Families of Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air), well-wishers donate hospital equipment to Yangon General Hospital

Nay Pyi Taw  September  27

A ceremony to donate hospital equipment by families of Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air) and well-wishers to Yangon General Hospital took place at the nursing hall of the hospital this morning, attended by Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and wife Daw Kyu Kyu Hla, senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, Commander of Yangon Command Maj-Gen Thet Pon, Medical Superintendent of Yangon General Hospital Rector Dr Yi Yi Myint, departmental officials, well-wishers, surgeons and nurses of the hospital.

First, the Senior General delivered a speech related to donation of hospital equipment, saying that families of Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air) and well-wishers made collective donations to ensure smooth treatments as they knew the Yangon General Hospital needs hospital equipment due to a large number of patients. As a saying goes “Health is gift of nature”, everybody wishes to enjoy health and longevity. The rights of enjoying good  health  much  depend on individuals as well as environment. Prevention and treatment are important for healthiness. In so doing, good treatment is of great impor-tance. The Senior General expressed his concepts that “Only then, can one who is in good health condition do work” and “Only then, can one who is in good health condition learn”. The Tatmadaw is providing health care services not only to servicemen and families but also to local people. As everybody wishes to enjoy health and life expectancy in a peaceful and tranquil livelihood, the Senior General said he manages fulfillment for them as much as he can. Even high value of necessary items of equipment for treatment should not be greater than that of human life. Today’s donated equip-ment may contribute to pathogenic tasks on one hand. The Tatmadaw is fulfilling needs of the State as much as it can while building itself to become the Tatmadaw serving interest of the people and the country and to be public reliable one. The Senior General expressed thanks for attendance of well-wishers to the ceremony and those who managed the holding of donation ceremony.

Next, the Senior General, wife and families presented hospital equipment to the medical superintendent who returned a certificate of honour and commemorative gift. Afterwards, Adjutant-General Lt-Gen Hsan Oo, Chief of Staff (Navy) Rear-Admiral Moe Aung and Chief of Staff (Air) Maj-Gen Tun Aung, on behalf of families of Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air), donated hospital equipment and well-wishers U Aung Myo Hein of Authentic Co Ltd, U Hla Myo of Aung Myin Thu Company, U Kyaw Hein of Chan Hein Company and Dr Htet Aung of Kyel Nilar Company, hospital equipment to the medical superintendent who also gave certificates of honour to them.

Later, the medical superintendent spoke words of thanks. After the ceremony, the Senior General cordially greeted those present at the ceremony. About 1,600 patients are receiving medical treatment at Yangon General Hospital on a daily basis. Today, families of Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air) served the patients with lunch. At today’s donation ceremony, five small suction machines and 10 large ones, 30 trolleys, 10 ambulance structures, 10 syring pumps, 10 ECG machines (3-channel), 10 ECG machines (one-channel) and 10 patient transport trolleys, totalling 95 items in eight kinds worth more than Ks-60 million were donated to Yangon General Hospital.

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