Prescribed legal verification required for citizenship

Nay Pyi Taw, May 8

The principle duty of the Tatmadaw is to safeguard the State sovereignty and life and property of the people. Those who fled to Bangldesh will be reaccepted under the agreement between the two countries. Every person will have to undergo the prescribed legal verification for citizenship, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at his meeting with a delegation led by Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia H.E. Dr. H. Wiranto at the parlour of Zeyathiri Beikman here this afternoon.

Present together with the Senior General were Lt-Gen Soe Htut and senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army). The Indonesian minister was accompanied by Chief of Staff Vice Admiral Didit Herdiawan of Indonesia, Indonesian Ambassador to Myanmar H.E. Prof Dr. Iza Fadri and members of the delegation.

The Indonesian minister said that President of Indonesia Joko Widodo has sent a message, expressing ardent wish to render help in reaccepting the refugees who arrived in Bangladesh to provide necessary assistance in solving Myanmar’s hardships based on the existing friendship. Unlike some other countries, Indonesia will not criticize Myanmar for the current issue, and it fully appreciates the measures being taken by Myanmar officials.

The Senior General said the principle duty of the Tatmadaw is to safeguard the State sovereignty and life and property of the people. The reacceptance of the persons who fled to Bangladesh will be under the agreement reached between the two countries in 1993. Every person will have to undergo the prescribed legal scrutinization for citizenship. The incident in Maungtaw in Rakhine State began when the State sovereignty and the people were saved from ARSA’s terrorist attacks. The Senior General said he had already presented the truth together with firm proof to the UNSC envoys. The truth was also explained to the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister during his visit. Firm evidence and documents will be also provided to H.E. Dr. H. Wiranto.

The reacceptance of Bengalis who ran away to the other country is under way in accord with the agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh. The issue is related to the problems of ethnic armed groups along the border between Myanmar and India and drug smuggling. Currently, ordinary security affairs are the duty of Myanmar Police Force. In reaccepting the Bengalis, the Tatmadaw has to give protection if further terror attacks arise to harm the State sovereignty and public lives and property. Myanmar has five neighbouring countries. In the post-independence period, border issues were addressed on a bilateral basis with China, India and Thailand. Despite the effort to seek solutions in cooperation with Bangladesh, making the problem an international issue is not based on constructive attitude. The Tatmadaw is giving a helping hand to the government’s endeavour to solve the problem, he said.

The Indonesian minister said he had had more knowledge about the issue due to detailed clarification. Indonesia wants to share its experiences because it used to face international pressure. He said through ASEAN, his country could convey information about cooperation with Bangladesh and cooperation with international organizations in anti-terrorism and combat against narcotic drugs and real events to meetings and forums with third party countries.

The Senior General said the Tatmadaw has been safeguarding Myanmar since the post-independence period. So, the Tatmadaw will continue to serve the interest of the State and the people without betraying them. The Bengali issue originated from the immigration problem and it has nothing to do with religion. It is necessary to spread true news and information so the international community including the UN could know real situations. He said he welcomed Indonesia’s offer to help. However, such issues are being addressed under the leadership of the government, the Senior General added.

After the meeting, the Senior General and the Indonesian minister exchanged gifts and posed for a documentary photo together with those present.

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