Chairman of State Administration Council Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets Union ministers, Union level bodies

Nay Pyi Taw  February  3

Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander in Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing this afternoon met with Union ministers and officials from Union level bodies at the meeting hall of the President House, here. Also present at the meeting were Vice Chairman of the State Administration Council Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Commander in Chief (Army) Vice-Senior General Soe Win, council members General Mya Tun Oo and Lieutenant-General Moe Myint Tun, Secretary Lieutenant-General Aung Lin Dway and Joint Secretary Lieutenant-General Ye Win Oo, Chairman of the Union Election Commission U Soe Thein, Union Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation U Khin Maung Yi, Union Minister for Construction U Shwe Lay, Attorney-General of the Union Dr Daw Thida Oo, Auditor-General of the Union Dr Kan Zaw, Chairman of the Union Civil Services Board U Than Swe, Chairman of Nay Pyi Taw Council Dr Maung Maung Naing and Governor of Central Bank of Myanmar U Than Nyein.

In his speech, the Senior General said duties were assigned to Union ministers and those of Union level bodies. The Tatmadaw made requests to address problems of voting list which happened in the previous election and then continue other tasks. Although such step could not be implemented due to various reasons, the situation reached declaration of the State of Emergency on 1 February. The Tatmadaw wishes to make efforts for ensuring correct situations related to the voting list of previous election. Such process must be done in accord with the law. For the second step, although the State of Emergency has been declared, any tasks must not be halted. So, Union ministers were appointed to operate the duties and functions of relevant ministries with momentum. In assigning the duties, experienced and qualified persons were selected to appoint the Union ministers.

Likewise, the Tatmadaw considered to assign duties of Union level bodies to experienced and qualified persons who can stand on the correct path. All these posts are important. Hence, it is necessary to carry out appropriate tasks in accord with the disciplines. More over, work momentum should not be suspended in doing disciplined tasks. The State of Emergency the Tatmadaw declared lasts for one year only. As there are short-term and long-term plans to be implemented within one year, the Senior General urged all to mainly apply their experiences in carrying out the short-term tasks under disciplines in a sharpening manner.

The Senior General said experienced persons were assigned duties. The Senior General expressed firm belief that they will be able to best perform their duties for their respective departments in correct and speed manner. The Senior General requested all to work together with the Tatmadaw. This has been said since the Tatmadaw started assuming the duty. It is like the Tatmadaw are just taking control of the country for a temporary period. During that period, the country’s foreign policy, administrative policy and economic policy will not change at all. The Senior General said he wanted to say ongoing political process will not change at all and it will go as it is. At a time when there is public concern, the Senior General expressed his belief the Tatmadaw will be able to make sure that the people work in peace and tranquility through efforts of the Tatmadaw.

In carrying out the works, there is no reason to change the policy. There are ongoing road and bridge construction projects in partnership with private sector and under the supervision of government ministries. Their implementation must be continued in accord with the disciplines. When it comes to the projects in partnership with private companies, there were some complaints. They will continue after review and assessment. For those beneficial projects free from complaints and problems, they will be allowed for continuation. The construction entrepreneurshave been asked not to stop their operation and to continue their projects.

Only then, will people get jobs and earn their income. With income, they will be able to engage in socio-economy. However, all must follow the COVID-19 disciplines and guidelines. The businesses that fail to follow the rules and disciplines must be stopped. When businesses are run, all must follow the COVID-19 prevention guidelines and worksite disciplines. So, the Tatmadaw has no reason to not allow them if they follow the prescribed rules and disciplines.

The Senior General said he has met with the officials concerned and told them to work correctly and ensure correct data in the interests of the country. All tasks that should be done must be undertaken in accord with the auditing process. Supervision is necessary to make sure that figures and accounts are not falsified through negotiation.

Next, Union Election Commission Chairman U Thein Soe, Union Minister for Construction U Shwe Lay, Union Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation U Khin Maung Yi, Attorney-General of the Union Dr Daw Thida Oo, Auditor-General of the Union Dr Kan Zaw, Nay Pyi Taw Council Chairman Dr Maung Maung Naing, Central Bank of Myanmar Governor U Than Nyein and Union Civil Services Board Chairman U Than Swe reported on the tasks to be undertaken for their respective departments.

Then, the Senior General made a concluding remark saying that the country’s economy is in delay due to the COVID-19 outbreak. It is therefore necessary to speed up the implementation of economic, education, health, construction, environmental conservation and transport  and  communication sectors. There are rumours outside that Ks- 5,000 and Ks-10,000 currency notes will be demonetized and it is fake news. The Central Bank of Myanmar has dismissed the news. The matters being dealt with in cooperation with ASEAN countries also need to continue with momentum. Later, the Senior General urged those in attendance
to perform their duties energetically, daringly, speedily and correctly as they are decision makers of their respective departments and organizations.

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