Senior General Min Aung Hlaing attends 2019 Christmas prayer service and luncheon hosted in his honour by Cardinal Charles Bo

Nay Pyi Taw December 25

All the faiths of the mankind are leading towards the betterment of the secular and unsecular worlds, peace and love. If everyone correctly follows his faith the world, the country and the community of the mankind will surely stand as a society with the heart of loving kindness, understanding and tolerance, said Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing at the 2019 Christmas prayer service held at the church of Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Yangon Cardinal Charles Bo near Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Botahtaung Township, Yangon Region, this afternoon. The Senior General attended the service at the invitation of Cardinal Charles Bo.

Also present at the ceremony together with the Senior General were Union Minister for Defence Lt-Gen Sein Win and wife, Commander-in-Chief (Navy) Admiral Tin Aung San and wife, Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw and wife, senior military officers from the Office of the Commander-in-Chief, the commander of Yangon Command, Cardinal Charles Bo, bishops, fathers, nuns and Catholic youth members and Christian elders in Yangon Region.

The Senior General and party arrived at the Saint Mary’s Cathedral, and were welcomed by Cardinal Charles Bo and bishops. Afterwards, Christmas Prayer service was held in the meeting room of the church and Catholic youths from St. Mary Church sang Christmas carols. The Senior General presented a flower basket commemorating Christmas and cash awards to the youths. Then, Cardinal Charles Bo delivered Christmas greetings and prayer. In his message, the cardinal said, “May the Commander-in-Chief of the Tatmataw and senior military officers and families who participate in Christmas collective prayerbe blessed with auspiciousness.

It gives me great pleasure to see the Senior General and party who attended the prayer with the family spirit together with sons, daughters and brothers. The essence of Christmas is that the Christ brought his great love to the native of man-kind to share to and to show every human being. Greeting “Merry Christmas” to each other during Christmas is a symbol of affection over each other, the essence of Christmas. In conclusion, the cardinal prayed that all people who reside in Myanmar would be blessed with auspiciousness and eternal peace could be restored as soon as possible.”

Then, the Senior General extended his Christmas greetings. In his greetings, the Senior General said, As today is a holy day for Christians, it is also an historic day because Tatmadaw leaders participated in Christmas for the first time. May all global citizens including all Myanmar citizens including all Christians be blessed with peace and affection.

Then, the Senior General added, There are different religions in the world and religious affiliation is based on faith, respect and appreciation. Religious affiliation is more serious. In addition to faith, respect and appreciation, there are teachings of religions that must be observed and practiced.

Every religion ushers in wellbeing, peace and loving-kindness in both the secular and unsecular worlds. If every human follows those paths correctly, the world, the country and the community we live in will surely become a peaceful and prosperous society with a hearty heart, understanding and tolerance.

Myanmar has about 3.2 million Christians accounting for about 6 percent of the total population. Together with the majority Buddhists, Christians, Muslims and Hindus and people of other faiths have been living and working in unity for the wellbeing of their country. Under the noble teachings from various religions, they have been living in a brotherly or sisterly spirit. Sections 362 and 363 of the constitution guarantee freedom of religion and mutual support. It is therefore necessary to be aware of any act to disintegrate the unity among the citizens using religion as a tool.Political stability and security is essential for the country. So, all citizens must seize the right to peaceful coexistence among people of all faiths who are working towards peace, said the Senior General.

Then, Cardinal Charles Bo presented a Christmas gift to the Senior General, who presented Ks-5 million for the church donated by families of Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and Air).

Later, Christmas gifts were presented to those present and Bishop John Saw Yaw Han said prayers. The Senior General had Christmas luncheon together with those present.

The Senior General and party viewed round in St. Mary Cathedral where they were conducted round by Cardinal Charles Bo and officials. They then posed for a documentary photo.

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