Chairman of State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers address to chief ministers of states, regions, chairmen of self-administered zones, divisions

NAY PYI TAW August 9

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivered an address to chief ministers of states and regions and chairmen of selfadministered zones and divisions at the meeting hall of the Office of the Chairman of the SAC in Nay Pyi Taw this afternoon.

Present at the meeting were Member of the SAC Lt-Gen Moe Myint Tun, union ministers, the chairman of the Nay Pyi Taw Council, chief ministers of states and regions, chairmen of self-administered zones and divisions and officials.

At the meeting, the Senior General delivered an address, saying the purpose of the meeting is to discuss tasks that must and should be carried out for the economic development of the country during the period extended under the situation of the country. The responsibility of a government is to take measures for the development of the country and it is necessary to implement viable business activities. During the assumption of state responsibilities, the government has tackled issues caused by political differences in accordance with the law and economic development of the country was slowed down by political developments.

High standards of education contribute a lot to the development of the country. Therefore, the government has promoted high standards of education since the assumption of state responsibilities. It is necessary to open all schools in all states and regions and nurture youths who are instilled with five strengths. Authorities are required to cooperate with students, parents and teachers to enable students to learn their lessons safely and peacefully in all monastic education schools, basic education high schools, higher education schools and teaching centres.

As the role of teachers in education is very comprehensive and important, the government has fulfilled the needs of teachers for their shelter and food and relevant regional, state and township authorities are also required to fulfill their needs as much as they can. There were weaknesses in the former education system and management system. Teachers are required to teach students so that they can really acquire their education and other necessary right thinking and knowledge.

Students who have studied agriculture, livestock breeding and industrial technologies in extended courses at basic education high schools in 50 districts will be able to carry out development tasks for their lives on completion of their courses and will acquire human resources to contribute to production of the country. Therefore, concerted efforts must be made for high education standards of students.

In connection with production, the GDP of the country is low, compared to ASEAN countries. As the country mainly carries out agriculture and livestock breeding tasks, it is necessary for regions and states to exert efforts to carry out viable production activities based on agriculture and livestock breeding. In carrying out agriculture and livestock breeding tasks, it is important to utilize agricultural land effectively and beneficially. Measures must be taken for creating job opportunities and development socioeconomic lives of the people. In doing so, priority must be given to manufacturing industries that serve the interests of the majority of the people rather than the minority of them. Region and state governments are required to exert efforts for development of respective agriculture, fish and meat and manufacturing sectors. Efforts must be exerted for the development of socio-economic lives of the people during the term of the government.

In connection with land utilization, measures must be taken not to decrease agricultural land.

In doing so, efforts must be made strictly in accordance with laws, rules and regulation preventing utilization of agricultural land for other purposes.

It is important that stateowned businesses operate properly. Relevant ministries are required to monitor them for  their business success. Region and state governments are also required to cooperate in monitoring them and concerted efforts must be made to enable all state-owned factories and workshops to operate properly.

In operating MSME businesses, it is necessary to give priority to manufacturing businesses based on regional and domestic raw materials that make sure of the required raw material demand. Development of the MSME manufacturing industry will help ensure growth in domestic commodity production, increase in job opportunities and improvement of regional socioeconomic life. Through that, the nation will enjoy economic development. Therefore, collaborative efforts are needed to achieve development of the MSME industry regionally. Similarly, as tourism, a smokefree industry, will be helpful to regional interests through local and foreign travellers’ arrivals, the industry needs to be supported and promoted. Accordingly, it is necessary to make preparations and plans on cleanness, pleasantness and beautifulness on a regional basis, accommodation, sale of local food and souvenirs and full service. As the garment industry is also helpful to an increase in individual income with many job opportunities, it is needed to be encouraged.

Regarding the jobs, there is a shortage of the workers force in some parts of the country as many from the country go abroad to work. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage and create domestic job opportunities. We must make efforts to ensure that our citizens will safely work for a living under the shelter of the country.

In respect of the tax, officials need to conduct systematic supervisory measures to ensure no tax evasion. It is necessary to take supervisory measures under the Farmland law to ensure systematic transfer of land and no manipulation on land. All need to work together for the development of the domestic manufacturing industry to achieve an increase in the income of the country. In promoting the economy of the nation, chief ministers of region and state are to work together practically to truly achieve successes and develop interests of the people and the nation.

Afterwards, chief ministers of region and state, chairmen of self-administered zone and region reported on agriculture and livestock businesses, commodity production businesses, measures being taken for regional development, measures being taken for regional stability and peace, and studying of students regionally.

Then, Member of the Council Let-Gen Moe Myint Tun reported on import of chemical fertilizer for agricultural enterprises. Next, union ministers reported on measures being taken for promotion of the nation’s economy, the assistance on ensuring development of agriculture and livestock businesses and commodity production businesses, imbursement of investment loans, measures being taken for improvement of rubber and palm oil cultivation and production, agricultural research work, forming of the cooperative societies, and measures for increase in creating job opportunities.

Regarding the reports, the Senior General gave necessary instructions and concluding remarks saying that it is necessary to take measures to eradicate illegal trade. Illegal trade in border trade causes damage to the nation’s income. It is necessary to be correct and lawful in conducting overseas trade and to expose activities breaching the law and take action against them.

It is necessary to take measures to ensure a decrease in the poverty rate of the country. Many live in rural areas focusing on agriculture and livestock businesses. Only if the per capita income rises, will there be a decline in the poverty rate. Therefore, efforts are to be made in regions and states for development of agriculture and livestock, tourism, service and manufacturing industries. It is necessary to achieve success practically rather than that in statistics. Thus, all the chief ministers of regions and states need to encourage and push measures for promotion of the nation’s economy.

Regarding the education, not only teachers but parents and administrative officials are to focus on enabling the students studying in the present academic year to learn education until the end of the academic year, improvement of grade transit measures, increase in percentage of school enlistment, increase in number of students studying subjects on agriculture, livestock, industrial technology to produce human resources necessary for the nation, and to be able to produce the physically and mentally developed youths for the future of the nation.

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