Serve the nation through the contribution of steadfast and collective efforts towards race, language, religion and education undertakings which are goals of YMBA

NAYPYI TAW October 22

Young Men’s Buddhist Association (YMBA) is a social organization based on politics that had served the national interest. It must continue to serve the country through the contribution of steadfast and collective efforts for race, language, religion and education undertakings. As regards the race, language and religion,the association should apply non-extreme measures to prevent the occurrence of political instability,said lifelong honorary Patron of YMBA Maha Mingala Dhamma Jotika Dhaja Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at his meeting with YMBA President U Ye Tun and members of executive committee at the association in PazundaungTownship,Yangon Region this morning.

Accompanied by Commander-inChief(Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw, senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, Commander of Yangon Command Maj-Gen Thet Pon and party, the Senior General arrived at the YMBA, and was welcomed by the president and executive committee members. Then, officials conducted the Senior General and party round the YMBA in viewing the publications on teachings of Buddha and cultural ethics and moral conducts of the association and documentaries.

In giving advice on further enhancing the race, language, religion and education undertakings, which are the goals of YMBA, the Senior General said he visited YMBA to share experiences. In every organization, the patron is a person giving good advice by applying his own knowledge and intellectual power. The president is a person who leads his organization and the secretary is the implementer of the undertakings. In doing a job, the best way should be sought through coordination. And the answer must be reviewed and implemented to get the best result. The past gives us lessons. A way must be found to prevent the recurrence of evil incidents ofthe past and to achieve better results. The people of the present must build a better future.

As YMBA is apolitics-based social organization, it must be the example for the people in the achievements.Even though it is based on politics,it actually is a social organization serving the national interest. It is not an organization that is against the national development. ‘Race’means conservation of national character. Our citizens have the duty to fully safeguard national character of our country. ‘Language’ means language and literature. Myanmar writing and speaking, which are the official language of the Union,must be learned and symbols of writing must be systematically maintained. Local dialects and literatures of ethnic groups must also be correctly maintained. ‘Sasana’means Theravada Buddhism. As a Theravada Buddhist country,Myanmar must try to propagate the Sasana. Basic ethics and social disciplines based on Sasana must be learned.’Education’ is the lifeblood of the country, and educated, skilled young people must be turned out to benefit the country. Tatmadaw also pays attention to education.Being literate is different from being educated. Knowledge means experiences gained throughout life while skills need to be learned. The efforts of the younger generation for the country must be recognized.

As we have to work for the development of tour country encouraging race, religion, Sasana and education,we will be successful only if we are physically and mentally strong. A neighbouring country cannot be chosen but a friend can be selected.We need to try ourselves to develop our own country. Race, religion and Sasana must not be maintained in an extreme manner. Physical and mental strengths can be developed under the leadership of skilled and educated people and the close supervision of the chairman and secretary for the good sake of the country.

YMBA President U Ye Tun,Buddhist University Professor U Myint Soe and executives presented reports on the functions of the association and efforts for the safeguarding of race, religion,Sasana and education. Then, the Senior General made a discussion and cordially greeted those present.

In the morning, the Senior General and party visited Resistance Park at the junction of U Wisara Road and Dhammazedi Road in Dagon Township and left instructions on keeping the archways, flowers and statues in the park clean and tidy,proper drainage and measures for the convenience of visitors.

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