Myanmar high-level delegation led by SAC Chairman  Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing arrives in  Ulan-Ude of Republic of Buryatia, visits Ivolginsky Dastan  Buddhist Temple

NAY PYI TAW September 9

The Myanmar high-level delegation led by Chairman of the  State  Administration Council  Prime Minister Senior General  Min Aung Hlaing arrived at  Baikal Airport in Ulan-Ude of  Republic of Buryatia via the  Ignatyevo International Airport  of Blagoveshchensk in Amur  State of the Russian Federation  this afternoon and was welcomed by Head of Government of  the Republic of Buryatia Aleksey Sambuyevich Tsydenov and  officials.

At the airport, Head of Government of the Republic of Buryatia  Aleksey Sambuyevich Tsydenov explained interior and  exterior upgrade of the helicopter developed his Republic  and capacity to  the Senior General who asked further information.

On arrival at Ivolginsky Dastan Buddhist Temple, Lama  of  Mahayana Buddhism Damba  Bandmaeich Ayusheev and members of the Sangha welcomed  the Senior General and party  and explained religious measures of the Buddhism in the  temple.

The Senior General and party  paid homage to the remains of  12th Lama and listened to efforts for propagation of the  Sasana explained by the current  Lama.

The Senior General and  party were hosted a tea party  by Lama Damba Bandmaeich  Ayusheev and venerable Sangha members at  the parlour of  the temple. The Lama explained propagation and flourishing  of the Buddhism in the Russian  Federation, pleasures  of members of the Sangha from Ivolginsky Dastan Buddhist Temple  for preservation of ancient temples and stupas in original works  and for flourishing of Buddhism  culture in all areas on their missionary to Myanmar. The Lama  said the first building of Shwezigon replica pagoda in Ethnomir  world cultural city of Kaluga in  Moscow was for the first time  of the Buddhist pagoda in the  Russian Federation, contributing to propagation of the Buddhism.

After listening to the speech  of the Lama, the Senior General  supplicated freedom of belief  for other religions in Myanmar  where the Buddhism is the  religion for the majority of the  People, maintenance and preservation for religious edifices,  efforts for building the Maravijaya Buddha image which  would be the highest marblecarved Buddha image in the  Buddha Park in Dekkhianathiri Township of Nay Pyi Taw,  and progress of carving the  Buddha’s teachings on the stone  plaques in Pali and Romanize  language with the use of mo[1]dern machinery so as to build  the stone plaque chamber  Cetis.

The Senior General present[1]ed Buddha images and collective donated cash for flourishing of Buddhism of delegation members to the Lama  who returned Dhamma gifts.

The Ivolginsky Dastan Buddhist Temple located near Verkhnyaya  Ivolga Village in Buryatia region, 23 kilometres of  Ulan-Ude city, was established  in 1945. In the past, the temple  was the base of the Central  Spiritual Board of Buddhists  of the USSR. Later, it has been  used for Sangha organizations in Russia. The site is a  headquarters of Buddhists in Russia as well as the site for  Buddhism professions and  training.

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