve the living standards of the soldiers, from their meals to their overall living conditions, and to provide the rights and necessities they deserve as much as possible. Leaders should create a good environment for their officers, other ranks, and families, ensuring a fair and equitable system of governance. They should govern with the spirit of a good commander and a fatherly mindset. All officers, other ranks, and their families should live together in unity and solidarity, fulfilling the duties assigned by the nation and the military with excellence. Then, the Senior General enquired about the needs of the officers, other ranks, and their families.

After that, the Senior General presented food supplies for the officers, other ranks, and their families from the Meiktila Station to the station commander. The wife of the Senior General also presented cash rewards to the Station Maternal and Child Welfare Association, which were received by the wife of the station commander.

After the meeting, the Senior General, along with his wife and accompanying members, warmly greeted the officers, other ranks, and their families.

Later, the Senior General, along with his wife and accompanying members, toured the battalions and units within the Meiktila Station in a motorcade.

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