Senior General Min Aung Hlaing inspects operations of DENTOMEC toothbrush and toothpaste factory and tire factory (Ywama) of MEC 

Naypyitaw, July 9 

Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, accompanied by Commander-in-Chief (Air) General Maung Maung Kyaw, senior military officers of the Office of the Commander-in-Chief (Army) and the commander of  Yangon Command, inspected the production process of DENTOMEC toothbrush and toothpaste factory  and tire factory (Ywama) of the Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC) in Mingaladon Township, Yangon Region today. First, the Senior General and  party arrived at the DENTOMEC toothbrush and toothpaste factory  of the MEC near Yangon-Pyay Road in Mingaladon Township, and were welcomed by the factory in-charge U Soe Htoo Nyein and officials. At the meeting hall, U Soe Htoo Nyein explained the production process, distribution and future programs. In response, the Senior General said marketability of the toothbrushes and  toothpastes is required as they are daily used items. The factory should manufacture quality products at reasonable prices. The toothbrush demand will be high even if a person changes it every two or three months, so marketability of the  good is required.  

The goods must be user-friendly and must be packed systematically.  Myanmar people are using various brands of toothbrushes, but they come from abroad. DENTOMEC is the only locally produced toothbrush. It is also manufacturing occupation-used and hotel-used toothbrushes and toothpastes, apart from the ones that are inexpensive and has better quality. Then, the Senior General and party were conducted around the factory by officials. The Senior  General asked for more information and looked into the requirements.

On arrival at the tire factory (Ywama), the Senior General and  party heard a report on the organizational set up, machines, production and internal and external distribution, presented by factory in-charge  U Mya Than Tun. MEC Chairman Lt-Gen Nyo Saw and senior adviser U Thant Swe gave a supplementary report. In response, the Senior General said the factory should manufacture tires that meet the requirement of the local market. TRI STAR brand tires should be the key player of the local market, and a constant market research is a requisite. The  production of foodstuff and accessories should be increased till imports are no more needed. It is necessary to service the interest of the nation and the people. Necessary calculations should be made for the tires of the factory to be higher in quality and lesser in prices when compared with the same products of other factories. The factory should produce more motorcycle tires that have the local demand to reduce imports. More employment opportunities should be generated by engaging in labour intensive businesses. National economic growth and job generation should be prioritized, rather than the profits. 

Matters such as environmental conservation, quality and market knowledge should be taken into account from all angles in developing the factories.  In giving instructions on matters related to the operations of the Myanmar Economic Holdings Public Company Limited and Myanmar Economic Corporation, the Senior General said foodstuffs and consumer products are everyday needs of the people and pointed out that the Myanmar Economic Holdings Public Company Limited and Myanmar Economic Corporation are required to manufacture goods sufficiently at home. By giving priority to production of foodstuffs and consumer products, which are daily social needs of the people, the Myanmar Economic Holdings Public  Company  Limited  and  Myanmar Economic Corporation must contribute to the  development  of the socioeconomic life of the  people. As the middle class is made  up of the majority of the people  in Myanmar, it is necessary to take  job opportunities for them into  consideration. Establishing factories that can employ so many  people can contribute to creating  job opportunities of the people. Moreover, Myanmar cannot neglect  agriculture  and  livestock breeding tasks and it is necessary  to work for the development of other businesses based on agriculture and livestock breeding tasks in a  correct manner. In a market economy, it is necessary to take measures comprehensively without relying on only one product, only one business and only one market. 

Then, the Senior General inspected TRI STAR tires produced and displayed at the factory  and the production process of the factory while the factory in-charge and officials explained the salient points of the operations before the Senior General fulfilled the requirements and discussed quality control and worksite safety. Then, the Senior General presented cash rewards for factory workers, which were received by factory officials. The tire factory (Ywama) of the Myanmar Economic Corporation manufactures four types of international standards tires including truck  and bus bias tires, truck and bus radial tires, passenger car radial tires and special tires for passenger buses, express buses, buses, trucks and dampers. The factory has been able to produce not only import substitution products but also can export its products to the United States, Paraguay, New Guinea, Brazil, Pakistan, Columbia, Vietnam, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia, Malaysia and China (Taipei).  

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