True grit of Tatmadaw members goes together with patriotism and love for country; ward off all acts that may lead to lessening patriotism with conviction

Nay Pyi Taw May 15

The true grit of Tatmadaw members goes together with patriotism and the love for the country. Patriotism never tolerates any acts against the country and the race, and Tatmadaw members must act with the spirit to love and defend the country. The work of giving support and honouring with the State fl ag and the national anthem in the international sports events and saluting the State fl ag with pride after winning medal and raising of the State fl ag and the fl ags of the troops marking the battle victory with honour is a patriotism-based act. Patriotism must be maintained. All the soldiers must ward off all acts that may lead to lessening patriotism with conviction. They must strengthen their determination according to the Four Oaths they are reciting daily. They must discharge their duties with loyalty towards the State and the Tatmadaw in accord with the saying, which goes “Once a Soldier Always a Soldier”. As they have already taken the Oath, they must be loyal to themselves, their troops, the Tatmadaw which is a part of the country and the State. They must not indulge themselves in alcoholic drinks and extreme pleasures and systematically supervise their subordinates, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at a meeting with offi cer instructors, soldiers and trainees at a local training school in Kwingauk of Hinthada Station.

The Senior General accompanied by Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw, senior military offi cers of the Offi ce of the Commander-in- Chief (Army), Commander of South-West Command Maj-Gen Nyi Nyi Swe, arrived at the advanced training school of the Tatmadaw in Kwingauk this morning.

At the meeting hall, the Senior General heard a report on training affairs, staff, adjutant and quartermaster affairs and Tatmadaw-owned farms, and the four military building tasks presented by the commandant.

In response, the Senior General stressed the requirements in training to build the strength of individual soldier, and the need for training according to set standards and ensuring adequate training for Tatmadawmen according to their ranks, and systematic growing of windbreak along the fence of the cantonment.

The Senior General, in meeting with instructors, Tatmadawmen and trainees of the training school, said the Tatmadaw Advanced Training School is a training school that teaches each soldier to be able to perform basic to higher-level duties. The skills and strength of each trainee must improve over training period. Only when trainees carefully learn respective lessons in different phases of training, can they become strong. Only with extraordinary strength, will they be able to accomplish their duties dutifully. Every Tatmadaw, no matter in which arms they are assigned, they should be able to fi ght and perform State defence duties like infantry troops on the battleground. They should be fi t and healthy and need to be able to endure the weather. Healthy foods that should meet the nutritional requirements of each individual Tatmadaw have been supplied and it is important that Tatmadawmen take them adequately.

He said that agricultural and livestock farming by the cantonment as the whole and by individual Tatmadawmen on manageable scale will contribute to welfare of them and their families, and as the meat, fish and vegetables produced from own farms are nourishing, will they assist the healthy body.

Tatmadawmen have to study, train and comply according to training principle of the Tatmadaw, he said. The strength, skills and courage of individual soldier must be boosted through training so that the capacity of troops will grow, and fi nally the capacity of entire Tatmadaw will improve over time.The training school teaches Myanmar martial arts and bayonet combat skills to instill courage. Training is necessary not only in training schools but also in military units and headquarters. It is also necessary to make full use of the military subjects they were taught in battle fi elds, added the Senior General.

After the meeting, the Senior General presented fiction and non-fiction books and food packages for the trainee offi cers and other ranks to the commandant. The Commander-in-Chief (Navy) presented foods, the Commander-in-Chief (Air) sports equipment and the commander foods.

Then, the Senior General and party had lunch together with the trainees at the mess hall.

In the evening, the Senior General and party went to the coconut oil and accessory factory (Pathein) of Myanmar Economic Corporation in Pathein. After hearing a report by an official on production process, the Senior General gave instructions on systematic cultivation of coconut trees in the yards of military units for production of raw materials and coconut oil and systematic purchase of necessary raw materials. They then inspected the factory where they conducted round by offi cials.

Consumption of natural coconut oil from the factory can improve body immunity and make joints active and easily movable. For old people, it can improve cerebral cells and prevent memory decline. It can relieve diabetes as it can regulate sugar content in blood. Coconut oil can reduce hypertension and fat. For those who want to lose weight, coconut oil can help burn off calories. If mothers consume the oil after delivering babies, their breastfeeding will improve.

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